Guerlain La Laque Couleur 165 Champs-Elysées Swatch & Comparisons

Right after work, I was running through the department store, to reach the garage. It was almost 20:00, as for the ones who don't know in Stuttgart the stores close at 20:00. Passing by Guerlain counter, might I have seen something new? Was it too late? Just grabbed the first shade SA showed before driving back. Upon arriving home, I opened the package and checked it inside. The color is called Champs-Elysées and it is number 165 of the newly released ten nail polishes from Guerlain permanent range.

Guerlain La Laque Couleur 165 Champs-Elysées
I was dying to try it out and see how it applied but I was too tired for any of that. Next day was labour day, so why the rush. I placed it inside one of the shoe boxes, where I keep my nail polishes. As I went to bed, I haven't heard anything nor seen something. Who would know what was happening in there?

Guerlain La Laque Couleur 165 Champs-Elysées & Welcome Commitee of Shoe-Box-Land

As she arrived in Shoe-Box-Land, she was too tired to check around, so decided to take a nap. Pulsion must have seen their guest and called the others. There were all those curious nail polishes surrounding her trying to understand who she is. They had never seen someone like her before...

Guerlain La Laque Couleur 165 Champs-Elysées and similar colors from Chanel and Dior
Pulsion whispered to Rose Insolent trying not to wake her up "Do you know who she is?" Dior Lucky joined the conversation by shaking her head "she is supposed to be from Guerlain but the other gal I knew was looking different, round and... not so slick". Suspicious joined them "I am relieved that she doesn't look like me! I am dense and more pink" then turned to Boa "I think you are saved too, too pink!" she giggled. Lucky was looking around, seeing she would probably be quiet close to the new shade and not feeling lucky about it. Diablotine grinned "I anyway have gorgous shimmer, none of you may imitate that".

As they were talking so loud, Champs-Elysée woke up to see the curious welcome commitee. Looked around with eyes trying to understand what was going on, it was when Cherry came closer and asked "Hi! I am Cherry, what is your name?". "Champs-Elysée" she said in a sleepy tone, Image Rose couldn't help but laugh but then stopped seeing the others giving her an evil look. Lucky was on her way bringing the nail wheel. "Here how we say hi to everyone who comes, wanna join?" Champs-Elysée nodded quietly, and smiled.

Guerlain La Laque Couleur 165 Champs-Elysées nail wheel comparison

I woke up in the morning and grabbed Champs-Elysée to paint my nails. Then I went through my stash to find some similar shades for the comparison post. I found it a bit strange that those were all lying together and all swatched on a nail wheel! When have I swatched those? Yesterday night? I might have forgotten... I was happy to see none of the shades were matching, Chanel Suspicious and Dior Lucky were the strongest candidates but Lucky was brighter and more orange/red, Suspicious was darker and had more pink. Image Rose was pulling more red too.

Guerlain La Laque Couleur 165 Champs-Elysées nail wheel comparison
But the real joy was after the application. It had a rather jelly consistency but was very opaque, could almost be applied as one coater. It dried very quickly and had a gorgeous glossy finish. It was so shiny that I had reflection problems during the photography. If you check out the index finger, you can almost see the view from the balcony!

Guerlain La Laque Couleur 165 Champs-Elysées under sun light

Final thoughts: The packaging is sleek and elegant. I am also very much impressed by this nail polish formula, rather jelly consistency but very opaque. I am testing it right now to see how long it lasts, up till now (2 days) no chipping nor tip-wear, only the glossiness is slightly diminished but still looking good. Guerlain also released a gel top coat to use on those, which might even prolong its wear (I am testing with a regular top coat). I wished there would be more shades in the range but I guess they will extend it sooner or later. These are now available in Germany, I believe during May they should also be available worldwide, retails around 23 EUR/$23 for 10ml/0.33 ounce.

Have you checked out new Guerlain nail polishes? Are you planning to get any of those?


  1. what a pretty shade!
    I haven't tried any high end nail polishes yet but this Chanel 489 is gorgeous!

    1. Yes Rose Insolent is one of my favorite pinks! It should be on the permanent range in some countries such as France. I remember seeing it at duty free shops :-)

  2. I love your blog Sara and am happy to have stumbled across it. This is a particularly witty entry. I bought this polish a long with so many others and love all of them. I'm so surprised to see you live in Stuttgart where I was born! Lucky you to be there now.

    1. I am so glad you liked my blog and Guerlain's new polishes. I also got a few more, will do the comparisons soon. You were born here? :-)) Where are you living now?

  3. Hi Sara, love your mini stories as per usual :D How many shoe boxes of polishes do you own!! Would love to see your full collection some day..

    1. Thanks! Yes I should do a post on them once I am more organized. Right now they are everywhere on shoe boxes, in some other boxes oh and they almost took over the fridge!


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