YSL Pure Chromatics No.13 from Summer 2013 Saharienne Heat Collection

"Pure Chromatics" Wet & Dry eye shadow palettes have one of my favorite eye shadow formulas. I have collected quiet a few of them since their release and I make sure to follow the new releases. This addiction sometimes lead to fun transactions over the countries, I have YSL palettes bought in different countries in Europe and this one, no.13 which I would like to present you today, was ordered from France.

YSL Pure Chromatics No.13 from Summer 2013 Saharienne Heat Collection

This month YSL released their make-up collection for Summer 2013, called Saharienne Heat which currently, as far as I know, only available in US. The collection took my attention first with its hilarious promo picture which shows Lindsey Wixson hugging a stone bull and getting naughty. Then I have noticed the dark nail polish called Taupe Mauresque just to find out that I already have this shade as I picked it up a few months ago when only 30 pieces were sold as Breuninger exclusive in Stuttgart, Germany. I have to admit the color of the nail polish is really very dark and not particularly special for me but i am planning to get Vert Dorient, a gorgeous green, once the collection arrives to Europe. I knew I would pass on Ombres 5 Lumieres Eyeshadow Palette release, called Marrakesh Sunset. Although it does look gorgeous in the pan, according to past experience and what I have seen in blogs I know that I won't be reaching for the sheer and frosty formula of YSL quints. I have seen that they repromoted Pure Chromatics No. 20 from their 2011 Summer collection and released a new quad, No.13. In France Sephora, Pure Chromatics No 13 was already released a few months ago, although summer collection haven't arrived here yet. 

YSL Pure Chromatics No.13 from Summer 2013 Saharienne Heat Collection

The palette consists of four beautiful shades, a peachy pink shade on top left, next to it is a champagne highlighter color, bottom left you have a vibrant warm purple and bottom left is a dark plum which can also be used as a liner. All of the colors have good pay-off once applied dry. You can also slightly damp your eye shadow applicator and use them wet to build up more intensity and shimmer.

Colors close-up of YSL Pure Chromatics No.13 from Summer 2013 Saharienne Heat Collection

Below I swatched them with my fingers starting from top left color, then moving to top right and bottom left color, finishing with the darkest bottom right shade. All of the swatches are dry but i used the main shades wet for following eye look.

Direct sun swatch of YSL Pure Chromatics No.13, from left to right: top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left
The colors get a nice but not over-the-top shimmer under sun light and appear rather muted under indirect light, to show you the effect here are the swatches in shadow.

Indirect light swatch of YSL Pure Chromatics No.13, from left to right: top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left

I wore them last week to work, on a sunny day when i was feeling summery. Unfortunately on the weekend it started raining and my mood dropped a bit. For the below eye makeup, I used the peachy pink shade wet all over the lid, then started defining the eyes by adding the darker plum on the crease rather lightly. I then added some more purple to this look by padding some of vibrant purple shade on the outer half of the lid. I also used an Urban Decay eye liner along the top lashes and Chanel Le Volume mascara to finish the look.

YSL Pure Chromatics No.13 in action, eyes closed

On the bottom I mixed the pinky peach and vibrant purple shades to add some definition here too. Here is the look once more eyes open (please excuse my messy eye brows). 

YSL Pure Chromatics No.13 in action, eyes open

I was very happy with my purchase, which gave me a gorgeous purple eye makeup and lasted all day without fading with a base. The results were not too vibrant (as you know I was a bit overhelmed with Guerlain's Attrape-coeur being too flashy for my taste) but still colorful enough for a summer look. Then I decided to check my collection of YSL Pure Chromatics quads which led to a slight disappointment, here is the reason why...

I have seen that YSL Pure Chromatics No.13 was almost a reshuffle mostly of No.4 mixed with one shade from No.6 for a change. Check out the photo below for color matches which are denoted with same color boxes.

The peachy pink color of No. 13 on top left is almost a one to one match with the bottom left color from No.6, the darkest plum (bottom left) could also found in both of the palettes No. 4 and 6, No.4 being the closest. The other colors, the champagne is very close to the highlight color from No.4 but slightly more peachy. The vibrant plum has no perfect match but bottom left color of No.4 is a close match (a bit more pink). Check comparison swatches below.

Final thoughts: I am always a big fan of YSL Pure Chromatics. Lasting power, color selection and the possibility to adjust the intensity of application by using them dry or wet are among few reasons why I love them. No. 13 released for this summer is no exception in terms of quality so if you were planning to try this formula and like wearing purples, go ahead and check this one out. On the other hand if you already own some YSL Pure Chromatics palettes, like I do, check out to see if you have No.4 and No.6 because the colors in No.13 are reasonably close to some shades from these two permanent palettes. 

Do you also like the formula of Pure Chromatics as much as I do? Are you planning to check out No.13? Picked up anything else from YSL Summer 2013 Saharienne Heat Collection?


  1. Such pretty colours!!! Love how they look on you. Would you be planning to do full coordinates in the future? ie showing us what you wear with your lovely makeup? :D

    1. Hi Xen,
      Why not, I can do that. By the way I am posting Face of the Day in Twitter frequently and there I write all the products which were used if you are interested in this, you may want to check it out

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