Five new Rouge Coco Shines from upcoming Avant Première de Chanel Collection

Chanel is about to release eight new shades of Rouge Coco Shine lipstick, seven of them are going to be taken to their permanent line. As the word spreads, those new shades have a new formula and 25% more pigmentation. I was able to hunt down five of those, and here they are...

As we know the Rouge Coco Shines are (were?) rather easy maintenance, sheer lipsticks. In fact once I am writing this, Lisa Eldridge's face comes to my mind, saying it is all about casualness. One could apply those straight from the bullet, even a mirror was not needed in most of the cases. Current Coco Shine range have my favorite all day lipsticks, like Boy and Romance. Now as I introduce you to five of the eight shades to be released hopefully later this week, I would like to discuss, what I liked and what I didn't like that much about the new formula.

About a month ago I posted some arm swatches to share my brand new lipsticks on twitter with my friends. I used those shades over a month now to be able to review them properly.  You can also see that most of the shades above are quiet loved lately, especially Interlude. But before I come to this one more arm swatch, which may help those who would like to see the colors side by side.

Edit (08 April 2013): I managed to catch some sunlight this weekend and here are the arm swatches once more with direct sun light to see the nice shine quality.

Now I would like to introduce those one by one on my lips, which look like following without lipstick.

My lips without lipstick
Rouge Coco Shine No. 77 Ingenue is described as gold beige, it is much paler than my lips, so tones them down with a beautiful golden sheen. I used this one with smokey eyes or heavy eye makeup to make the eyes focal point of the face. It does make me look a bit paler like all other pale nudes, so I usually need some blush with this.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine No 77 Ingenue
Next one is 78 Interlude, which is my favorite of the ones I own. Described as coral peach, it is kind of "your lips but better" shade and goes good with heavy eye makeup looks, which I usually go for. I find this one easier to use than 77 Ingenue as it doesn't make my face look as if blood rushed somewhere else ;-) It must also be very flattering on almost all skin colors.

Chanel Coco Shine No 78 Interlude
Rouge Coco Shine in 81 Fiction is a pomegranate red. It has some blue inside and pulls fuchsia on me, probably due to golden sparkling particles. This is a shade I am undecided about. As you see if applied straight from the bullet, it doesn't look very homogenous on the lips. I had to dab my fingers gently on this one after applying it to make sure the color is even. It is certainly more pigmented than the other previous Rouge Coco Shine releases. I didn't find it to be low maintenance but once applied several times, it lasted longer than expected.

Chanel Coco Shine No 81 Fiction
The next shade I would like to introduce you is No. 83 Scenario. The first time I applied it, I thought I knew this shade! Thinking a bit harder I opened my purse and took out my favorite Armani Sheer Lipstick in shade 200, just to find out that they are almost dupes. It is a nice natural shade with a bit more brown than Armani 200, which pulls a bit more pink. Both are very usable everyday naturals on me.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine No. 83 Scenario
And here comes the last shade, which tamed my patience while swatching. Let me introduce you to 84 Dialogue, a deep red. As almost all movies need dialogues, this collection needed a true red, which makes me long for silent movies as, although shade is gorgeous, I found this one to be not easy to apply and maintain.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine No. 84 Dialogue
You see how it smeared around my lips... Well this is because it is hard to apply. I appreciate the very moisturizing formula but once it keeps slipping, a red lip becomes a challenge. I still like the color and keep on trying to find a way to use it. If you have some ideas please let me know.

Here are my final thoughts on new Chanel Coco Shines, beautiful colors, probably flattering on many skin tones. I like the nudes and naturals, like Interlude and Scenario to be more practical than the other darker shades as they are easier to apply and maintain.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of new Chanel Coco Rouge Shines. Do you have any of those in your wish list?




  1. I'm so surprised at how pigmented Ingenue is! The hold shimmer gives it some life and it is beautiful. Dialogue catches my eye, but I'm so sad that the formula for that color is so smeary. I love balm/lipstick hybrids, they are so easy to wear.

    Congrats on your brand new post! I can't wait to keep reading. <33

    1. Thanks for your wishes Belly. You were the first one ever commenting on my blog, yay!

      Ingenue is really pigmented but I think not suitable to my skin tone (NC20-25). I suppose the lightest shade I can pull off is Interlude. Dialogue has a really nice color, you should try it in person, maybe your lips can get better hold of it better than mine.

  2. I really like Interlude on you! I wonder when we'll get these in Hong Kong.... mm....

    Congrats on your first review! and hopefully I'll see some posts on some chanel palettes/dior polishes soon! *wink wink* : )

    1. They should be released world wide in at most two weeks. Some of the web resources say 5. April, some write 15. April. I am a bit confused. Here we haven't even received Revelations collection (the one with the lip glosses) yet.

      And oh yes, once they are here, I will be reviewing them too. You did a very good job in your blog, so I have to see if I can add something to that! *wink wink back*

  3. Fiction is soooooo beautiful!

    1. Hey, I have seen that you featured 80 Suspense in your blog, love that color too, I already got 79 Saga, now only two missing LoL

  4. Do you know, are they getting rid of any of the old Rouge Coco Shines when they add these colors?

    1. As far as I know they are keeping both ranges. One is called "Hydrating sheer lipstick" and the other one has "hydrating color lipstick" written on it. In Fall they will be releasing shades for both.


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