Sneak Peek: L’été Papillon Chanel Summer 2013 Collection

Ready for summer yet? In Germany spring has just began two days ago and finally the nature awakens, trees blossom, birds sing... Can there be a better time to write about the flowers and butterflies?

Promo photo of L’été Papillon Chanel Summer 2013 Collection (source)
The summer collection of Chanel is inspired by butterfly wings, the other promo pictures show eye make-up close ups with very colorful mascara and vibrant eye shadow sticks applied heavily. The collection is not very typical of what we usually get from Chanel, who would think that they would release a yellow mascara right? Although some are already disappointed with the uber vibrant color theme of Chanel summer collection, I must say that I am beyond excited.  Especially after trying some of the products myself, but we will come to that...

The international released date is announced to be 12th of May. I still think that in Europe this may be a bit later. Here are the list of pieces in this collection (source):

Chanel Summer 2013 L’ete Papillon de Chanel Collection

Inimitable Waterproof Mascara – Limited Edition
  • Black
  • Zest
  • Limelight
  • Aqua Blue
  • Blue Note
Le Vernis – Limited Edition
  • #647 Lilis
  • #657 Azure
  • #667 Bel-Argus
Levres Scintillantes – Limited Edition
  • Zephyr
  • Envolee
  • Eden
Rouge Coco Shine – Limited Edition
  • Idylle
  • Pygmalion
Stylo Eyeshadow – Limited Edition
  • Moon River
  • Cool Gold
  • Pink Lagoon
  • Jade Shore
  • Blue Bay
  • Black Stream
Stylo Yeux Waterproof – Limited Edition
  • True Blue

I could track down few of the pieces to show you before the craziness all starts so that we can all start getting excited. Here is a quick sneak peek to what I will be reviewing soon. Hope you enjoy it...
Some pieces from upcoming Chanel's summer collection L’été Papillon
Mug shots of three gorgeous nail polishes from L’été Papillon Chanel Summer 2013 Collection

Eye shadow stick and vibrant blue mascara from L’été Papillon Chanel Summer 2013 Collection

Are you also so excited about this truly unique Chanel collection? Which pieces are you planning to get?

Edit: If you want to see the swatches, check the following posts:



  1. damn girl ! thats quite a haul:)
    cant wait to see swatches

    1. This summer is going to be great! I want each and every piece of this collection because of the colors, the formula and the colors
      Swatches coming up very soon.

  2. i want all the nail polishes! they look gorgeous.

    1. Hi Nana, I thought you were at slow buy ;-)... Nevertheless I think you shouldn't miss those nail polishes because they are really unique. And be sure to check out the eye shadow sticks too...


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