Maria Galland, Collection Corail for Spring/Summer 2016, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Wish you a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we drove some miles for the birthday party of my mother-in-law (which was really a nice party) and drove back in the middle of the night so I am getting back to working today after sleeping until noon. See, it is such a dilemma not to have time to write while working but having time to actually wear make-up. During my break I had lots of time but I didn't feel like wearing make-up while sitting in my pyjamas at home. 

I thought this weekend I go with brands which I haven't covered before. If you haven't seen yesterday's Natasha Denona eyeshadow review, check here. Today I have Maria Galland's Spring/Summer Collection for you. I haven't tried anything from this brand but the blush/bronzer duo, Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo, stole my heart and thought I would give it a go. I also got to try their lipsticks in two formulas, one is a long lasting gloss and it is lovely. My thoughts are right after the jump.

Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo, Le Rouge #47 Rose Macaron, #35 Rouge Pivoine,
Rouge Infini #40 Rouge Amour, Mascara Infini Waterproof Mascara

As this is the first time I am writing about Maria Galland, I would like to mention a few facts about the brand. You can read some historical facts here on their website. During the early 60s Maria Galland ran a successful beauty saloon on Rue Chateaubriand in Paris. She founded a research laboratory and worked on skin care products and extended her business over 10 000 Beauty Salons over 40 countries. Recently she got retired and the company is taken over by Klosterfrau (Switzerland) Group. Have you heard about the brand? What would interest me most is that do you have access to its products in your country? (please leave a comment below).

I played with Spring/Summer Corail Collection last week. Check out the full collection here (German website, not affiliated). The star of the collection is Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo which is composed of a bronzer and a blusher. It smells of summer, something with coconut and reminds me of putting sun screen while laying lazy at the beach. That said I still prefer my powders without scent (I am looking at you too Guerlain). 

Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo is a lovely combination product which I reached for very frequently during the last week since I could get the bronzer and right after the blusher in a rush in the morning. The blush is very soft and silky, the shade is a neutral pink which applies beautifully. The bronzer is not too warm which is great. It applies better than it swatches though. I have this problem with some Guerlain products too but as long as it works with the brush, it is fine with me. I regret a little that I destroyed the beautiful surface while trying to swatch it with my fingers for the blog. 1st World's blogger problems. Used with a brush, the design would last for a long time. Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo has a generous 9 g of product, made in Italy. It is infused with what they call a tropical skin care complex, given as Punica Granatum Seed Powder, Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Palm Butter and Blue Berries. It aims to reduce the lines while hydrating. In Germany it costs around 39€.

Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo,
Le Rouge #47 Rose Macaron, #35 Rouge Pivoine, Rouge Infini #40 Rouge Amour

There are five limited edition shades from two different lipstick formulas which are also released with this collection. Maria Galland Le Rouge Cream Lipstick shades are both very wearable and lovely. The packaging feels nice and heavy and it has a magnetic closure (yes!). The lipsticks are lightly scented which doesn't bother me, the scent is pleasant. On the ingredients list it also lists aroma but I can't get any which is a good thing in my book.  Maria Galland Le Rouge Lipstick formula reminds me of Laura Mercier's Cream Smooth Lipcolor. It applies beautifully and feels moisturizing but it doesn't stay a long time on the lips. The deeper shade lasted longer as a stain right after eating. I believe company has a long lasting cream lip stick formula too called Le Rouge Infini, have to try that one. Maria Galland Le Rouge has 3.2 g of product, made in Italy, costs around 26€ in Germany.

Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo,
Le Rouge #47 Rose Macaron, #35 Rouge Pivoine, Rouge Infini #40 Rouge Amour

There are three new shades of liquid long lasting lipstick formula called Rouge Infini. The one I got, #40 Rouge Amour is a very lively glossy red which has enough transparency to make it wearable. It feels just a little sticky but it lasts very long on the lips. With its pink tingle and the juicy color, it is my favorite lipstick from the three I tried. There is a shade called Rose Idyll, I need to try that one out. These contain 4.5 ml (0.1 Oz) of product, made in Italy, costs around 26€.

Swatches: Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo,
Le Rouge #47 Rose Macaron, #35 Rouge Pivoine, Rouge Infini #40 Rouge Amour

Here are some FOTDs with the bronzer blush duo and lipsticks. After swatching I was almost certain that Rose Macaron would be my type of shade but I ended up liking Rouge Pivoine even more. 

Below I am wearing Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo on the cheeks (as bronzer and blush), Natasha Denona Quint #2 on the eyes (reviewed here) and Maria Galland Le Rouge #47 Rose Macaron on the lips. Rose Macaron is a nice pinky nude which would look better with a full on smoky eye which I will try next.

FOTD with Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo & Le Rouge #47 Rose Macaron

It is so amazing how different the lipsticks look on me and on the swatches. Le Rouge #35 Rouge Pivoine is a peachy coral, which is so wearable, love it! This one also lasts longer on me than #47 Rose Macaron. For this FOTD I am wearing Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo on the cheeks (as bronzer and blush), Natasha Denona Quint #10 on the eyes and Maria Galland Le Rouge #35 Rouge Pivoine on the lips. 

...And yes my eyebrows need a bit of taming, I will take care of that today *grins*.

FOTD with Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo, Le Rouge #35 Rouge Pivoine,

Here is Rouge Infini #40 Rouge Amour on me together with bronzer blush duo again. I usually don't wear reds for the day but this one is so wearable and long lasting that I ended up wearing it three times last week. It must have been a record or something.

There was also a waterproof mascara which I received but didn't try since I don't use waterproof mascara (too much work to take off without using oil around the eyes). 

FOTD with Maria Galland #20 Voile D'Été Bronzing Blush Duo & Rouge Infini #40 Rouge Amour

Final thoughts: This was my first dance with Maria Galland make-up and I really like it. My picks from the collection is the bronzer blush duo especially for light to medium complexions and Rouge Infini lipsticks which have a lovely long lasting formula.

Do you have a lipstick you wear multiple times last week?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. mybeautyblog/AndreeaMarch 20, 2016 at 3:40 PM

    Nice and wearable colors, but never seen the products so far. Spas I know use wheter really luxurious stuff like La Prairie or they have Hauschka treatment (so that is why I would go there).

    The bright lipstick looks glorius on you! And it swatched so ... neon!

  2. I believe this brand is available in the UK because they have a website and I think a store in London. However, I've never seen them and couldn't find any stockists.

  3. The lip pies swatted so different vs how they look on you. That last red one is really lovely. I also liked the blush color.

  4. I do have a beauty salon in my village which runs this brand but they don't have the makeup only the skincare line, which is great by the way. I can recommend it.

  5. Ps I live in the Netherlands. In several cities you can find this brand in beauty salons

  6. Wow, awesome pictures, love the look. The brand Maria Galland Paris has great beauty products. Since i use them everyday my skin looks so much better. I order them online at Have a wonderful day :-)


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