Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color Exposed & Ravageur, Cream Eye Color Caviar & Midnight Violet, Review, Swatch & FOTD

It is Fri-yay! Hope you had a wonderful week. I was supposed to get some things done before semester starts but I was not even able to start any of them. I try to stay cool and start right away, well, probably tomorrow then, haha, let's see. Today I was very disappointed too. The metal hooks holding the stripes of my new Burberry bag I purchased around Christmas got loose and broke! Insert some crying face here. I hope they can fix it, or should I ask for a replacement?

Today's review is long due. Some of you asked if I would post about Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colors. I am still waiting on the list for some of the items to be released but unfortunately the collection didn't arrive to Germany yet. It didn't help either that my PR package, which was sent two weeks ago, got lost. The replacement package didn't have Patent Lip Color in the color I wanted (Orchid Fatale) but instead some warm red which I will probably never wear again. Long story short, I was able to try the formula to share my thoughts with you today. I also have two of the Cream Eyeshadows although one of them is a repromote from last year's duos. I included some comparisons and a drug store dupe for that one, right after the jump.  

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color Exposed & Ravageur, Cream Eye Color Caviar & Midnight Violet

Tom Ford released a Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Collection with 8 shades of Cream Color for Eyes and 8 shades of a new formula of lipstick called Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color. There are also 6 shades of Eye Liners, a Shade & Illuminate Compact with a limited edition new cream blush and highlighter duo and Lip Color Shine

Cream Color for Eyes have been receiving a lot of of mixed reviews so I was curious to try them out myself at the counter. Unfortunately the collection was not released as it was planned so I couldn't check out the items myself during my travel to Berlin and Munich, two cities which have Tom Ford Counters. 

The reason about the mixed reception of Cream Color for Eyes is firstly about the size of the product. Tom Ford changed the packaging and made them slightly smaller. They were 7 g before and now there is only 6 g of product in the pot. I believe this effort is not to make them smaller but to make the circumference of the pot smaller. We all know that the products always came shifted to the side, sometimes smeared to the lid. The new pots also have an inlay which separates the pot from the lid to prevent this. Since Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadows are really very pigmented, you need a tiny amount for one usage, so if the formula would stay the same, I don't think anyone would complain.

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color Exposed & Ravageur, Cream Eye Color Caviar & Midnight Violet

I can't understand the second change for the life of me. They made a change to the formula which was always selling out and being raved by almost anyone. The reason was probably to make it easier to be applied. Midnight Violet, which is a new color is definitely more transparent and needs more layers to build up than any of the former Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadows. The silver fine glitter is gorgeous and I love the base color as well. It is a plummy brown shade with a touch of rose. Exactly my type of color but it takes more product to build up the intensity you see in the swatches.

Caviar on the other hand is a repromote from Black Oyster Duo which I already had (reviewed here). I am a bit surprised about this because it is more pigmented than Midnight Violet but it fades and creases more than its previous version. I was wearing it today and noticed at the end of the day, there was almost nothing left on my eyes although I was wearing a primer underneath as usual. I wonder if new releases of Platinum and Spice are that way as well but I am not willing to shell out that much money just to find out haha! Sorry, blogger's duties have a limit too. 

Swatches: Tom Ford Cream Eye Color Caviar & Midnight Violet

Here you can see both of the shade in action, before they creased and faded to oblivion. I complemented Tom Ford Caviar with MAC Omega over the crease to blend and MAC Blanc Type on the inner corner to open up the eyes. You can see the silver tiny glitters on the grey base, which is really pretty giving a slightly wet look. I believe if you apply it under a powder, the longevity should be better. 

In-action: Tom Ford Cream Eye Color Caviar

Here is Tom Ford Midnight Violet is action. I love this shade, it is almost my dream shade, if it would be slightly more pigmented and would take less time to build up the intensity. Midnight Violet lasted longer on my eyes but still showed signs of creasing around the socket line.

In-action: Tom Ford Cream Eye Color Midnight Violet

Here are some comparisons. Tom Ford Caviar is the same shade as the cream color in Black Oyster Duo. It is actually slightly different (a tad warmer) but on the eyes you can't really differentiate it. Tom Ford Night Sky from Holiday Duo (reviewed here) is more blue based. Max Factor Onyx is a dupe for Caviar although it is less pigmented, it can be build up to look fairly close on the eyes. I compared the formulas of Max Factor and Tom Ford previously here.

As a comparison for Midnight Violet I pulled out Burberry Damson (reviewed here) and Charlotte Tilbury Mona Lisa (reviewed here) both of which are very different. Mona Lisa is warmer, Damson is cooler. I like all three very much and the new formula of Tom Ford resembles Charlotte Tilbury more, which is not a very positive thing in my book.

Comparison swatches: Tom Ford Cream Eye Color Caviar and Midnight Violet

Now onto Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colors. I have #02 Exposed and #03 Ravager to share with you. The formula is really interesting. It has a spongy tip and you can click at the back of the pen to get the liquid out. The working principle is close to some concealers. What I liked about these is that you can build up the intensity and make it very glossy or not click too much product and apply it like a stain. These are very long lasting. Even after the first glossy phase is over, the stain stays for hours. The down side though is that it stains. It also gets on my teeth a little but I usually have a problem with that (big teeth or what?). 

I think among the glossy lip products which were recently released (Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss, reviewed here, Dior Addict Fluid Sticks, reviewed here, and Estée Lauder Envy Liquid Lip Potion reviewed here) Tom Ford's is the most long lasting one. The formula is closer to Envy but it doesn't transform all that bad and stays put longer. My only problem with the formula is that it made my lips peel a little the first time around and after peeling, it stained the spot and was very hard to remove. Afterwards when I used it, I didn't notice peeling or drying although it is not particularly hydrating either. The formula has alcohol listed high on the list which might be the reason why my lips didn't like it initially.

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color Exposed & Ravageur, Cream Eye Color Caviar & Midnight Violet

Here are swatches of #02 Exposed and #03 Ravager. Exposed is a nice neutral pink which I can see myself wearing. Ravager on the other hand is a shade which doesn't look right on me. I will try to get my hand on Orchid Fatale once it is released, hope that one is a better match for me, meaning there is enough purple in the red.

Swatches: Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color Exposed & Ravageur

Here is me with an untypical combination of anthracite and red. What do you think, is it as bad as I think it is? I am wearing Caviar on the eyes, Ravageur on the lips.

FOTD with Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color Ravager and Cream Eye Color Caviar 

Here is another FOTD which is more me. I am wearing Midnight Violet on the eyes, Exposed on the lips. As a side note for both of the FOTDs I am using BB.Curl Stylers on the hair, the FOTD above is taken second day after washing my hair while the one below is the first day. For the one above I used the Re-styling Primer which works wonders. My review on those are here.

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color Exposed & Cream Eye Color Midnight Violet

Check out swatches of Linda, Ebru and Sabrina too.

Final thoughts: I don't care too much about the pot being 1 g less but I am disappointed about the new formulation of Tom Ford Cream Eyeshadows. I am sincerely hoping that they go on releasing shades with the old formula. Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Colors are great long lasting glossy liquid lipsticks. I am hoping to get some colors I will love more once the collection is released.

Have you picked up anything from this collection? How do you find the new formulation of Cream Eyeshadows?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. the eye colors are gorgeous on you. so sad that the formula is not as good as the colors. i have 3 of the Patent Finish Lip Colors and I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! they are so pretty and glossy on and do not dry my lips (nor are they hydrating). i want MOAR colors!

  2. I just recently bought one of the patent finish lip colors online, excited to get it! I usually prefer a matte lipstick and add my own gloss if I like, so this will be interesting for me to try. I like the red color on you (beautiful!), but on myself I'm not a fan of glossy reds. It's my first time trying Tom Ford cream eyeshadows and I really like them! I have hooded eyes and oily eyelids and with primer they did really well on me. Love your review! Sucks about your first PR package getting lost :( and I didn't realize for other countries how late they get certain products, I feel for you!


  3. I think for the night look and maybe with a warmer/no eyeshadow this red lipstick can perfectly work on you. Also, when you get some tan, it should look great. Warm red/orange usually plays well with the green eyes (on me). I only have Opale eyeshadow and if I could return it, I would, because it looks gritty on my eyelids. Even the Mac paintpots have smoother finish. I ordered Sphinx, following the hype, will see. Armani eye tints are superior to TF cream shadows in my book - easier to use, look better and are cheaper:) I also have zero interest in these lip pots as I dilike anything that requires twisting (I always waste product) and combination of bold color with a strong shine doesn't really fit my lifestyle. I can't think of any occasion to wear this lipstick.

  4. Thanks for the review. I am now going to take the cream shadows out of my Nordstrom shopping cart. It is a mystery why companies change the formula of hit products but it sure is annoying. I say get a replacement bag if you can but they should at the very least fix it for free.

  5. I wanted to get Platinum but it's out of stock. Linda helped me get one reserved. I hope the formula is not disappointing because I love my naked bronze. If it's anything like the Charlotte Tilbury ones, I'll be sad. They crease and fade so fast :-(

  6. I agree that the red looks fine on you. You could pair it with either a golden eye for a holiday look, or even that Chanel IDO you got recently-- the white one, which I totally love-- it's not sold here, but I have a near dupe. I tried the patent lip at the counter and was not impressed. I did find it very drying even applied as a stain. And a click pen does not make sense to me as lip delivery system. On the cream shadows, that is a disappointment. I have to highly recommend the Surratt Prismatiques. They are almost sold out and I am waiting for them to restock. I just got the purple-grey taupe and it is gorgeous. Hope to get more shades. Also that brand is not stingy with its cool shades, whereas the TF creams run warm or too dark for me.

  7. Actually, I was waiting - hoping for your comparison between the old and the new releases of Platinum and Spice to dare purchase them. But you're absolutely right! It's really shame to spend so much money for the comparison reasons!

  8. Hi Sara, so interesting, it never occurred to me that the formula has changed! I did notice that Midnight Violet sheered out easier than before, and Sphinx is definitely one that is meant to be worn lightly dabbed over something else. I have Orchid Fatale which I loved and now not so much. Maybe we should swap! LOL! Thanks for the link love as always! :*

  9. Sehr schade, dass man an der Textur was verschlimmbessert hat. Ich mochte die bisherige Version sehr, aber so wird wohl erst mal nichts mehr Neues dazu kommen.

  10. I heard from someone else that the new Platinum & Spice are not the same as the previous versions. They said that they did not wear as well, and they creased. So sad

  11. I got the exposed lip color but haven't tried it yet. I hope it is not drying on me! Bummer about the shadows, maybe I'll skip them then!

  12. I like Exposed, it is a natural rose shade which would go with almost all make-up. I don't recommend the eye shadows. I hope that Platinum and Spice's formula haven't changed, that would be so bad.

  13. I thought so too because Caviar badly creased on me. Although I haven't worn the cream part of Black Oyster Duo on its own, I don't recall creasing. Maybe I should do that to test and wear the cream of the previous duo and see if it performs the same as well.

  14. Ich bin grosse Fan von bisherige Version auch, und ich habe bisher niemand gesehen die sich beschwert hat. Ich weiss nicht warum sie die Textur ändern mussten.

  15. Midnight Violet sheers out, Caviar creases badly. I have heard that the new formulation of Spice and Platinum is also different. I can understand that some shades are toppers, that is fine but there was no shade like Midnight Violet which was dark but not properly pigmented.
    I wished you would like to swap before I sent the package to you, I would send you Ravageur. I definitely want Orchid Fatale, it looked so good on you!

  16. Hi Amalia,
    I have to admit, I am trying not to because I am so curious and definitely would like to try and compare. Maybe I ask a friend who has the new formulation if she can give me a tiny bit of hers. Nevertheless I have the old and the new formulation of Caviar and they are different so I am almost sure that Spice and Platinum are also changed.

  17. Hi Lily,
    I am hearing the new ones are different than the older ones. Sorry for that. Caviar's new version is very pigmented, not like Charlotte Tilbury but it creases so easily. I don't know why. If you need any help on Tom Ford front, drop me a line (you know how to find me haha). Here the collection haven't released yet so I am keeping an eye on them.

  18. Hi Alison,
    you are right, that red one is more like a holiday color. It might be why I didn't feel it at the moment when I am more in for Spring shades.
    Is Chanel IDO not available there? How? I believe that Wendy (from Facebook) got it and told me she wants to send it back. Maybe you should drop her a line.
    The thing about Patent Finish Lip Colour is that, it is drying as stain but not drying as glossy full on lipstick, which is a bit too much (full glam) for everyday in my opinion.
    I am hearing mixed reviews about Surratt ones, therefore I haven't pulled the trigger. I recently ordered two Natasha Denona quints though thanks to you. Now let's see how these look on me. Opale they say is more of a glitter than anything else.

  19. Hi BobBob,
    I will try to bring the bag back. In Germany sometimes fixing takes a month or two since they send the bag to the brand, that would be too long for something I just purchased 2 months ago. I like it though and don't want to give it back *sigh*. We will see.
    I don't know why they ever changed a thing about these cream eyeshadows. Everyone was so excited and all the formula received was only rave!

  20. Hi Jane,
    I am hoping the red works in someway, some day. Some of the reds look awful on me, make me 10 years older kind of. You are right though, some reds make green eyes pop. I will try to combine this one with brown eye shadow or something. I have heard that Opale was more of a topper than to be worn on its own. I am not into white glitter on my eyeshadow so I am skipping that shade for sure. Please let me know how you like Sphinx because that one should also be very sheer and more of a glitter than an eyeshadow. I am still tempted though because the duo chrome is irresistible. Maybe you would like Midnight Violet and maybe even enjoy it being sheer?
    Some of the Armani Eyetints produce fallout on me. I even returned two of what I had. I had some glitter under my eyes in a few hours, it was awful.
    I know what you mean about the lip products. I am also more inclined for matte and nude shades since I wear lots of eye makeup, it looks too much for me.

  21. You are right about glossy reds. I despise them too. I love my reds matte, it is much easier to pull them off that way. Which shade of the Cream Eyeshadow did you get? I would be interested in that if that is one of the repromotes or new shades.
    Here almost no package gets lost, I don't know what happened this time really. and it had to be Tom Ford, which I was waiting for so eagerly. Booh!

  22. LOL you like the glossy bold shades? Then you should definitely get more once they are available because I think they are all limited editions. They last really well on me. If I apply enough product, they don't dry my lips but as a stain, I found them to be a little drying. It depends on the condition of the lips as well. First try, my lips peeled off but then I used a conditioner at night and next day it was fine.

  23. You are right. We did get the Chanel IDO here. Did not realize that. Will have to look into that. I know that the Suratt got mixed reviews, but I am loving the one I got. But it is a lighter shade which may not be liked by everyone. Which Denona quints did you get? I also ordered #9 which I love. Am wearing almost every day. These were some of my favorite shades from the warmer palette. They are real neutrals.

  24. Right, Sara, you posted a review about those eye tints, now I remember! I never experienced any fall out with anything, or I don't notice it, so I am not a reliable source. I mixed Opal (it is dark beige on me) with old Platinum, they looked good together, but it is not an eyelook worth $90. I will write you about Sphinx when I receive it (I am getting annoyed about receiving this collection in tiny portions). Today Disco Dust has arrived and I am trying to cancel Honeymoon because the confirmed shipping date for it is in August (!).
    I have at least 30 red lipsticks and they are great, but I never wear them. So I decided to stop buying them, except sheer versions maybe, so that I don't feel guilty for not wearing them. I know Tom Ford sees me as a glam queen, but I am just not :)

  25. I believe I got #2 and #10, everything which looked remotely plum or purple lol. I am excited to try them out. Which Surratt did you get? I am eyeing Glamour Eyes, just told a friend to pick it up for me. It is still available at Barney's.

  26. I got Style eyes-- the lavender taupe one. The Denonas you selected are beautiful. I think I have some of those in the big palette.

  27. Thanks so much for the swatches! I have Exposed too and am properly obsessed- the formula is fab! Like you said, love that it can be built up for a full-on glossy look or lightly as a stain. I'm actually dying to try Ravageur as well, as I'm a sucker for an orange red. I think it looks nice on you :)

  28. mybeautyblog/AndreeaMarch 6, 2016 at 2:35 PM

    I Love Ravageur on you! You should consider trying warmer colors now and then, it looks so so good!

  29. Somehow it doesn't look right on me but maybe I have to get used to it.
    It is a shade I would never have purchased myself.

  30. Exposed is really pretty. You ear pinks so well and you look great with glossy lips so I imagine that is something you truly enjoy. Ravageur is more of a classic red, almost a bit brown, I'd like it more orange, hmpf.

  31. You got the big palette? Purple one?

  32. Yes-- crazy I know. What I like about is that you can layer and mix colors-- some of the cool neutral taupes and brown shades can be used to make the blues and purples more wearable. And I don't mind the big palette-- would not travel with it though.

  33. I love your Dior earrings!!!
    So feminine and elegant!
    And I agree that Ravageur is not as bad as you think! I like the shirt you are wearing with black and red details ! It suits perfectly with the look you created!
    I'm eyeing on Infamy and Orchid Fatale patent lip colors and I think they are permanent actually! At least this is what my SA told me ,that's why I skipped for now :)
    As far for the cream colors I own only spring 2015 and the summer duos and I wanted to have platinum so I caved .i got Sphinx which I really enjoy combined with OC blush from UD Gwen blush palette! I put a little OC on top of Sphinx and I feel that the duo chrome effect seems more intense! I haven't experienced any creasing yet.Siren Blue was the third one ! It was so nice in the pot! I wish it had some purple duo chrome effect too though I combine it with the white left side of crushed indigo or the one from ripe plum and they look gorgeous together!

  34. Dear Hara
    first of all big hugs! I missed you.
    I wore Ravageur a few times and yeah, it is ok but I have seen better lipsticks on me lol.
    After you mentioned, I asked PR about the limited editions and you are right, Patent Lip Colors are not limited. I will also get Orchid Fatale at some point but I can wait for it.
    I might need Sphinx after I read this. Can you imagine that the collection is not here yet! You can even pre order the summer collection in the States and we don't have the Spring Collection here yet *sigh*. How are you liking Siren Blue? Do I need it?

  35. "I know Tom Ford sees me as a glam queen, but I am just not"
    This cracked me up so badly hahaha, it is exactly like this. They wants to make us all look like on the runway but it is not always appropriate.


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