Burberry Cream Color For Eyes, #100 Gold Copper, #106 Pink Heather, #102 Mink, #110 Damson, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you had a lovely week. Wish you all a happy Xmas and a great new year's eve. I am traveling at the moment, visiting family and friends. I thought I check in to say hi and celebrate your holidays too. We have been non stop eating for three days and it will go on like this two more days. Then there will be a small break until new year's eve. This year we will be home on the 31st to enjoy a self made dinner and a view of fireworks. Before we started driving three days ago, I received super pretty make-up from upcoming collection. I can't wait to go back and try all of these out. 

Oh on a small note, I love love Guerlain Parure Gold Fluid Foundation (reviewed here) and have been wearing it non-stop. I also took it with me but today in the morning I have noticed that I ran out of it. Shoot! The bottle is black and there is no means to see how much in there. And worse, that is the only foundation I took with me *sniff sniff*. I set it flat on a table and hoping I have a little more in the morning which would last me until our return. I just need it two more days *cries*. Oh and not to mention, here everywhere is closed until Monday. They should really improve those bottles. This was unacceptable.

I have been enjoying Burberry Cream Eyeshadow for some months now but waited for the additional pieces to enter my collection before I review it so that I can swatch all of them at once for you. This is why you have a rare occasion of seeing used make-up on he cover photo down there. This can only mean love though, I tell you. I ended up with the shades #100 Gold Copper, #106 Pink Heather, #102 Mink and #110 Damson and here are my thoughts about these.

Burberry Cream Color For Eyes, #100 Gold Copper, #106 Pink Heather, #102 Mink, #110 Damson

The packaging of Burberry kills it as usual. The caps have the signature Burberry pattern and the pots are glass and have a weight to them which makes them appear more luxurious than many of the other cream eye shadows, e.g. Dior & Chanel. I like the fact that these are more flat so taking the product with your finger, even if you have long nails, is not an issue. Burberry Cream Color For Eyes also come with a tiny synthetic brush, which is best for applying the color as an eyeliner. I tried to apply the eye shadow all over the lid with this tiny brush today and the results were not that satisfying. It is great for touch ups though.

Burberry Cream Color For Eyes, #100 Gold Copper, #106 Pink Heather, #102 Mink, #110 Damson

I went for taupe and purple leaning shades. I think you are not surprised *chuckles*. The shades I have selected are the following ones:

#100 Cold Copper is a light peachy golden shade with satin to shimmery finish. This one would be great for blue eyes and fair complexions especially. On me it doesn't show up so well so I use it as a base to other shades.

#106 Pink Heather is a natural plummy taupe with satin to shimmery  finish. I think this is the most unique between the shades. It is very wearable and especially flattering with cooler green eyes. Pink Heather is a swipe and go shade for me once I don't have much time. Love this one.

#102 Mink is a golden taupe with satin to shimmery finish. If you love cult shade of Burberry called Pale Barley, this is as close as it gets. Pale Barley nor Mink are flattering on me but I can see many people going crazy about this one. It is a great one shade make-up color to swipe and go.

#110 Damson is a mid-toned plum/purple with lovely pink shimmer. This is my favorite just because it gives some color but at the same time it is very natural looking on the eyes. I am hooked to Damson, as eye shadow and lipstick (lipstick is reviewed here).

I included swatches with artificial light (below) as well as natural light in the shadow (top). I hope these are useful. If you can think of any comparisons, I would love to do that once I am back. I think Burberry Cream Eyeshadows have a different satiny finish to them. They are less shimmery than Dior and Chanel's similar products which makes them a winner combined with the packaging and pretty and very wearable shades.

Swatch: Burberry Cream Color For Eyes, #100 Gold Copper, #106 Pink Heather, #102 Mink, #110 Damson

Let me start with Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #102 Mink on the eyes. I combined this one with a lighter than usual metallic eyeliner (I believe it was Armani). Mink applies beautifully. The edges can be easily blended by fingers or a clean brush. It is possible to build up intensity too.

In-action: Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #102 Mink

Here is the look in context. After seeing the photo below, which was right before the my hair massacre by the worst hair dresser ever (Stuttgart Breuninger, les coiffeurs), I would like to cry. See the following photos, my curls are never the same. The way she cut the tips somehow destroyed the style. It is unbelievable how much difference it makes between a good and a bad hairdresser, hmpf. Oh and I wished I knew which lipstick I am wearing here. It looks nice *chuckles*.

FOTD: Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #102 Mink

Here is Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #110 Damson on the eyes. This shade is so pretty and goes very well with warmer green and hazel eyes. Here I combined it with black liner but you can also go for something like Chanel Le Crayon Rouge Noir (reviewed here). A matching liner gives a more natural/wearable look.

In-action: Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #110 Damson

Here is the look which I recently shared at Tom Ford Lips & Boys post. You can see it here for more details on the lipstick. I have taken Damson with me to holidays and already wore it two times as a base and on its own. It makes a great base not only for taupe, purple eye shadows but also for golden ones.

FOTD: Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #110 Damson

Here is Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #106 Pink Heather is in action. Pink Heather s very natural on me but still tones the eyes in the most gorgeous way. Very unique swipe and go shade. I can't recommend it enough. 

In-action: Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #106 Pink Heather

Here is the look in context which was also a part of Tom Ford Lips & Boys review. I am wearing Egon on the lips. Pink Heather is nothing but love, applies and blends so well. Especially if you have fair skin and cool green eyes, don't miss this gem.

FOTD: Burberry Cream Color For Eyes #106 Pink Heather

Here is a last look at the gorgeous packaging once more. These are now available online and at the counters. Each product has 3.6 g of product and retail around 32 €. I am definitely eyeing Dusky Mauve too which looks like one of the more shimmery ones. It has been written a lot but I would like to agree to the fraction who loved these for their easily wearable, not too shimmery finish. I think Burberry Cream Colors can crease a bit more once compared to Chanel and Dior ones but if you wear a base below it or set it with a powder, they last on me rather dry lids all day without fading or creasing. If you have tried these with oily eye lids please leave a comment below and let us know how they perform under extreme conditions :-)

Burberry Cream Color For Eyes, #100 Gold Copper, #106 Pink Heather, #102 Mink, #110 Damson

Check out more swatches and review at Mostly Sunny. Indigo Kir Royale, mel-et-fel, Visionary Beauty. If you have also reviewed Burberry Cream Eyeshadows, please leave a link below.

Final thoughts: I love Burberry Cream Color For Eyes for their packaging, wearable color range and not too shimmery finishes. I love the fact that they don't get separated from the pan like Chanel's golf balls (which I still like but find funny). My picks are Pink Heather, which is so unique and wearable as well as Damson which is for those who would like to wear a touch of color but can't go overboard with that. I highly recommend checking these out if you like wearable cream eyeshadows to swipe and go.

What is you favorite product from Burberry Beauty?

Disclaimer: Cold Copper and Pink Heather was sent free of charge for my consideration. 
Mink and Damson were purchased by me. I am not paid for this review.  All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. EEK about the foundation!! BUT HEY, you finished a foundation, so that is awesome!!

  2. I can feel you, Sara - re opaque foundation bottles. You won't know how much you've used, whether you should get a backup, etc. I hope you had your 2 days worth of foundation left. I haven't tried these yet, but I guess if Chanel creases on me, then this would too. I usually use a primer, so that's no biggie. Pink Heather and Mink are on my list! Pink Heather especially, it looks like something I don't have :-) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I only have No 100 and love it. Since purchase mid-Autumn I have nearly used a whole pot - they are not highly pigmented so I do use more than Chanel and much more than TF. On my oily lids they perform ok but I do tend to top with powder shadow on and above the crease. Happy travels and New Year! Susan, London

  4. LOL Joyce, yes I did finish a foundation but yet again I actually finish foundations, powders and concealers very often since I use them everyday. I was rather sad because I was loving it but I can't justify a repurchase since I have other bottles to finish first, :-)

  5. Hi Lily. The previous bottles of Guerlain had a transparent stripe to show the level. I don't know why they ever removed it, it was so annoying to see that I might run out of foundation while I have almost ten bottles at home waiting to be used. I managed to squeeze the last bit out today. I hope tomorrow I have a few drops more.
    Pink Heather is so beautiful. I am wearing it today, These are something like a cross between cream and powder and today I applied it with a normal brush (half goat/half synthetic hair) it worked so well, I was amazed!

  6. Hi Susan,
    100 is so much of your shade that I thought about you when I swatched it. Other three I have are more pigmented than Cold Copper. I applied Pink Heather today with a goat/synthetic brush and have seen that it was separating from the surface almost like powder. I started to believe that it is an in-between formula, Thanks so much for letting us know how it performs on your oilier lids. Even on me I have a little bit of creasing some days (probably due to the eye cream I am using at night, some days my lids are oilier than the other days).
    I wish a happy new year too. Xox

  7. Among those, Dusty Pink would be the one that would work on me.The Burberry product I regularly use is their eyeliner. I have it in both black and brown and if I am in a hurry they are right there if I don't have time to delve and make a selection. They never budge and the point is tiny so easy to use.

  8. Ooh, I can see why you're obsessed with Damson- it's perfect with your eyes! Love the look of Pink Heather too- definitely a unique, but versatile shade :) Hope you had a lovely holiday, Sara!


  9. I've been eyeing these for a while, especially Damson, but worried they won't hold up on my oily lids. I have the Chanel and Dior ones, and they wear well on my lids. These are less shimmery, more like soft washes of color, so much easier to wear but don't appear as budge proof when I swatched on my hands, but might be ok with primer or powdered shadow on top. I will have to pick up Damson and test on my lids, good thing they allow returns in my country. Sorry to hear about the hair. I once went to a new stylist and asked for a bob, and the evil woman ignored my request, butchered my hair and gave me a little ducktail in the back, as that was the fashion back then. I was too shocked to even cry, until I got home. But it all grows out.

  10. Ooh, I'll have to check these out. I love les IdO de Chanel but they do tend to lean quite shimmery or sparkly. I would love to find something matte or even satin with a similar wear time. I do have oily lids so I will have to text them out before I buy.

    I have curly hair as well, so I understand the struggle to find someone who really knows how to cut curly hair! I think your hair still looks great, but I do see that the texture is a bit different, so I understand why you'd be upset.

  11. Damsooooooooooon ! Perfect, perfect for your Green eyes !



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