Tom Ford Lips & Boys Reloaded, #58 Malik, #60 Drake, #67 Roman, #68 Egon, #74 Theo, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday. Today I started the day by sleeping long since yesterday was a long and tiring shopping day. On a bright note, we are proud to buy all the gifts on one day including the gifts for each other. I would rather plan and enjoy selecting and buying the gifts but this year I have been super busy because of work. You know the story, men are usually not the best gift planners so they need some ideas & support not to buy the most expensive and useless gift possible LOL.

It is that time of the year again when Tom Ford sends out the best of his boys to conquer out hearts. Last year hubby assisted me with the swatches and I thought this year it would be fun to do it again. So here is me sharing my thoughts on and lip swatches on hubby of five of the shades I have been enjoying, #58 Malik, #60 Drake, #67 Roman, #68 Egon, #74 Theo.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Reloaded, #58 Malik, #60 Drake, #67 Roman, #68 Egon, #74 Theo

Aah boys, they are not man-sized but cute and functional. I selected five strange shades and stayed away from wearable everyday colors. In the end I was like "oh interesting but when will I wear them?". This happens to me all the time. After I prepared the swatches and photos for this post, I went ahead and ordered an everyday pink, Ansel, as well. The majority of the newly released boys are shimmery and frosty shades. My favorite finish on the lips is matte so honestly these are not all up my alley but on the lips they have an interesting effect and they look more wearable than I thought they would be. 

Swatches: Tom Ford Lips & Boys Reloaded, #58 Malik, #60 Drake, #67 Roman, #68 Egon, #74 Theo

Here are the shades I went for:

#67 Roman: After falling for Stravros, I thought Roman had to be mine. Roman is warmer and deeper so for me it is harder to pull off Nevertheless it is a gorgeous and unique shade. I am loving it but can't see myself reach for it very often after all.

#58 Malik is my favorite of the five shades I have. It is wearable and unique at the same time. It goes so well with purple/taupe/pink eye shadows which I usually go for. It has a touch of violet in there and this prevents it from looking like a barbie pink. In love with Malik!

#68 Egon was my choice between the shimmery light shades since it looked like the one which is the coolest. I didn't like Egon as much as I thought I would. On my pigmented lips the base color disappears so it looks only like some shimmery gloss. You can see that Egon looks almost like my lips but better on Thomas (below). I think even he could wear it in public *chuckles*

#71 Theo was the purple I just couldn't say no to. It is a lighter, warmer version of Liam which makes it more wearable. I have been using and liking it. Talking about how these compare to the other shades, if I find the time soon, I will try to post some comparison swatches as well. 

#60 Drake became the it color the moment it was released, to the point that now that it is sold out, it got over $100 on eBay. I didn't believe that after reading about this on Refinery29 but checked out myself and it is true. I can definitely understand the hype around this one since it is just the right balance of a nice plummy shade which is not too dark nor too light. I also can't think about a dupe right away. You can see me wearing it on yesterday's post. You can see below on Thomas the shade looks natural and wearable (not in men terms LOL). Anyway if you missed it, don't worry, these are permanent so eventually it will be back in stock.

Lip Swatches: Tom Ford Lips & Boys #60 Drake, #67 Roman, #68 Egon, #74 Theo

To carry on with the double FOTDs from last time, here is me wearing Roman and hubby is wearing Drake. I have Burberry Cream Color Damson on eyes and Chanel Rose Fusion on nails which I applied like 4-5 days ago. That nail polish is a winner. To take this photo we had to shoot for almost an hour and it was great fun. Maybe one day I have the courage to post the outtakes hahaha. 

FOTD with Tom Ford Lips & Boys #60 Drake and #67 Roman

Now a few regular FOTDs as well. This is me wearing #58 Malik on the lips. It looks like a regular neutral rose on me but it is much more than that in real life, especially when the light hits it. I believe my photo doesn't do this beauty justice.

FOTD with Tom Ford Lips & Boys #58 Malik

One last FOTD with Egon. I wished this one would look better on me. It somehow doesn't show up all that well but still manages to wash me out. This definitely needs a matching cheek even eye combo to make it work. I am wearing Burberry Cream Color for Eyes in Pink Heather on this photo. (review is coming soon).

FOTD with Tom Ford Lips & Boys #68 Egon

Thanks to Tom Ford for the yummy hand-made pralines below. The red one was to die for. Here is a last look to my new boys. You can see a size comparison by checking out my post from last year here. Boys have 2 g of product instead of regular man-size which is 3 g. To me these really appear small each time I get one in my hand (how wrong does that sound) but these are great to toss one in your pocket *chuckles*.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Reloaded, #58 Malik, #60 Drake, #67 Roman, #68 Egon, #74 Theo

Check out the swatches of all shades at Silverkis. More swatches on Mel-et-fel and Indigo-Kir-Royale. If you happened to review some of the shades too, please leave your link below.

Final thoughts: Tom hooked me again with his boys. I hope I don't fall into the rabbit hole and end up with 18 boys like I did last time. If you like frosty/shimmery finishes, you will especially enjoy these but even me, a matte lip lover loves them because of its very pleasant texture, fun and unique shades which turn out to be very wearable. My favorites are Malik and Drake. 

Which shades are you eyeing? 

Disclaimer: Drake was sent free of charge for my consideration. 
The other shades were purchased by me. I am not paid for this review. 
All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. You two again! Amazing pics *_*
    Bought Joaquin few days / weeks ago - bit metallic-y for my liking, but a pretty color!

    Have a great sunday evening, do you also have some days off during the holidays?

  2. It doesn't wash you out, seriously!

  3. Thanks Jane but I see that it is harder for me to pull off compared to other shades. I need to match the make-up so that it looks fine.

  4. LOL thanks, we had lots of fun shooting the photos. I laughed so hard at some point we couldn't go on anymore because my make-up was ruined.
    I know what you mean. I am also not into metallic finishes on lipsticks. Joaquin looks like such a beautiful plummy red though, I was eyeing that one too.
    Yes I have some days off (thanks god!) but we will be traveling and when I am back I need to work again. That said the end of semester is now so close, I think I can hang in there ;-)

  5. The Burberry Cream Color in Damson looks fantastic on you. It really brings out your green eyes. This time I got Eric, Tony and Joaquin. I eyed Drake for a little bit, but didn't want to go overboard like I did last year. Now I wish I had gotten Drake while it was available. I hear these are supposed to be permanent, but the sales associate at my local TF counter keeps saying they are limited. Would love to see some of the out takes of your photo shoot with they hubby someday!

  6. Wieder mal ein toller Artikel mit tollen Bildern und klasse Produkten :)

  7. Oh, this post is hysterical! I can't stop laughing, love the pics of you and your hubby, he's such a good sport! I think Egon looks great on you, looks a little edgy, definitely unique. Goes well with the purple shadow I think I could pull it off if I wear some shimmery gold shadow, so I don't look washed out. I've been eyeing these exact same shades , so your post is very timely. I've already ordered Daniel but there will be more!


  9. Thanks for your lovely comment Amalia :-*

  10. Vielen Dank. Ich habe gedacht dass es letztes mal gut angekommen war, daher versuchen wir nochmal :-)

  11. Hi Tatiana,
    I am loving Damson so much, trying hard not to wear it everyday. It is a swipe and go everyday shade for me, not too bright, very wearable.
    I am totally eyeing Eric too, should I pull the trigger? Drake will be back for sure, only don't know when they will restock. Sometimes it takes a few months but I assure you that these are not limited.

  12. Hi Katherine,
    hahaha we laughed so hard while shooting the photos. At some point my eye makeup was ruined because of the tears running down my eyes hahaha. I am glad that I made you smile too.
    Egon is really unique, I am eyeing Daniel or Eric too but didn't know which one. Daniel looks so nice as well but would love to swatch them before committing on more boys. I will be in Berlin in February so probably I will try them out there. Let me know how you like Daniel.

  13. hahahahahaha! loved this post!! best thing i've read on the internet all week!! xoxoxoxoxo

  14. I think Roman actually looks pretty great on your husband. :-P Love Burberry Damson on you.
    I am eyeing Malik and some of the other neutrals and pinks. I haven't had a chance to check them out in person (the Christmas season is expensive enough without pretty new Tom Ford lipsticks!) but I definitely plan to in the new year. This is the first year where I've had access to the boys, and I'm a little worried about my bank account...

  15. Try Eric on first before you pull the trigger. It looks a little different on everybody. I'm in no rush to buy Drake. I can wait a few months for a restock. I sometimes think the SAs say things are limited to get you to buy things right then. I'm trying to not buy as much unless I think I will really use it. They pulled the Burberry counter out of the department store near me. Now I need to drive 25 minutes to The City to find the next closest counter. I will have to look at Damson the next time I'm there.

  16. Hilarious like last year. You guys will become famous for this. I'm not as wildly enthusiastic about this year's metallic shades though sorry to say. Also they are a bit pale for me though I do like Theo. I also like Roman on you a lot.

  17. Your pictures are funny ( and your husband has a great sense of self-mockery and humour !!).
    My fav is Malik, but all those 5 lipstick sur look nice on you... Even this very strange Drake !


  18. Mistake !!! Roman, not Drake !!!


  19. I LOVE THAT COUPLE PHOTO!!!! Omg, that's like a campaign poster right there! I too found the metallic shades to be much more wearable than I had expected, although Malik is a bit too pale for my tastes. I can't really understand the hype over Drake, and it's not a shade I'll wear, so I skipped it, but now I want it just to collect!

  20. I think you are right. I go to the counter and SA tells me "it is limited edition" to everything although I know some of them are not limited at all. This is their strategy to make people buy it. I think it is a great thing to say "either I use it or I don't buy it". Thinking about how many stuff is laying around in my flat, I want to cry. I always think I need this and that to do comparison swatches.

  21. Hahaha yes he wear Roman so well :-P
    I even told him he should totally get one and wear it. It looked so natural on him lol.
    I can't recommend Malik enough. I am wearing it so often right now. I was wearing it today and the day before yesterday.

  22. My favorite is also Malik. Love that shade, it looks so special but also wearable. Goes well with all types of eye makeup too. Hahaha to Roman, it is strangely wearable, especially on hubby :-p

  23. LOL Alison, I hope we don't become famous for this because if we ever get into politics or something, we might have a problem :-P
    I know what you mean, they are almost all metallic. I wished they would include different finishes for different tastes.

  24. LOL Linda, thanks although we were far from campaign really. I must send you some outtakes they are hilarious and we laughed so hard. Malik is not pale at all. I am wearing it almost daily. It is a mid-toned shade but maybe you like your lipsticks less nudy. LOL I know that urge to collect, I am trying to resist. At least these are not limited :-)

  25. Yay- he wears the lipsticks so well! Love it :) I so love the unique hue of Egon- such a neat shade! xo


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