Burberry First Kisses #03 Rose Blush, #05 Sweet Plum, Lip Velvet #425 Damson & Lip Definer #07 Bright Plum, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Since I have changed jobs, the weeks are starting and ending so fast for me. Once it is the weekend and with the blink of an eye I find myself in the middle of the week. That is good news though since one more blink and it will be weekend again *winks*. The Christmas markets are so lovely at the moment. Last week we were in Esslingen. They have a special theme Christmas market where everything is decorated as in middle ages and people are dressed that way too. There are some games like Archery or one you throw a big stone to meet an egg. So much fun! If you are around or visiting, be sure to check it out.

I know we moved on to holiday season but my heart is still in Fall. I love everything about Fall, the falling leaves, the (plummy) shades of nature, even the mood which comes with it. I can easily wear shades of Fall all year around. Today it is about a few "berry chic" products from Burberry I am adoring at the moment. Burberry recently released First Kisses glosses which are glossy lip balms with a hint of color, in line with the last trends. I also laid my hands on two plum gorgeousness, Lip Velvet in #425 Damson and Lip Definer in #07 Bright Plum. My thoughts and swatches are right after the jump.

Burberry First Kisses #03 Rose Blush, #05 Sweet Plum, Lip Velvet #425 Damson & Lip Definer #07 Bright Plum

Burberry First Kisses Fresh Gloss Lip Balms come in colorful squeeze tubes and one way applicators. I personally prefer the application to sponge gloss applicators which might get very unhygienic in time. Recently I caught a common cold and I was thinking how to use my lipsticks and glosses in a hygienic way so that I don't get my own germs again. Have you ever thought about it too?

First Kisses are available in five colors and they give just a hint of color so all you need to do is to select a shade which goes well with your own lip color. To me it is #05 Sweet Plum. I love how it accentuates my own lip color while caring for the winter dryness. It feels like a cross between a lip oil and balm. It is not sticky and it lasts quiet well on me up to a few hours. After the glossiness is gone, I can still feel the slipperiness of the lip oil for at least an hour more. This is a great option for the days I am constantly speaking (teaching anyone?) and have really no minute between the lectures to touch up. 

Burberry First Kisses #03 Rose Blush, #05 Sweet Plum, Lip Velvet #425 Damson & Lip Definer #07 Bright Plum

You can apply First Kisses right by the applicator onto your lips but I like to get a little on my fingers and apply it onto my lips from there. #03 Rose Blush is a very close shade to #05 Sweet Plum. I think if you have one you don't need the other but since I see myself going through Sweet Plum fast, I will need Rose Blush too. I am certainly eyeing one of the coral shades like #02 Coral Glow for summer. Oh and I love the fact that these don't have a scent nor a taste, yay!

To the best of my knowledge Burberry Lip Velvets are out there for sometime now. These are close to  Chanel Rouge Allure Velvets by the finish as well as the feel on the lips. I love matte-ish lips. As long as they are not drying, it is my finish of choice. Some of the MAC Matte Lipsticks though are very drying on me so I gravitate towards so called "Velvet" finishes, especially in winter. #425 Damson is the first Lip Velvet I tried but it is not going to be the last. It feels lightweight on the lips, lasts really well and the pigmentation, which is not too strong is just right for the day for me. And the shade? It is to die for! As I am writing this post, Lip Velvets come in ten shades, Damson definitely puts Rosewood and Oxblood on my wish list. 

Burberry First Kisses #03 Rose Blush, #05 Sweet Plum, Lip Velvet #425 Damson & Lip Definer #07 Bright Plum

The lips range of Burberry also has seven shade of Lip Liners. I don't wear Lipliners daily but when I do, I really like the fact that my lipstick lasts longer and my lips look much better with a clean edge. I had the chance to try Burberry Lip Definer #07 Bright Plum out. This one is the perfect match for Lip Velvet #425 Damson and both of my First Kisses Glosses to put some more shade in there under the gloss. I apply Bright Plum all over the lip and it doesn't feel dry. It glides nicely across the lipliner and lips and fades homogeneously. The last point is so important for me since I hate my lipstick wearing off and leave me with the lipliner only at the edges. I will definitely check Burberry Lip Definer #01 Nude after this one, since I wear lipliner in Nude tones almost everyday. It has to be deep enough to match my pigmented lips though so I will check it at the counter before splurging.

Burberry First Kisses #03 Rose Blush, #05 Sweet Plum, Lip Velvet #425 Damson & Lip Definer #07 Bright Plum

Here are a few FOTD of me wearing Burberry Plums. You have seen the first one at Bobbi Brown Sterling Nights post. I am still loving that eye palette and wearing it often. I love Burberry First Kisses #05 Sweet Plum to go with that since these complement eye make-up in a lovely understated way and keep my lips protected during winter. You can see that they don't look all that plummy since my own lip color peeks through but I like the end result.

FOTD with Burberry First Kisses #05 Sweet Plum

Here is me with Burberry Lip Velvet #425 Damson over Burberry Lip Definer #07 Bright Plum. This one is to die for. It is somewhere between a statement lip and a understated one, right there in the best balance possible for me. It brightens up my face but doesn't look too much. I love combining it with Burberry Cream Eyeshadow in Damson which I am enjoying for sometime now and I will post about it very soon. This duo of lipliner and lipstick, you may need it! You definitely do if you are a plum lover like me.

Burberry Lip Velvet #425 Damson & Lip Definer #07 Bright Plum

Final thoughts: Gotta love plums and berries in winter! Burberry got you covered from Glossy Lip Balm to lipliner and lipstick with Velvet finish. I am loving the textures, the finishes and the packaging. Certainly give them a try.

Which plummy, berry toned lippie are you loving at the moment?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I totally skipped the berry phase this year although I enjoy the color group very much. It's been quite mild here in NYC (knock on wood), which affects my makeup color choice. I've been wearing nude pink and red a lot lately.
    Back to this lovely berry collection from Burberry, I think Damson looks stunning on you! LOVE :)

  2. That lip liner really makes the look-- very vibrant. I've been wearing a lot of pink and winey shades-- I wore Dior Continental quite a bit as well. I also wear Chanel Adoree when I want a bit of a vamp look. I also have a lot of clothing in wine shades.

  3. It's so pretty, Sara. I'm still eyeing Oxblood, and it doesn't matter if the sun shines brightly here all year round :-P

  4. The First Kiss glosses look so pretty! About the sponge applicators, yes I think all the time about the amount of bacteria that must hide in there :/

  5. I love the Christmas markets in Germany. I had a German boyfriend in university and visited several of them. And I discovered German gingerbread, which is the best gingerbread I've ever had in my entire life.:)

    For plums and berries, I've been really loving Dior Continental, which I bought following your review. I also recently pulled Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur out of my stash, and remembered how much I liked it.

  6. Ooh, Damson is lovely on you! The Lip Velvet formula is great- I have Military Red and it's fab. And I've heard great things about the First Kisses- glad you're liking them too :)


  7. love damson on you! I need to add this to my list i think :) i'm surprised at how similar the glosses look swatched?

  8. I LOVE DAMSON!!! That color really speaks to me this season!!!!

  9. Hello beautiful Sara!
    I'm also in love with Burberry makeup line and its textures !we don't have a counter here in Stockholm so I order on line what I want to have or whenever i'm going to Greece or London I purchase a generous amount of products since I have the opportunity to test them first !Damson now along with bright plum lip pencil (and the lipstick) goes directly to my wishlist! I have pink azalea from the old matte line and I really loved how it didn't dry out my lips! Pity that this color was discontinued from the current revamped line.it was my favorite :(
    Nice review !
    Puss puss!

  10. #Saramademebuyit again :-) ... Couldn't stop thinking about this lipstick after reading your post. Just placed an order, along with the damson cream shadow, and I can't wait to get it. Merry Christmas!


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