Best of 2015, Eyes & Cheeks

Hiya everyone! I hope you had a great start in year 2016. I wish you all a happy, healthy and a prosperous year ahead. After working so hard for over 3 months, I am enjoying my days off. We were traveling to visit family and unfortunately it hasn't been as relaxing as I thought it would be. Now that I have less than a week before the lectures start, I am trying to make the most out of it. This is why I have been a little silent on blog and social media front. But here is a little bit of a spoiler, there are super pretty products I would like to show you in the next days. I will most probably start with Suqqu Spring. These are so gorgeous, I can't wait to show you! Also Guerlain Spring will follow, I am waiting for the embargo to be over for that one. 

I post very rarely about what I loved using most. I hope you like these type of posts. I would like to mention the make-up items which I reached for most often during last year. I will start with eyes and cheeks today and follow it with foundation, powder and lipsticks tomorrow. Let's start... as usual after the jump.

Color Me Loud, Best of 2015 Vol 1

On eyes front, I have been loving many palettes right now so it was really very hard to select favorites. My approach to makeup has always been deciding on an eye palette or a lipstick and form the rest of the make-up matching to it. Mostly I pick up an eye palette in the morning which I would like to wear and match the lipstick and blush to that one. Here are six products which blew off my mind this year:

Chanel 4 Ombres #236 Tissé Fantasie: This one came with the Spring 2015 Collection. I always emphasize how much I love Chanel's Tissé formulation and Fantasie has exactly that and even more, a very interesting color combination. (reviewed here).

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #01 Ripe Plum: Tom Ford couldn't get enough of vamp during the fall and winter collection so went on with the same concept for Spring. I own and love all three duos but as usual, plum one makes my beauty loving heart skip a beat. (reviewed here)

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #21 Yoihagi: Suqqu nailed it with their Fall Collection by bringing a new concept of their Blend Color Eyeshadows with a cream base. Both #20 and #21 stole my heart. I was thinking to favor #20 with its cooler reddish tones but ended up using #21 Yoihagi even more. Big love for both, Suqqu did it again. (reviewed here)

Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-02 Yosaizora: For the summer collection, Suqqu introduced two limited edition Eye Color Palettes. I almost gasped when I swatched them in Japan. Since then both of the trios have been work horses for me. When I was traveling I reached for Ex-02 most often since the plummy shade in this palette compliments my eyes like... eh... butter and pretzel *chuckles* (reviewed here)

Sisley Photo 4 Ombres #1 Dream: I got to try one of the two Sisley's eye quads this year and I was head over heels. I practically found myself trying not to wear it everyday. It has such a lovely delicate shimmer, it almost blends itself and lasts forever. Even better, this one is in permanent range. If you haven't checked out yet, I urge you to do so. (reviewed here)

Givenchy Palette Metal Reflection: I didn't mean to purchase this one since we don't have a counter close by and all the other palettes I have tried from Givenchy felt very dry and prone to fall out. Some of my long term readers including Jane and Hara and Noodles in Instagram, pointed me in its direction when I posted about some other Givenchy make-up lately. I am so glad they did. This one is my dream palette. It is so shimmery but doesn't produce any fall out. It looks like wet on the eye lids and the shades are to die for. I didn't review it since it is from Fall Collection and mostly sold out. I located a shop in Germany which still has it in stock. I might have to back up.

Best of 2015, Palettes

As for the cheeks, I have been loving some of my oldies goodies but there are a few additions to what I am reaching for most. Here is my top six:

Guerlain Météorites Perles De Blush: This one was love at the first sight. It is so pretty in its angelic cardboard but its real magic is once you apply it on your cheeks. It gives a lit within (angelic glow) look and it lasts so well on me. I am glad that there is no way one can finish Météorites since I am reaching for it very often.  (reviewed here)

Dior Skin Nude Tan Tie Dye Edition: There are two colors of this gorgeous blushes which came with Dior's Summer Collection. I love them both but reached for the coral one during summer more. It has been a relief to see such pretty items from the brand since their eye shadows keep disappointing me. I am certainly passing on both of the quints for Spring but eyeing the highlighters instead. (reviewed here)

Sisley L'Orchidée Rose Highlighter Blush is all kinds of amazing. It lasts well and goes with almost every lipstick. Its gorgeous design is also a plus. I have been using it constantly since the day I got it and its design didn't wear off a bit! I would like to give-away one of those but after seeing how the last give-away ended to be, I am now having second thoughts. Maybe I wait a few weeks before I recover from the trauma. (reviewed here)

Tom Ford Cheek Color in Frantic Pink: This is my go-to blush for so long. This year I made such a dent in that, I am afraid I might hit the pan soon. Luckily it has a generous amount (8 g) of product in there. Big love, no review yet. I think I will review all the Tom Ford Blushes at once, after I find a time between LEs.

By Terry Terribly Densities Contouring Blush Duo #300 Peachy Sculpt is such an interesting shade. It is not too warm nor too cool. It looks very natural on my cheeks and the glitter bits on the highlighter doesn't bother me since my dry skin needs all kinds of glow it can get. After falling for this blush, I went ahead and ordered one of the contouring duos but it pulls too warm on me to be a contour. I regret that. I also regret that I ordered the third palette. That one is not good either but the blushes are to die for. (reviewed here)

MAC Accentuate/Sculpt Sculpt and Shape Powder: This one came with MACneficient Collection (reviewed here) which, to me, one of the best MAC Collections of the year. I loved the eye palette in there too. Sculpt is a permanent item and if you don't have it yet, I recommend you check it out. It is not as dense as Kevyn Aucoin one so works better on a daily basis. I compared them before here. I like this duo more than the single Sculpt powder though since the second part helps me to blend the edges for a very natural looking contour for the day. 
Best of 2015, Blushes

Stay tuned for the rest of the favorites. I would love to hear what you reached for most this year. After last year most of my best purchases were after the recommendations of you.



  1. Happy New Year! I hope you have a happy, healthy and peaceful new year. I enjoy seeing your favorites from the year.

  2. Happy New Year! TF Frantic Pink is one of my fave blushes ever too!

  3. Beautiful picks, Sara! I also fell in love with Chanel Tisse Fantaisie this year and I am so tempted by the By Terry blushes :)

  4. Happy New Year, Sara! hard to choose favourites from this past year, but here's what I can think of off the top of my head:

    Blush: definitely Dior Pink Sunrise and Coral Sunset (I reach for both a lot!), Tom Ford Love Lust (my first TF blush!), and Chanel Alézane blush. I also really loved the blush sticks that Chanel and Dior released this year.

    Eyes: Dior Contraste Horizon and Ambre Nuit, Chanel Entrelacs (I know you disagree :-P), and the By Terry Ombré Blackstar shadow sticks I picked up in the States: Bronze Moon, Frozen Quartz and Misty Rock. They have the most beautiful shimmer! I have high hopes for the Foiled Shadows I purchased from the MAC Faerie Whispers collection, which technically count as a 2015 purchase, but I haven't really had a chance to play with them yet.

  5. Wonderful post-- I love the Sisley blush which I got after your posted on it-- also the Dior Rosewood blush stick, and Chanel Vibration. For eye palettes, I do get a lot of use out of YSL Black Addiction, KA passion single over the Rouge Noir Khol, and as much as I hate to admit it Lancome Beige Brûlée-- a cool neutral beige quint that is so baseline wearable.

  6. Eine tolle Auswahl! Das meiste würde mir auch sehr gefallen :)

  7. Hello my beautiful Sara and Happy New Year!
    im so happy when I read a new post from you since I trust your opinion and it's nice to see if what I purchased this year is recommended also by you :)
    Thank you for mentioning my small contribution to your Givenchy love! Haha!
    Sisley in dreams eye palette! Seriously one of my most used all year and you made me bought it!
    Then Givenchy Vinyl! Amazing texture and shades! Definitely a must!
    Tisse Fantaisie! I found it the previous week on 30% sale and I searched for your review in order to pick it or not Hahahahaaa so glad it made it to your top list!
    I didn't have the chance to buy anything from Suqqu Fall but as far as I can see there is still stock so maybe I invest later!
    Suqqu summer palettes were my go to palettes during summer in Greece and during Fall ! Again thanks to you!
    I could add also rouge noir and rouge gorge IDOs along with Tisse D Autumne which really impressed me and then for me the top release this year was TF Pink Glow eye and cheek palette! Amazing release !!!
    Then the blushes!
    Well I would say that one of my favorite was Givenchy It Girl Purple blush! Amazing formula long wearing and beautiful packaging! I totally recommend it!
    Dior tIe dye edition blushes didn't impress me that much to tell you the truth! I really loved the pattern but I swatched them and the result was quite lifeless on my complexion especially the pink one that I was eyeing! maybe on cheeks they would me better but I skipped!
    I already ordered the Fall highlighters and the blush since I adore the flower motif but I will wait for the Blue Garden one to swatch it first !
    I so loved your review for the best of the year and I'm looking forward to the rest of your best of !
    All in all I am really happy that I trust you and your reviews since whatever you recommend this year was really top in quality ! I really appreciate your honest reviews! I am dying to read also a post with the worst products of the year ( evil smile) (Ysl metal crush palette)
    Sorry for the long post!
    I wish you the best for the new year :)
    Kisses :*

  8. Happy happy 2016!!!!!

  9. love this post Sara!!! i agree the TF Spring Duos are insanely pretty. i adore all three. i also feel in love with the Sisley eye shadow singles (i forget what they are called). they are FANTASTIC. very pigmented, incredibly easy to work with, and long lasting without creasing even with oily lids.

    xoxo sj

  10. Frantic Pink is one of my all-time favourite blushes <3 I love it so much and I would always-always-always repurchase it! <3 I'm looking forward to the new quads that will be released for spring (there is one, calles Honeymoon - it looks like Burnished Amber but in the Nude Dip texture. I need dis in ma life!! ;D)

  11. I can totally understand you :-)) I am thinking to buy a back up just to feel safe that in case they discontinue it, I had life long reserve haha. I know the new quads are looking all kinds of pretty, can't wait to try them out!

  12. Hi Jess,
    happy new year to you too! Thanks for sharing your favorites from last year. I need to take out Tom Ford Love Lust and use it more. I also love Flush when I go for warmer toned make-up on eyes and lips. I am still thinking maybe I should get Contrast Horizon. My counter still have it. It looks so pretty, do I need it? Entralacs is for me a miss item hahah. Bronze Moon, Misty Rock, they both rock! I also got a few foiled e/s from the collection which I am hoping to review soon, which ones do you have? (spoiler: I got the purple one hah!)

  13. Thanks so much. I should do more favorites posts. It is the time when I can say which of the items were really worth it. Maybe end of the moth a favorites would also be good right?
    Spring Duos are so pretty! I also love all three and wear them very frequently.

  14. To you too, thanks for stopping by and taking your time to comment xox

  15. Hi Alison,
    missed chatting with you. Hoping to bounce back once the semester is over, I am so exhausted. I also got the warmer Sisley blush and loving it too, have to review that one. Dior blush stick! yes, forgot that, I love that too! I need KA passion single too.

  16. Thanks so much Jenni. By Terry blushes are so beautiful, Tisse Fantasie is to die for.
    Wish you a lovely 2016.

  17. Hi Tracy.
    You are the blush queen, if you say that, then it is THAT serious :-) It is holy grail.

  18. Thank you so much Tatiana, I wish you a wonderful year ahead too. Just typing the second part of this post now, hope you like that one as well.

  19. Dear Hara,
    I can definitely add Chanel's Autumn shades as well. I needed to select just a few to be able to capture everything in one photo but you are so right, Tisse Autumne is all kinds of fabulous. TF Pink Glow eye and cheek palette too, and Pink Sand (I think that is the name) cream blush from that collection with Rose Soleil Lipstick.
    I also recently got the coral Sisley blush, will have time to snap a few photos and review :-) Dior Tie & Die don't swatch very well but they apply good. I had these with me for holidays and used them very frequently. You didn't miss all that much though. I think the regular blushes of Dior have a better formula.
    And now thanks to you, I need Givenchy Purple Blush! LOL, ordering! You and me, we are so bad for each other's bank account. I hope I will get the Spring Powder too, waiting for the swatches :-)
    Thanks so much for your comment, I love reading it, the longer the better!! Don't make them shorter please. My two misses were certainly YSL Metal Crush and Armani's Eye Tint from Holidays which I brought back. I also brought back a few other items which I hated. I am happy I don't have them here to show haha.

  20. Nice selection! That Sisley eyeshadow palette is really so beautiful... the shadows are glowing!

    In terms of blush one of my favorites this year was Lancôme Blush Subtil Crème that came out with the Summer collection, I got it in Corail Alizé and I really loved that shade. For the eyes I'd pick Smashbox Double Exposure palette. It's not perfect but it has some fantastic shades.

  21. So many of my favourites here!! I just took Tisse Fantaisie out for a spin... it deserves much more loving! Not particularly feeling this year's Spring quad from Chanel... Looking forward to seeing the rests of your picks!

  22. Oh love all your picks!!! I'm regretting not getting TF duo Ripe Plum :-(

  23. Ha ha...well "need" might be a strong word, since realistically, do any of us NEED another eyeshadow palette?:-P However, I will say that I really loved Contraste Horizon for summer. The gold, bronze and teal shades, which were the ones I used the most, were all buttery and easy to work with, and together I found they created an easy, bright summer eye that was fun but not over the top. I also found lasting power to be very good on my oily lids.
    Of course you got the purple Foiled shadow!;-) I got it beautiful. I actually bought all of them except two: I passed on Feminine Wiles (pale pink) because I found it was pretty glittery when I swatched it, and Faerie Fayre (red-brown), because I felt it was too warm for me.

  24. Ooh, the Givenchy palette. I missed out on this one because I completely forgot about it. :\ I searched high and low for it, but was never able to locate any remaining palettes. How lucky you are to have a seller that still has it in stock!

  25. Hi Christina,
    where are you living. If you want me to pick one for you, just send me an e-mail.

  26. I think you can still find it. Or wait for the super duper palettes which are coming our way. They look so interesting, can't wait!

  27. I should take out Tisse Fantasie too. I am skipping this year's Spring Collections, including Dior's which looks very pastel and Chanel's quad too although there is a purple in there. I will swatch and see.

  28. Oooh Double Exposure. I have this one, it is waiting to be photographed. Now that you say you love it, I can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the recommendations.


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