Dior Nude Tan Blush Harmony #001 Pink Sunrise, #002 Coral Sunset, 5 Couleurs Palette #746 Ambre Nuit, Addict Lipstick #004 Cosmic Pink for Tie & Dye Summer 2015 Collection, Review, Swatch & FOTD

It was on Thursday when I dropped by our local Dior counter and found Dior Summer Collection Tie & Dye unexpectedly soon. I will be traveling in just a few hours but since yesterday I am working hard to provide you with the first impressions and swatches of the collection. About my travel and many exciting things coming up next, I will be posting very soon, but first, yes Tie & Dye...

I have swatched the nail polishes of this collection for you here. I was not very impressed with the shade selection but some of the products I picked up from the rest of the collection live up to expectations. Here is my thoughts about Dior Nude Tan Blush Harmony #001 Pink Sunrise, #002 Coral Sunset, 5 Couleurs Palette #746 Ambre Nuit and Addict Lipstick #004 Cosmic Pink for Tie & Dye Summer 2015 Collection

Dior Nude Tan Blush #001 Pink Sunrise, #002 Coral Sunset, 5 Couleurs #746 Ambre Nuit, Dior Addict #004 Cosmic Pink 

I would like to start with my favorite pieces from Dior's Tie & Dye Collection, two blushes called Dior Nude Tan Blush Harmony #001 Pink Sunrise and #002 Coral Sunset. These are stars of the show and not to be missed. I really like the balance of shimmer and matte parts as well as their gorgeous design which won't fade away during the usage. Isn't that awesome? You don't have to fear using it. It comes with a tiny Kabuki (check the photo above). It is super cute and made of soft goat hair (my nose doesn't lie). But still I wished it wouldn't be included and the price could then be kept a little more affordable. 

Dior Nude Tan Blush Harmony #001 Pink Sunrise, #002 Coral Sunset

Here is a closer look. The top most stripe is a little shimmery which gives a lovely luminous finish when you swipe your brush all over. I didn't try to pick up the shade one by one. #002 Coral Sunset is more pigmented thus it would be more suitable for those with medium to deep complexions. #001 Pink Sunrise just shows up on me so I wouldn't recommend it if your complexion is deeper than medium. They are both gorgeous, big love! 

Swatch: Dior Nude Tan Blush Harmony #001 Pink Sunrise (right), #002 Coral Sunset(left)

I was a little undecided about the palette. There is a gorgeous palette with interesting shades called #556 Contraste Horizon. I shades a swatch at Instagram here. I was about to pick that one up then I looked at it once last time and had seen that it is all frost/metallic and I know I don't like that kind of finish if there is nothing to define it like a deeper matte/satin shade in there. So I thought I would go for Dior 5 Couleurs Palette #746 Ambre Nuit which has more balanced finishes.

Dior 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette #746 Ambre Nuit

The shades in the palette are as follows:

Top left: a lovely light peach shade with satin finish. This one brightens up the looks. One of the favorites from the palette

Top right: A medium to deep warm bronze shade with shimmery finish. I like this one too, it doesn't look too frosty on the lids. 

Bottom right: A mid-toned cool rosewood with satin finish. It is a nice shade as well. It doesn't show up too much agains my skin tone but liked using it to blend over the crease

Bottom left: A very deep copper with golden flecks. This shade is meant to be gorgeous but instead it fails to deliver the quality. Golden flecks fall out. Also the base shade is rather dry and also produces fall out. 

Center shade: A very light frosty off-white. I could live without this one but it is useful as a inner corner highlight.

Close-up: Dior 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette #746 Ambre Nuit

Swatch: Dior 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette #746 Ambre Nuit

All in all the quality of this palette is mediocre. It produces some fall out. I don't think it is a must but if you really need to get I wouldn't stop you *winks*.

Below I am wearing the peach shade on the inner half, middle frosty white on the inner corner, bronze on the outer half, copper on the crease and rosewood blended over the crease. As you see it all blends to a soft springy natural eye. Nothing groundbreaking but if you need a basic palette and you can deal with a little fall out, you might want to check it out.

In-action: Dior 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette #746 Ambre Nuit

There are also six Dior Addict Tie Dye Lipstick in the collection. They are called Tie & Dye because in the middle there is another shade so if you don't blend them, they swatch separately. It is very pretty indeed but most of the shades were more sheer and didn't look so different on the lips. I picked up the most pigmented one, called #004 Cosmic Pink, which is a natural pink tone with slightly mauve undertones.

Dior Addict Lipstick #004 Cosmic Pink

Here is me wearing Dior Nude Tan Blush Harmony #001 Pink Sunrise on the cheeks, Dior 5 Couleurs Palette #746 Ambre Nuit on the eyes and Dior Addict Tie Dye Lipstick #004 Cosmic Pink on the lips. All in all it is rather a soft, everyday look I get with these products. 

FOTD: Dior Nude Tan Blush #001 Pink Sunrise, 5 Couleurs Palette #746 Ambre Nuit, Addict Lipstick #004 Cosmic Pink

FOTD: Dior Nude Tan Blush #001 Pink Sunrise, 5 Couleurs Palette #746 Ambre Nuit, Addict Lipstick #004 Cosmic Pink

Final thoughts: I really like Dior Nude Tan Blush Harmony #001 Pink Sunrise and #002 Coral Sunset. I highly recommend picking up at least one of these. 5 Couleurs Palette #746 Ambre Nuit is better than I thought it would be after it produced fall out during swatching. On the eyes only a few shades are dry and others apply nicely but I don't think it is a must have. Addict Lipsticks Tie & Dye Editions are very pretty. My pick here is #004 Cosmic Pink since it is the most pigmented one of the six.

Are you eyeing anything from this collection?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are purchased by me


  1. Hey Sara, have fun on your trip!

    Thanks for the quick review. I will hopefully lay my hands on some of the goodies next week, but normally the collection is due out in mid-April. Definitely eyeing the blushes. Not sure I need anything else, but I wouldn't mind checking the other 5 Couleurs out :)

  2. If Dior would make the bronze shade cooler, this palette would be an everyday perfection. On the other hand, summer collections are always warm, so I forgive them for including this cliche bronze shade. Since Peter Philips moved to Dior I find their palettes very easy to use colorwise and I never experienced any fallout in my life, so it doesn't scare me:) And if Temptalia rates it D, then I will order it even blind because somehow all her D rated products turn out to be my most favorite:) Sara, jokes aside, have a safe trip and enjoy Japan! Good luck with your shopping and beautiful weather!

  3. And btw, this collection gives you a very nice look! It is not bright or original, but on a hot summer day in a city something brighter would sometimes look overdone under the very bright sunlight.

  4. After Spring collection where I splurged, this is disappointing for me.
    I really like the blushes too, but I don't really wear blush much, if ever. I'd buy the pink one *later* for my birthday but I doubt they'll reach *later*, and that shade of pink isn't really my thing either. So I suppose I'll be passing.
    At most, I'll get the Khol Liners and the Fusion Monos if theydisappoint AND if they show up here. Maybe the pink nail colour, but I feel like I can pass that one without regret.

  5. I am not sure if they have Fusion Monos this time around. There were two Khol Liners. One of them was very pretty, a warm taupe color. I find the prices (30 EUR in Germany) a bit too much for just a liner. Especially since brands like Urban Decay have great ones for half the price. So I never splurged on any of these. Would you recommend?
    You are right about Ambre Nuit and Montaigne. Luckily I don't have that one LOL.

  6. Thanks Jane,
    yes i like the resulting look as well. Just nothing so special but you are right about sun light. Under that glitter and shimmer is too much.

  7. Actually you can cool down that shade by using the rosewood one and mixing them both. I didn't think this palette is very warm. It is nicely balanced. LOL about T rating, I always also get the ones rated F, like Ice Queen from Tom Ford, which I really like ;-)
    Thanks for your wishes Xox

  8. Hi Sunny,
    thanks, I am writing this command from the airport :-)
    I know, the collection was expected here also mid-April but somehow it popped out of no where. You definitely need the coral blush that is for sure! I think you might like Ambre Nuit as well. It is not a bad quint, just has some minor issues. I might as well be a little frustrated with Dior Quints in general so a little dry I feel like "Oh no not again".

  9. So sad that the palette isn't great - the peach shade was selling itself to me on the photos of the palette but its not special enough. Maybe I will grab Horizon as I don't mind frosts and at least it looks decently pigmented - I bought the Spring/Summer Runway palette last year which was heavenly blues/greens/golds in the pan but turned out very faint with glitter not just falling out but positively throwing itself around my face! Susan, London

  10. Thanks for showing us the swatches. The coral blush is to die for!!! I am not sure I can resist! And I actually loved the swatches of the Contrast Horizone palette you showed on IG!

    Anyways, have a great trip and safe travels!

  11. Oh those blushes look great. I haven't seen these at our counters yet, so maybe a little later. I'm curious about Ambre Nuit now... just to see how bad it is. LOL!

  12. Holy moly, this Dior collection is to die for, especially those blushes *squeals*. I need to have a look in store asap.

    Again, have a safe and awesome trip! ^^

    X Alice

  13. They have Fusion Monos for Tie Dye, because it shows up on the international website. At what Countries though, that remains a mystery.


    The khols... I can't give you a reasonable review, because I only have Pearly Silver. I own a few from UD, MUFE, and Sephora. I don't see much of a difference in quality, although some from UD and MUFE are waterproof.

    It's not really a splurge for me because over here we get discounts at Dior products rather easily (I don't remember buying anything outside of discount for a full year now) while UD, MUFE are much harder to get discounts on and when they do its random. So the prices in the majority of time break even between them. Mostly I tend to prefer Dior because the service (where I go to) is generally better.

    Sephora slim and fat pencils are the ones which are much cheaper of course, but their colour selection is kind of hit and miss. I do have a few though, and I'm happy with them.

  14. Someone who does eye makeup like Temptalia should not be rating any luxury products. I feel like with a lot if them she simply doesn't know how to use them!

  15. Gosia, I did not mean to be negative. I think Christine puts swatches on eyelids without mixing shades on purpose, so we can see each shade separately (though with palettes it is probably pointless as they were designed for layering, as you said). Though, I noticed that she doesn't like sheer textures and often experiences fallout, while I like all textures and don't know what fallout even looks like. From recent examples - she gave rating D to Dior House of Pinks palette and Chanel Perle de lune liner, both of which I love. The good side of her giving a low rating to products is that they will not be immediately sold out everywhere (as it happened to burberry nude), meaning we can buy them peacefully :)

  16. good, added it to my shopping list :)

  17. I just can't take her too seriously. I love that eyeliner too!

  18. Wow i can't believe the collection is already out there! Those blushes have got my eye on!

  19. Love the look of those blushes- so pretty! The peachy shade is especially beautiful :)


  20. Hello Sara

    I purchased 9 items from this collection. I love them all, esp. the Horizon quint, the powders, the fluid stick in Plaisir and the np. I think Ambre Nuit is pretty too but it reminds me clearly of another Dior quint Montaigne in fact. The new lipsticks are lovely but I only purchased one because I have other Dior Addict lippies and the texture is the same. But it is a beautiful summer collection really worth splurging.


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