Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup SPF25, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

I am posting at odd hours, talk about jet lag, it is 5:30 am here. No way I would wake up this early. After a great Chanel haul at Amsterdam Schiphol and a long but comfortable flight, I arrived to Detroit. I watched Amour from Haneke on the road, which received Palme D'Or at Cannes a few years ago. It was on my to watch list for such a long time. That said it was probably the wrong choice for the flight,  although beautifully done, I guess I needed something more uplifting.

Back to beauty, I have been testing new foundations lately. Estée Lauder foundations are usually raved for a good reason so when they released a new one last year, I was very intrigued. I don't believe that anti-aging foundations should be used later in life. I think our skin can profit from a few extra ingredient any time, so I put Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup into test.

Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup SPF25

Packaging: Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup comes in a glass bottle, which feels heavy and looks luxurious. I prefer my foundations in glass bottles other than plastic for an unknown reason. Of course if you are traveling a lot you might prefer it to be as light as possible but all other times, when it is on your make-up desk, glass certainly wins. 

The product is dispensed through a plastic pump, which makes it hygienic. The pump can also be used as little as needed, so you can adjust the pressure to get less or more product. That was you don't waste your foundation by getting too much of it. My only little concern is that the golden letters with the company name fade too quickly, other than that all thumbs up for the packaging.

The application:  It has to be stressed, make sure to give the bottle a good shake, especially the fist time around, before you apply. I didn't do that and ended up getting out more liquid than the foundation. I found the application very easy, it glides on smoothly with the fingers and even without much moisturizer, it doesn't look flaky on my normal to dry skin. Estée Lauder Perfectionist was released together with a brush to apply it seamlessly but on me, even with fingers, I don't have any problem applying it. I have tried other tools such as Rae Morris Radiance to blend it out after the application (which was anyway not needed) , a damp beauty blender or dampened duo fibre brushes for a lighter coverage. All work fine, but I ended up applying it more with fingers where I can best control the coverage on the areas I need.

Tools for Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup SPF25

The finish: I would classify Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup as medium coverage skin like finish. It is not matte, not luminous, perfect if you want your skin look natural and at the same time get rid of most of the redness or discoloration. Its finish reminds me of Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting foundation (reviewed here) but my skin liked Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing a little more since it is slightly more moisturizing, so if you find Tom Ford version drying on you but you like the finish, you might want to check out this one. 

Below you can see that I had some inflammation on my chin, which is partly covered but other than that all spots are almost gone and the complexion looks even. I haven't used any concealer by the second photo, so that is still to be applied to the areas which need more coverage (e.g. my chin). 

Before/After FOTD: Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup SPF25

Shade Range: I tested the shade called 2C3, which is a nice match for my undertones and just very slightly deeper than my skin tone. I have swatched it against my other light to medium foundations to give you an idea. You can see that Diorskin (no dear autocorrect not Deerskin) Nude Air is peachier by undertones and slightly lighter (which is a good match for me). Chanel Vitalimuere Aqua is warmer and a little deeper. Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting in Fawn is warmer and YSL Fusion Ink B20 has close undertones but just slightly lighter. All of the foundations in this swatch are good matches for my light to medium complexion with natural undertones.

The only thing a little disappointing is that at counters in Germany, 2C3 is the lightest shade. I have heard though in other parts of the world, there are lighter shades of Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup, so shade range appears not to be a problem in general. That said Dior's Nude Air also starts with 020 here, so it is not only EL who does it. *shrugs*.

Comparison swatches

Here is also the ingredients list, which has some anti-oxidant and skin conditioning ingredients for a younger looking skin. It provides a broad-spectrum sun protection, SPF25, with titanium dioxide.

Ingredients list for Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup

Also check out the review of Linda at Silverkis.

Oh and tomorrow I have an exciting guest poster for you here, since I have to concentrate on my presentation on Wednesday. More about it tomorrow, stay curious ;-)

Final thoughts: Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup has a skin-like finish and with its medium coverage, it does a good job to even out the skin tone and cover some blemishes.  On my dry to normal skin, it doesn't emphasize dry patches and it lasts all day without reapplying. My only criticism is the shade range in Germany starting first from light to medium. Online shop has one more shade, 2N1 Desert Beige, which can be lighter. All in all thumbs up, it is my one of the most reached foundations at the time.

How do you feel about extra skin care, anti-aging ingredients in foundations? Do you like them or find them not so useful?

DisclaimerThe product in this post was provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Your jetlag sets you to my time zone. LOL! I've been reading good reviews of this EL foundation but I can just never find a shade that really matches me. If it's warm enough, it's not light enough. If it's light enough, it's too pink. I gave up a long time ago :-)

  2. Hey there, I am at Detroit. Staying in Marriott by GM Towers. Wanna meet? 😊 Do you have any recommendations to shop here?

  3. Hey Sara, wow this looks great on you! I haven't tried this one yet, but now I might want to get a sample. I kinda wonder if I can find a good shade match, but we'll see! I've never really used any foundations that claim to be anti-aging. I tend to think it's more of a marketing thing, but I certainly wouldn't mind!

  4. Oh man, I wish I had known earlier you will be here. I am working every day till the end of this week and I don't drive so I am not sure if I will be able to figure out trasnport. How long will you be here for?

    If you have means of transportation you should go to Twelve Oaks Mall, they have a giant Nordstrom store with excellent beauty counters and a nice Sephora store. For non makeup shopping I like Great lakes Crossing Outlet mall!

  5. Hi Agata,
    I am here until Friday. I have a car so can pick you up if you have time on Thursday night. If so write me an e-mail. Lol, I can take you to Twelve Oaks we can shop together ☺️

  6. This looks really great on you!! I agree that you don't need to wait to be older for the benefits of anti aging products. Some people say you shouldn't, that it's bad for the skin but I think that doesn't make sense!

  7. Hi Nadine, thank you for your input! The problem is, EL doesn't even bring in those lighter shades into the country. Go figure! I wonder if they think people in my country are darker for some reason, hence omitting the lighter shades.

  8. Wow, looks nice on you! It definitely covers and gives your skin warmth.

  9. Hi Sara, thank you always for the link love! :* I'm curious about tomorrow's guest blogger!!!
    I'm glad you're enjoying this foundation, i liked it alot too! But there's something even better from EL...!! ;PP Anyway, all the best with your presentation. Say hello to Detroit for me, I hope it looks a lot cheerier than when I used to live in MI!

  10. Hi Lily, don't you have 1W1 in M'sia? We've got that here in Singapore! See, all the more reason for you to visit!

  11. The finish is beautiful on you!! I haven't tried an Estee Lauder foundation since 1985 but when next I run out I'll consider this. BTW I laughed so hard at "Deerskin Nude Air" in your text, the things through which we put Autocorrect LOLOLOL! Especially since it was followed by TF foundation in "Fawn"....

  12. Hi Lily,
    yes, it's true, some shades are very hard to get. I personally have problems with Dior shade 22 Cameo, which is very hard to find in our shops (I live in the capital of Estonia :)) But I found a very good net shop, , which you've probably already know. There ranges are very good as usual. Personally I'd recommend you to try DIOR Diorskin Nude AIR Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation (010 or 020), which is quite close to the finish EL offer. Also DIOR Diorskin Star Studio Makeup SPF 30 - PA ++ is a very good product with very wide range of shades and a bit thicker coverage.

  13. We don't have any of the Ws as well. Now I checked in the states, they have three 2s and three 1s. How unfair lol.

  14. Hahaha your comment cracked me up yesterday, I literally laughed and everyone looked at the at the conference. Now I don't know if I should correct the mistake or leave it as an easter egg

  15. Hi Linda,
    I know I have to try that one too. I really like Perfecting though and I don't need something to blend that, it works with fingers too. I am having a hard time blending La Mer Tinted Cream though, I have to chat with you on that. How do you apply that one?

  16. Hi Katherine,
    it is a bit warmer and deeper than my skin tone. But the end result is not that bad :-)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Hi there Sunny!
    I don't know which shades you got in Belgium. In Germany we don't have the very fair shades but the light to medium range is nicely covered, so I guess you would find a match because there are different undertones in EL foundations. Yes I guess so too, a few extra ingredients don't hurt ;-)

  18. Yes it is crazy, I wanted to try the Clarins antiaging foundation at the counter and SA didn't let me saying it has to be used later in life. I got the foundation eventually and I am very happy with that. I don't know why a good ingredient should be bad for the skin lol

  19. LOL! I was thinking whether to take the kids to Universal Studios again or to revisit Disneyland. MYR to SGD now is really ridiculous. I feel poor already!

  20. Right? It's one of my beauty pet peeves!

  21. Hi Nadine, I take Dior shade 011, which might be Asia exclusive. It's as light as 010 but warmer. I love my Diorskin Star foundation. Thanks for being so helpful :-)

  22. Love the finish of this on you! I sampled it awhile back and it really is great stuff! Slightly too dewy for my oily skin, but I may give it another try now that I've found the MUFE Mattifying Primer :)

  23. I know right!! This strong SGD is really hurting our economy! Let's bring our kiddos to Disney tog! I was thinking of bringing my boy there too.... but we can't get away til June-July...

  24. That is very interesting Sara. What base do you use, may i ask? For La Mer, I use my fingers. I was using a paddle foundation brush initially but I realized i was wasting a lot.

  25. weird!!!! Somebody gotta do something about these foundation nazis!!

  26. Hi Jenni,
    Tom Ford Traceless is slightly drying (need a good moisturizer underneath) and this one is just perfect for my normal to dry skin so it might be that you need a primer underneath this one ;-)
    Yes but really good stuff, very natural finish. You may want to check out Tom Ford one as well.


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