Dior Vernis #239 Sunkissed, #319 Sunwashed, #464 Sundown for Tie & Dye Summer 2015 Collection, Review & Swatches

As the clock is ticking, very fast, towards my travels, which I am going to talk about in the next post, I still manage to do extensive hauls. Yesterday I was terrible, especially after seeing that Dior Summer Collection was already available and Chanel Les Intemporales also arrived. I have also snatched a few items from MAC Philip Treacy Collection. I must have gone a little overboard, especially considering I should be saving for my travel shopping.

Anyhow, I hope I can cover as much as I can before I fly. Today I quickly swatched the nail polishes and some other items from Dior Summer Collection for you and shared it at Instagram. I would like to share my thoughts with you on Dior Vernis #239 Sunkissed, #319 Sunwashed, #464 Sundown.

Dior Vernis #239 Sunkissed, #319 Sunwashed, #464 Sundown for Tie & Dye Summer 2015 Collection

Dior Vernis #239 Sunkissed is a light muted peach nail polish with cream finish. I found it to be mostly opaque in two coats and although it is hard to make such light shades streakfree, this one had great formula. The consistency was nice and formula was self-leveling. On me, it is so close to my skin color, it almost looks like a mannequin hands kind of shade. I like the fact that it is not too pastel nor too beige. Below I applied two coats.

Swatch: Dior Vernis #239 Sunkissed for Tie & Dye Summer 2015 Collection

Just a few days ago I was complaining that Dior was not releasing interesting shades. Well, they now did. It is a light muted lemon yellow with cream formula, called Dior Vernis #319 Sunwashed. I am not so sure that I like it though. I think it would look better once I put a little tan on during summer. The formula is not the best. Yellow are notorious for being streaky and this one is borderline streaky and not quiet opaque in two coats either. If you don't want to see the nail line, I recommend you going for three coats with this one. I applied three coats for the photo below. 

Swatch: Dior Vernis #319 Sunwashed for Tie & Dye Summer 2015 Collection

Dior Vernis #464 Sundown is the most generic shade out of three but interesting enough it is my favorite from this collection. It doesn't have the white base of say recently released #599 Pink, which looks a bit cheap on my nails. It is also not as bright as #899 Corail. I like how balanced this particular nail polish is in terms of jelly cream consistency and its shade all the same. Because of the jelly quality of it, you need two coats for full opacity, which I applied below.

 Swatch: Dior Vernis #464 Sundown for Tie & Dye Summer 2015 Collection

There is also a Tie Dye Top Coat in the collection which I skipped. It is a very sheer pink nail polish which you can apply to the parts of your nail polishes to give a tie & dye effect. I don't have time nor patience to apply it many coats over and over again. I also have some older Chanel nail polishes called Gloss polishes which have similar effect and I never use them, so skipping sounded like the best thing to do.

Final thoughts: The nail polishes from Dior's Tie & Dye Summer 2015 Collection fails to impress.  #239 Sunkissed is a nice nude, #319 Sunwashed is unfortunately streaky, #464 Sundown is nice but rather generic. The good news is that though the blushes of the collection is to dye for. I will try to post about them soon.

Are any of those catching your eye?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are purchased by me.


  1. Yup, Sundown is definitely my fav! Kinda wonder if I "need" it, but you're right: it seems less neon and maybe more wearable, plus it'll be the most pink Dior coral nail polish that I own ;)

  2. Hahaha Sunny, seems like you made up your mind and just need a few good excuses. There they are, you have great ones ;-)
    I like Sundown really, formula is also nice, just the name is a little blah lol.

  3. Oh I was eyeing Unwashed but now I'm on second thoughts!! Thanks for the lovely review, can't wait to check the new collection out! :)

  4. These polishes get a big shrug from me, unfortunately. Sundown is nice but seems very close to polishes they've recently released.

  5. I prefer blues for some reason. I'm loving Bond Street lately. A darker dusty blue... and my all time favourite Saint Tropez!

  6. hmm, what to say? I am kind of "meh" here. In fact for a pale yellow varnish that is still streaky on the third coat... well I prefer not to pay high end price! The other too shade are nice, but not really interesting to me right now.
    Thanks for the swatches Sara! you make me save some money ;)

  7. hahaha, yellow, what is going on with you?

  8. Sunkissed looks interesting, but I bet it will look horrible on me. I'll try at the store anyway.
    Sunwashed, nooo! I love yellow, I wanted to love this one. But I already own two streaky pastel yellows, I don't need a third. It's a pass for me, unfortunetly. :(
    Sundown looks like previous iterations. Pass as well most likely.
    Last time I bought a Dior polish was in the fall. To think this is what started me with the brand...

  9. I never got this one and I always wanted it.............. but I have no patience for online buys. You are lucky.

  10. Both are actually gifts from Dior - point redemption, to be exact :-)

  11. Oh.... i'm disappointed by these polishes.... really have much higher hopes for Dior!

  12. I purchased the 3 ( and the top coat ) I have Sunkissed on my nails it is a lovely shade. Sundown is gorgeous, I have not tried the Yellow one but I will wear it with the top coat, actually I hate yellow but Sunwashed looks pretty esp if worn with the Tie Dye top coat. I love the pastel colours all the more as I purchased the bright Chanel ones Lavanda, Méditerranée and Coquelicot. Both collections seem to say Hello to each other just beautiful !


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