Dior Vernis #499 Rose, #599 Pink, #899 Corail from Rouge Brilliant Collection, Review, Swatches & Comparison

Another weekend passed by so quickly. Before my travel there are things I have to get done and today it was one hour less due to adjusting the clocks to summer time. Just when I needed a full day, they took an hour away from me! *cries*

I picked up new Dior nail polishes from their Rouge Brilliant Collection on Friday. I wasn't particularly moved by the shade selection, since they occurred a little generic and the names were also very straightforward. Nevertheless I like Dior formula and I didn't want to miss those. Today I would like to present you Dior Vernis #499 Rose, #599 Pink and #899 Corail

Dior Vernis #499 Rose, #599 Pink, #899 Corail from Rouge Brilliant Collection

Yes I went for macarons for the cover photo because I thought it would reflect the generic spirit of it these shades with a frequently done photo arrangement. I am kind of wishing that Dior brings us some interesting shades as they used to do before their gel formula was introduced. I have started a discussion at Instagram here, in case you would like to join. There seems to be people who like the corals and reds as only color selection. Yet this doesn't speak against releasing a few blues or greens either. I have high hopes of the Fall Collection. 

Dior Vernis #499 Rose is a lovely light neutral rose with a slight touch of peach. It has golden sheen which is apparent in the bottle as well as on the nails once the sun hits. I really like this shade but I wished it would be opaque in two coats. Below I am wearing two coats with visible nail line. With three coats it is more opaque. The consistency of this polish is very good as it would be expected from Dior Gel formula.

Swatch: Dior Vernis #499 Rose

Dior Vernis #599 Pink is a mid-toned coral but it is not a muted shade. On the nails I found it rather vibrant, close to some other borderline neon shades of Dior which are recently released. It has a lovely pink hidden shimmer in the bottle, which translates to the nails as a complexity but not as a direct sheen. #599 Pink has a great consistency and it is perfectly opaque in two coats.

Swatch: Dior Vernis #599 Pink

During my swatching and photo session, the sky turned grey. You see the different in the photo. Luckily Dior Vernis #899 Corail is a flat cream, so doesn't need sun shine as much as the other two. Corail is a vibrant red coral which is so close to other recent releases such as Aventure, Riviera or Glory. If you like those vibrant neonish shades, you will love Corail as well. The consistency is perfect, Corail is almost a one-coater, so thumbs up on the formula.

Swatch: Dior Vernis #899 Corail

It really took me long today to go through my stash and find out hundred of color which are close but select a few to be able to fit them on a nail wheel. Dior #499 Rose appears to be rather unique with its slight warm tingle. The closest shade I had was Dior #357 Peony which was a little cooler and Chanel #569 Emprise which is warmer. Dior #268 Ruban is cooler and lighter. Chanel #471 Ming is close in terms of shade but it is deep. 

I have included Chanel #557 Morning Rose because it was requested at Instagram. I usually show the swatches there and ask if anyone wants a certain comparison. If you have ideas, please follow me and let me know while I am preparing the posts.

Dior #599 Pink is close to Dior #457 Bouquet but more bright than that one. Dior #257 Rose Tutu is cooler, Chanel #307 Orange Fizz is warmer. I first thought of Chanel #549 Distraction when I see Dior #599 Pink because they have a very similar hidden shimmer. I like Chanel Distraction much more though due to its understated beauty. To me Dior Pink a little too much to your face in terms of brightness. 

As I previously mentioned Dior #899 Corail is the most common of the three and very close to latest Dior releases. Dior #551 Aventure and #537 Riviera are both a little warmer, Dior #545 Psychedelic Orange is very close. 

Comparison swatches: Dior Vernis #499 Rose, #599 Pink, #899 Corail

You can see more swatches and comparisons at The Beauty Look Book.

Final thoughts: Both shades and the names are a little too generic for my liking but I can understand that there is a market out there for shades of coral and pink. Dior Vernis #499 Rose is a little too sheer but it is the most unique of all three. #899 Corail is almost a one coater but very close to recent Dior releases. #599 Pink is a vibrant coral, for those who like it bright.

Which one is your favorite?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me.


  1. Ugh I feel the same about this daylight saving thing, although on happier note, the cats never bothered me for food today because what do they know about the clock being moved forward an hour? :p

    I like these, but like you said, I most probably have very similar shades already! I know I'll still want them when I see them tho. Can't help it!

  2. Every time I look at these polishes all I can think about is how oddly their names mismatch the actual colors.

  3. LOL, I know what you mean Rose is pink, Pink is coral, Corail is orange red hahaha
    I am also super confused.

  4. LOL Sunny, you cracked me up with the food. Actually they say it is the same with the babies, in one direction (I believe Summertime) it is good but in the other adjustment direction it becomes worse and they wake up really early.

    I know what you mean about not being able to help. I purchased them too although I complain, so I should rather stop lol.

  5. These look lovely on you-- but these are not my colors. Of the gel shines, I wear Junon and Mirage the most and will probably try to use Front Row this year. I also like Bloom although it is not a gel shine. The Chanel Summer collection has more interesting shades. I sort of have a soft soft for Diorette though not as a Spring shade per se. And maybe the right shade of Nude. Tra-la is a bit too pink. Should probably try Muguet.

  6. Yes I'm with you on this, Sara. I almost missed these, because they looked like the permanent shades to me. What a world when Pink isn't pink, and Rose isn't rose.... i think they got the 2 names mixed up don't you think?! ;P

  7. Glad to see the colours on your nails, now I know I don't need them at all :-)

  8. I also like Junon and Mirage and also Lady. Front Row is nice as well. Chanel always has more interesting shades but I remember Dior had too, once upon a time *sniff sniff*

  9. LOL I know, I was also like hey wait a minute, are these new?
    Names are terrible. Shades are nice for everyday I guess *shrugs* They are not me but some said they like these. I am wearing Pink at the moment and the white in that shade bothers me :-(

  10. LOL Sandra, it is nice to hear that I am not always the enabler but sometimes readers end up saving money too ;-)

  11. Yes, this is true. I am thinking I originally found your blog thanks to your photos of last year's gel shine release.

  12. That is nice to hear, if Dior Gel polishes didn't do anything good in my life, at least I won you as a reader :-)

  13. Nevermind that I bought that grey sparkly Dior eye shadow without even swatching it myself, just because you loved it so much, haha!!!!


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