Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.4: Makeup Brand Ambassador

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I am planning my trips for April and it looks like it will be an overseas month. I would like to write about it soon but the time being, here is Beauty Influencer's Sunday Column (BISC) for the fourth time. I have to admit this week's question was tough. Firstly I don't think I would be a brand ambassador, just because the concept is not all that attractive but also because I am not famous enough, hah! Anyway if I would like it and if I were famous, then which brand would I select. I take the question as "which brands do you like most" and answer it that way. My fellow bloggers also gave interesting answers so here they are for you, hope you enjoy them.

BISC Vol.4

If you could be a brand ambassador for a makeup company,   
what brand would it be and why?

BISC Vol.4
SARA | Germany | Color Me Loud
I haven’t given it a thought if I could be a good brand ambassador but if I would work with one company, that would be one of my top three brands, Tom Ford, Suqqu or Burberry. These are the brands I see growing in the future and deliver consistent quality. I am a little afraid though that everyone who goes before cameras for Tom Ford has to get naked *chuckle* just joking.

SYL | New Zealand | The Painted Rogue
You know what…I don’t think I can decide on one! There are many brands I admire and enjoy for various combinations of reasons, but I don’t actually know enough about any of them fundamentally (their principles, practices, etc) to want to put my own face and name to their brand. I think it would only happen if I had my own makeup brand, actually! :-D

DEE | Canada | How Does Dee Do It
I’ve  been a legitimately big fan of many of Sephora’s recent products and I really like how they’ve rebranded themselves in terms of their quality and variety of offerings in the past 2 years or so. I’ve bought a LOT of their products and I haven’t had a single dud yet! Plus their customer service rocks. So I think I’d have a boat load of fun being an ambassador for them. :)

ERIN | USA | Clever Girl Reviews
My choice would be NARS. They are cruelty-free and ethnically inclusive! They also offer a range of colors so all tastes are represented!

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
Tough question. There are so many brands that I love, all for different reasons. But one brand that I can really identify with is Make Up For Ever. They’re not afraid of color, they don’t shy away from extremes and they think outside the box. I respect that. It’s just a really fun brand, ya know. And creative. And ballsy! I like to think that I too am creative, fun and ballsy. At least when it comes to make-up ;-)

JAA | USA/Thailand | Hello Jaa
I shouldn’t have asked this question because I am having a hard time deciding myself! I’d like to say VERSO because I love all the science behind their products but then I realized they are not really a makeup brand! :) I think I’ll go with MAC Cosmetics because it would be so much fun to present and play with new makeup collections all the time! They have some really nice, good-quality, and affordable staple-worthy products in the line-up, too. Their MUAs are also talented, professional, and friendly which are the type of people I want to be working with. :)



  1. Instead of reading six fantastic bloggers and seeing all their great pictures on a Sunday when I have more leisure, I am reading a few blurbs on a few questions, no gorgeous pictures, and not enjoying it quite so much. And this particular question seemed aimed more at getting the attention of the companies. I'm sure you did not mean that, but to some it could unintentionally come off that way. Although I am sure there will be a pile-on once I say this with everyone saying how much we love your blogs (and we do!) to me, the lack of comments tells the story. I for one would rather a bunch of quick takes from you, Sara, on products that don't make it onto your full review pile. And perhaps the others too, than a bunch of random questions. 'Smiles and bats eyes" while saying something difficult.

  2. Hi Alison,
    thank you so much for writing this comment. I always need honest comments and that mean both ways, good or bad. I appreciate this really, a lot! Right now I am struggling to find some time to post and if I do, I will post this one and also my own review on Sunday so that everyone can enjoy what they would like. BISC is thought to be promoting some newer blogs too and they reported they have some traffic coming from other blogs. I am trying to make it work but hope I don't offend or disappoint anyone while doing that.
    Did you find all BISC series rather disappointing or this one?
    Question is asked us by Jaa from Hello Jaa. We don't select it ourselves.

  3. Hahaha Linda, I know I can never do that. You are so right though, I was also like "oh please don't ask me that, that is difficult" ;-)

  4. Well it's very nice the idea of promoting younger bloggers. And for me personally, if I want to see more blogs beyond the ones I always read or get from Bloglovin', I will go to your page and your blogger list so if you added people there, I'm sure a lot of your readers would check them out. I regularly go to Jaa, Sunny, and Silverkis from your page. So if you wanted to add to that list, it could help. But to make BISC worthwhile, I think the questions have to be more interesting, and maybe less "safe," whatever that would look like. You and Christine are two of my favorite bloggers because you are not afraid to either praise a product or describe problems. So that makes readers trust you. That's why I feel it would be better to ask edgier questions. Safe questions and correct answers are less interesting. Here's one: What do you consider your worst feature or beauty issue and how have you struggled with it?

  5. Thanks so much for constructive feedback. I am going to let Jaa know this and maybe she would like to ask such a question for the next round. The network is very new so we are grateful for all kinds of inputs.
    And thank you so much for mentioning my name along with Christine's, this makes me really proud :-*

  6. Hey Sara interesting to see the opinions on here:) Different folks different strokes as they say. As a fellow BISC member I can read between the lines to see the constructive feedback which is "more pictures, and more interesting personal questions". I can see how pictures can make this more appealing we are such visual people after all! However I don't see how anyone can misconstrue this as trying to get the attention of any companies...I think its pretty obvious that's not the case at all - even unintentionally :) and if it was that easy to get any company's attention we've hit the jackpot bahah

  7. Glad to help and even though I have never figured out how to sign in for Instagram I like the Instagrams too. Your Coco Blue mani had me pawing though my Chanel and Dior stash for Spring shades, looking for April. Dior Gel Shine Mirage surfaced first. Am really curious about the ByTerry palette.

  8. What an interesting topic today and I really enjoyed reading the answers!! I think I'd also go for Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury. I haven't tried anything by Burberry so it wouldn't be fair to choose them. Great answers everyone!!

    Ingrid Hughes


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