Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Blush Palette, Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink, Nail Polishes #414 Bright Coral Red & #402 Hydrangea Pink, Review, Swatch & FOTD

The last Spring 2015 collection I would like to review reminds us of what exactly Spring is all about, fluttery feelings and "The Birds and the Bees"! Burberry comes up with lovely blue and green hues as well as fresh pinks. Today I have some of the pink items from the collection to share with you. I am planning prepare another post for two more eye shadows later on. 

Let's talk about Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Blush Palette, Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink, Nail Polishes #414 Bright Coral Red and #402 Hydrangea Pink.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Blush Palette, Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink, Nail Polishes #414 Bright Coral Red & Hydrangea Pink for the Birds and the Bees Colllection.

Burberry's sheer eye shadow formula is loved by many for an easy wash of color across the lid for a polished look. Their eye shadow shades such as Pale Barley has already taken its place in many cult products lists. This spring, Burberry reformulates their eye shadows and give them a wet & dry property while vamping up the pigmentation. I was very eager to try how it would turn out to be. The first shade I swatched and applied is a mid-toned pink with a tad of mauve, called Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink.

Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink

Below I have applied #201 Rose Pink all over the lid. It was very nicely pigmented so wet application was really not needed. With wet application the intensity might increase but for this particular shade it is not needed. 

Now during the application, because of the very good color pay-off, I could see some uneven application. This could be then evened out with a blender brush easily but what I am trying to say is that the application did need a bit of an expertise to get it right. The shade is also hard to pull off and again needs some tricks to make it work. I have found the following helpful:

  • Very dark grey or black eye liner to seperate the pink/red and the eyes
  • Blending inner corner highlight towards the middle of the lid
  • Choosing a right crease color to prevent your eyes from looking swollen.

Below I have applied MAC Quarry on the crease and Crystal Avalanche on the inner corner. I have also added Quarry to the lower lashline to blend.

It is not easy to apply blush type of colors on the eyes but once you get it right, get ready for some compliments. My husband told me he loves the eye make up and I assure you he now has a good eye for make-up after all those years and doesn't tell this everyday, although I wouldn't complain ;-)

In-action: Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink

The centre piece of the collection is definitely this super cute blush palette called Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Palette. When I opened it to check it out, I gasped. It is really so pretty. I have read people saying it doesn't reflect Burberry and looks very childish but well, it was actually designed to reflect this very playful collection.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Blush Palette

Take many photos before you touch it though because by the first application, the pretty over spray is gone and it turns into a blush and a highlighter duo with faded letters. I usually swirl my blusher brush in a C shape along the pink side and pick up some of the highlighter with a smaller brush. It applies and blends beautifully and looks natural. On me it had moderate longevity, something like 4-5 hours. I wished it would stayed a bit longer.

With and Without Overspray: Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Blush Palette

Right now I am obsessed with Tom Ford Cheek Color in Frantic Pink for the cheeks for a light springy look and Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Palette is a littke cooler and more matte version of this which I am loving too. Although it is a light shade, I don't have any problem of this one showing up on my face. I think though starting from medium complexions, it might be too light or ashy.

Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink reminded me of Chanel Ombre Essentielle #106 Hesitation (reviewed here) from last autumn but of course Rose Pink is a Spring shade, so it is less brown and more pink. I like Rose Pink for Spring but Hesitation is easier to pull off for me.

Comparison swatches: Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Blush Palette, Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink

I have previously swatched and compared four of the nail polish colors in this post. Here are the other two that I was missing.

Burberry Nail Polish #414 Bright Coral Red is for those of you who would like it bright. It is a stunning bright coral which I can imagine to enjoy during summer as well, especially combined with sun kissed skin. The consistency is very nice, I applied two coats for the swatch below. Burberry nail polished last very long on me, for at least 4-5 days without shipping and minimal tip wear.

Swatch: Burberry Nail Polish #414 Bright Coral Red

That said, my heart definitely belongs to this beautiful mid-toned nude pink called #402 Hydrangea Pink. It reminds me some some other similar shades from Chanel, such as Le Vernis #491 Rose Confidentiel but Hydrangea Pink has less brown and more pink. It makes it more flattering on my skin tone, really big love! The consistency is again great, below you can see it in two coats. I am wearing it at the moment and didn't get tired of it since 5 days!

Swatch: Burberry Nail Polish #402 Hydrangea Pink

And to wrap up the pinks section, here is my Burberry look with Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Blush Palette on the cheeks, Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink on the eyes and #402 Hydrangea Pink on the nails. I am also wearing Lip Mist in #210 Pink Heather on my lips, which is my one and only Burberry lipstick for the time being. I am hoping to check out the new formula Burberry Lip Kisses once they are available at the counter.

FOTD: Burberry Blush Palette, Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink, Nail Polish  #402 Hydrangea Pink

FOTD: Burberry Blush Palette, Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink, Nail Polish  #402 Hydrangea Pink

Here is the overlay the Blush Palette comes in. I really like this playful collection and hoping that Burberry goes on surprising us. There is already sneak peek photos of a camouflage palette for Autumn Collection, can't wait to check it out!

Burberry Spring Summer 2015 The Birds and The Bees Collection

Final thoughts: Burberry brings on beautiful pink hues this Spring and I like how nicely those combine to give a romantic look which is not boring.  Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow #201 Rose Pink needs a few tricks to make it work since the shade is very red/pink on the eyes but the results are worth the try. Blush is very nice for fair to medium complexions. I am especially in love with Nail Polish in #402 Hydrangea Pink as an alternative to mid-toned nudes.

Are you eyeing anything from this collection? Do you like wearing pink on the eyes.

Disclaimer: Spring/Summer 2015 Runway Blush Palette was purchased by me. 
Other products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Hey Sara, gah I'm so sorry to hear you too have issues with wear. I don't reapply blush, so this is not really something I'd wear often. Love both nail polishes and the eyeshadow on you tho! I think I might need Bright Coral Red. The name alone is way too tempting :p

  2. The blush is beautiful, too bad the wear is not that great. I've been enjoying the new wet&dry eyeshadow formula and I might need to add this shade to my collection :)

  3. This is a seriously cool look, maybe because colors are so well matched and simple. I would never think that these eyeshadow can look so good. It is like the Chanel rose color in their spring palette, but with a proper pigmentation )) And finally this awkward moment when I wonder what is this nice lipstick on you and then realize that actually this is the same shade that I have too :)

  4. That is very pretty on you! Fresh and spring-like. Love it!

  5. I'm always envious of people who can make pink work on their lids! It's something I struggle with... so i'm going to try your tips above!

  6. *wipes chin* Rose Pink and Hydrangea Pink are seriously pretty!

  7. I've also read some negative comments about the blush, but I actually like the playful vibe. The colour looks really pretty as well!

  8. I first saw Hydrangea Pink on Sunny's blog and now yours, wow, it's SO beautiful! I don't wear nail polish often but this one is seriously tempting!

  9. I'm looking forward to trying out some of these new shadows.
    And I don't wear pink on nails very often, but Hydrangea Pink looks so pretty! It's rare for me to be so inspired by a pink polish- I might have to get this one just because of that! :)

  10. I love love love the blush palette, it looks so cute and unlike the typical Burberry style! And you look really gorgeous with the motd :)


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