Juicy Berries for Spring: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist #5 Berry & Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. The spring have officially started but the water started cooling down here. On Monday, they say it might snow. *insert a terrified face here*. How is this ever possible? Come on weather, you can do better!

To lift our spirit, today I have two juicy berries for you. Although berry is not a shade which is associated with Spring, I have been enjoying these lately. I would like to show different tones of berry colors and also give tips about how to wear them. 

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist #5 Berry, Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry

I have read many glowing reviews about Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Twists and #5 Berry is the first shade I got to try from this line. This is a real berry shade which is a tone of pink with enough warmth in there to prevent it from looking like a fuchsia. To me Sisley Berry can be worn all year around. I found the formula of Sisley Phyto-Lip Twists very comfortable and hydrating while having a good deal of pigment. The pointy bullet makes it easier to apply it accurately. I have to be careful not to fall into the rabbit hole with these. My only concern with this lipstick is the price in Germany, which is rather high, around 36€ for 2.5 g of product. That said if your lips are drying, you should really look into these.

Swatch: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist #5 Berry

Here is one of the FOTDs lately. There is always an option of combining your not-so-nude lipstick with neutral eyes and a little bit of blush. I am also wearing Guerlain's new Terracotta Joli Teint Powder #03 in this FOTD to warm up the skin so that the lipstick looks more natural and less vampy.

FOTD: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist #5 Berry

Here is another FOTD I have shown you before with one of my Burberry reviews here. It is a more colorful option, I like wearing purples or plums on the eyes with berry lips but you can as well go for the opposite of the color range and reach for a cool green as I did with this look. I think that the contrast looks lovely and not that overdone if you match the right shade of green and berry and keep the rest of it simple.

FOTD: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist #5 Berry and Burberry Aqua Green

Bobbi Brown revamped their lipsticks lately and released three new lines, a creamy one, a matte one and a sheer line. Some of the colors in the sheer line were also included in their Spring Collection Hot Nudes and those were matching to their cheek palettes, which are so lovely and I am still trying to resist. Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry is more of a fuchsia than a classical berry. It is definitely on the cooler side of berry tones with less red and more violet. 

The formula of Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color is one of the most pigmented of sheer lipsticks I have tried. It has a good slip but lasts really good. It is light weight and fades evenly. I am really intrigued to try the cream and matte ones as well as other shades from sheer line. I wonder how much pigment cream line has if sheer line's pigmentation is that strong. Those are also more budget friendly, they cost around 26 for 3.8 g of product.

Swatch: Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry

Below I am wearing Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry with Hourglass Exposure palette (reviewed here) and Chanel Joues Contraste #250 Crescendo (reviewed here) on the cheeks. A taupe or warm plum on the eyes are great combination possibility for fuchsia and berry on the lips. I found it helpful to keep rest of the makeup on the cool side with cooler blush.

FOTD: Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry

Here are some similar shades you may have in your stash and wonder how they compare. Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry is close to Tom Ford Lip Color #29 Jack (reviewed here) but Jack is just a little cooler. I lately acquired Chanel Rouge Coco #454 Jean from their new release and seeing that swatch, I think maybe I should have opted for another shade because it is also quiet close to Bobbi Brown #22 Berry, although it is more transparent so on the lips, it looks more natural. 

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist #5 Berry is a tad warmer than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine #92 Émotion, Émotion having less pigment and is more transparent. Tom Ford Didier is also close but deeper and has less shine to it. Sisley #5 Berry stays unique in my stash, which makes me happy.

Comparison swatches: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist #5 Berry and Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry

And this is after I have eaten all the berries and left with the lipsticks...

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist #5 Berry & Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color #22 Berry

Final thoughts: Both of the formulas which I tried for the first time are nicely pigmented and very hydrating. I especially like the shape of the bullet of Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist to draw a lit around the lips and make them look fuller without using a lipliner or a lip brush. Sisley's formula is great for those with drying lips. Bobbi Brown's new sheer lip color formula also pleases with lots of pigment and a good wear time. It is a great value for money and I recommend you check it out.

What is your favorite lip color for spring?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Both colors look gorgeous! I like the teal green eyeshadow and Sisley berry lips. And the Bobbi Brown one is such a nice pop of color.

  2. I have Berry and I like it! So sorry to hear it's 36 euros in Germany tho! It's 31,50 here so that hurts a lot less! I like Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colors as well, precisely because they aren't that sheer LOL

  3. Big fan of the new Bobbi Brown Sheer lippies! I haven yet to try the SIsley Phyto lip pencils though. But this one sounds and looks great.

  4. Wow, both of these are so pretty! Especially love the juicy finish of the Sisley pencil :)

  5. Hi Jenni,
    yes Sisley pencil has exactly that, juicy finish :-) I like it too, thanks.

  6. Yes I know, have to check more colors of Bobbi Browns!
    This was also my first Sisley Phyto, it is very hydrating, really like the formula.

  7. LOL, I know what you mean. I am all for sheers but you need some pigment there.
    Bobbi Brown Sheers are the most pigmented sheer lipsticks I have seen ;-)

  8. Hi Katherine,
    yes teal and berry makes a lovely combination, I really like them together. Bobby Brown Berry is a great spring/summer color.

  9. Oh WOW, you definitely take berry very very well! So envious!!!

  10. LOL Linda, I ate them very well yes ;-)

  11. loved the pictures...both colors are gorgeous :)

  12. love your scarf! and the colors are great on you :)


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