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I hope you all having a great weekend. Today the shops are open until midnight in Stuttgart so we are taking our time at home, running some errands and eating Sushi. Afterwards we will go to the city center and see what is going on in there. I know at some parts of the world, this is nothing special but here it happens only two times a year. That means there are lots of special offers, party, free drinks to enjoy. 

When I was ordering By Terry Palettes from Sephora France, I noticed that some items from Giorgio Armani Maharajah Collection were also available. The collection is also available at their US website and they have more products available. I picked up one of the nail polishes called Nail Lacquer #604 Garçonne Fatale and the base coat. I also purchased two of the lipsticks, Rouge Ecstasy #604 Garçonne Fatale, Rouge d'Armani #513 Maharajah.

Giorgio Armani Maharajah Collection Rouge Ecstasy #604 Garçonne Fatale, Rouge d'Armani #513 Maharajah

I don't see this item at Armani Website, which only has three of their sheer lipsticks. I can assure you though this one is everything else than sheer. Rouge d'Armani #513 Maharajah is a lovely fuchsia which is not too cool. It has a neutral pink base and cooler toned fuchsia shimmer. It literally glows, in a good way. My only concern with this one was that the bullet was not homogenous. You can see from the close up below that it looks that the base shade and pearly shade are not properly mixed. When I put it on though, i don't have any issues, so I decided to keep it. Lately I also had a similar problem with a MAC lipstick. I don't know what happened to the quality checks!

Swatch: Giorgio Armani Maharajah Collection Rouge d'Armani #513 Maharajah

I know some of you like me wearing brighter lippies, so here you go. That is me wearing By Terry Smoky Nude (reviewed here) on the eyes, Burberry Spring/Summer Runway Blush Palette (reviewed here) on the cheeks and Rouge d'Armani #513 Maharajah on the lips. Maharajah lasted all day on me, like even after eating. It was amazing. Bright pink lovers, don't miss this one and check out the bullet all the way to the bottom before you splurge!

FOTD:  Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani #513 Maharajah

Berry lippies have to all be mine, so I decided on Rouge Ecstasy #604 Garçonne Fatale as my second pick from the collection. If you are a regular reader, you might have noticed that I am on such a berry kick lately. It has just enough of purple to make my heart skip a beat. I love Rouge Ecstasy formula, it is light weight and hydrating  and this one is no exception. My only complaint is that I purchased it sight unseen and it happened to be very close to Rouge Ecstasy #634 which I purchased from Armani's Holiday Collection, together with the matching nail polish. #604 is a little more purple (great!) and deeper than #634, which is a little muted, more wearable. I like them both but probably too close to justify owning both for many people. So be warned if you are eyeing #604 and have #634 already. I believe #604 is also close to their permanent shade #602 Night Viber.

Swatch: Giorgio Armani Maharajah Collection Rouge Ecstasy #604 Garçonne Fatale

I combined Rouge Ecstasy #604 Garçonne Fatale with Burberry Wet&Dry Glow #002 Nude on the eyes (review coming up soon), Tom Ford Cheek Color Frantic Pink on the cheeks. And then I tapped a tiny amount of Suqqu Lighting Liquid (shown here, review coming up soon) on the top of the cheek bones. Holy cheek bones! Look at this. I am in love with that product would be an understatement.

FOTD: Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy #604 Garçonne Fatale

There is also an interesting concept of nail polish ritual, which comes with this collection. There is a pearly white base coat and a sheer glossy nail polish. You can see below one coat of Fuchsia Maharajah Base and two coats of Nail Lacquer #604 Garçonne Fatale. It glows in such a pretty way and my hubby said wow what do you have on your nails. But once you come really close, it is a little streaky and hard to apply. So if you have a steady hand and you think that you have the patience, it is a lovely combination. I am wearing it right now when I type these lines and I really like it. If I will take the time to apply it again in the near future? Only time will show.

Giorgio Armani Maharajah Collection Nail Lacquer #604 Garçonne Fatale and Base

Final thoughts: Apart from a quality issue which only effects the "visual" side of Rouge d'Armani #513 Maharajah, I really enjoy both of the lipsticks I have picked. If you have Rouge Ecstasy #613 from last holiday collection, #604 Garçonne Fatale might be too similar to warrant a purchase.  Nail polish idea is nice and has a very pretty glow but you need a very steady hand and patience to avoid streakiness.

Does anything catches your eye? Have you seen this concept of pearly white base and sheer glossy nail polish concept before?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me


  1. I think Armani makes one of the best lipsticks out there. Or should I say best makeup? I bought 604 and lip gloss in Maharajah today. Found it on eBay so I could justify a second Armani purchase this week.

  2. The lipsticks and the nail polish are both beautiful on you, though I would not have patience for the nail polish personally.

  3. Whoa, that not properly mixed thing is completely new to me! I love both shades on you, and I'm glad they don't look all that frosty or anything on. I'll skip the nail polishes tho. Not the biggest fan of streakiness here!

  4. Is Perlmutt (weiss nicht wie der auf Englisch heisst) officially in? I feel so back to school :)

  5. I love the colors of the lipsticks and polishes- so richly pink and purple. Goes well with the Maharajah theme! Wish they had also included some gold shadows, highlighters, or polishes

  6. Just gorgeous looks. I adore that Maharajah lipstick colour. I shall blame you if I become Armani addicted as I have so far managed to avoid their corner of the beauty hall! Susan, London

  7. How beautiful! Loving the fuchsia shade especially- you know that's my kind of shade :)

  8. oh oh oh... more berry goodness!!!! I really love how Maharajah looks, and i'm so tempted to get it for myself!!! It reminds me of the kind of lipstick that I used to wear when I was a teenager.... lol

  9. Garçonne Fatale. I die!! Love berry lips ;-)

  10. Yes I really like it too. But I was like, well, do I have too many similar colors? LOL

  11. You cracked me up! I know, Maharajah looks soo vintage hahaha.

  12. I know :-) That one would look beautiful on you.

  13. Hi Susan,
    don't tell me you haven't checked the eye tints yet. ;-)
    I know there are certain counters I avoid like a plague because we know what happens next (empty bank account).

  14. Hahaha Ja genau Perlmutt!
    Ich wusste nicht dass du Deutsch sprichts, warum schreibst du auf Englisch? ;-)
    Perlmutt kann man als "pearl effect" übersetzen. Ich glaube er ist wirklich old school.

  15. I know, it was the first time I had seen something like that from any brand, drug store included!
    But then with MAC I had a similar issue, I was like, hey does these find me or am I looking at them too critical hahaha. Odds of writing a beauty blog I guess.

  16. I know what you mean. I would love a ETK in rich gold. Not that they don't have any but they could repromote or something. Armani didn't release any Eyes To Kill pressed eye shadows for so long, I am totally missing them.

  17. #513 is stunning, I hope you like it.
    That one also badly chipped. This is why I don't like layering because you end up with the second layer once the first wears off, not a fan.

  18. I am also an Armani fan. Lipsticks are beautiful and eye shadows too. I love their singles, ETKs and recently enjoying their Eye Tints.

  19. Ich tue alles für die Einhaltung der Konspiration, Jane heisse ich natürlich auch nicht. Keine Ahnung warum :) Ich bin Deutsche, aber Deutsch ist meine zweite Sprache (nach Russisch) und nach 5 Jahren in der französischen Schweiz Englisch ist langsam meine Hauptsprache geworden. Ich denke manchmal sogar in meinem gebrochenen English, es kommt wirklich auf die Umgebung an und mit wem man zusammen ist. Ich weiss immer noch viel mehr Wörter auf Deutsch als auf English, bin aber zu faul, um zwischen verschiedenen Sprachen zu wechseln.

  20. I LOVE the Maharajah fuchsias so much!! No surprise it looks phenomenal on you!! GF is amazing too, maybe I can pick it up when it finally launches in Taiwan! Despite the streaky nail polish, I think that glowing electric purple is gorgeous!!

  21. Garconne Fatale, I agree. It's another berry, but it's definitely *different*....LOLOLOL! Love the look you've made with it too!!


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