Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude, Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

Burberry Glow #002 Nude, one of the most wanted eye shadow singles at the moment, is sold out everywhere. I missed it when I was waiting for the press information. To correct this deadly mistake, I started searching for each country's online shops where my arms can reach but I had no luck. I was just about to loose my hope when Burberry Europe restocked it *fast clicked and ordered*. Remember about Pale Barley madness a few years ago? This time around Nude came back much quicker. In the States though, it is still sold out but for all the make-up addicts out there, I am here to tell you, there is hope! There is light after darkness... Well... Sort of...

Doesn't matter if you are in Europe and a click away from ordering it or somewhere else stalking the website, here is my review to help you decide. And yes I kind of like it, it is usually the other way around, States get everything while we are watch *evil laughter*

Together with Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude, I also ordered #203 Dusky Mauve from their Silk line. I have already reviewed a few of the other shades. Check out Silk #201 Rose Pink here, Silk #309 Aqua Green and Glow #001 Gold Pearl here

Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude, Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve

Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve is a deep cool brown with a lovely satin finish. Although it is called mauve, there is only a slight touch of mauve in there. Some of the Silk Eyeshadows I have tried look more matte to satin but finish of Dusky Mauve is satin to slightly shimmery so it doesn't look flat once swatched. I find Burberry Singles better when they are worn alone because the consistency is very buttery and it blends nicely over the whole lid. I tried to combine this one with Nude (you can see the results below) and I thought it blended a bit too much into the other shade. But a single is meant to be worn on its own so no complaints here. I will also combine it with Golden Pearl next time, I am sure they will be beautiful together.

Swatch: Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve

I have pulled out some shades with similar finished from my stash, such as Tom Ford Nude Dip (shade on the bottom right, palette is reviewed here), which is a little warmer and deeper. Nars Dual Intensity shade, which was exclusive to their Palette (reviewed here) called Ursula Major is also close but slightly deeper. I included MAC Brun, which is my go to crease color just to see how different it is from a classical cool toned brown. 

By the way I keep writing Mars instead of Nars, does anyone relate to that? 

Comparison Swatch: Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve

Now the star of the show, #002 Nude. A lovely taupe which makes any beauty lovers heart skip a beat. It also has a very complex gorgeous shimmer on top of it, gosh it is so beautiful. What I like about Burberry Wet & Dry Glow formula is that, the parts of the eye shadow which you used wet doesn't turn into stone, so next time you can use it dry if you want to. This baby applies as a beautiful wash of color once used dry and it can be intensified by damping the brush a little. Big love!

Swatch: Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude

We can never have enough taupes and all taupes are different, yes right but how do they compare? Here are some shades I found in my stash with similar finish. Giorgio Armani #9 Tadzio (reviewed here) is warmer with more of a golden hue. Tom Ford Nude Dip, bottom left shade is a tad lighter and also warmer. Nars Dual Intensity Eye Shadow in Himalia is also more golden, a tad lighter and warmer. Chanel #90 Fauve has a mauve/lilac hue. Burberry  Glow Shadow #002 Nude is indeed unique, is a little cooler than my other taupes but has a touch of antique goodness in that too which makes is flattering. The pigment and intensity of this one is phenomenal. Below it is swatched dry.

Swatch Comparison: Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude

Here is me wearing Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude all over the lid and Burberry Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve on the outer corner and crease, which I blended (or it blended itself) all the way to the half of the lid. Today I wore #002 Nude with MAC Brun, which has a drier consistency and therefore it is easier to work with it on the crease.

In-action: Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude, Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve

Here is the look in context which you had already seen here (eyes open). I am wearing Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in #604 Garçonne Fatale and the monster cheek bones are due to Suqqu Lighting Liquid which I will be reviewing soon. 

FOTD: Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude, Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve

Do you need them? I would say you can find a similar shade to Burberry Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve in your stash but to me Glow Shadow #002 Nude is an absolute must have. 

Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude, Silk Shadow #203 Dusky Mauve

Check out swatches and review of all the Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Eyeshadows at The Beauty Look Book here.

Final thoughts: I am very fond of Burberry's new eye shadows. Dusky Mauve and Nude don't disappoint either. Dusky Mauve has a lovely satin finish which doesn't look flat and it is best if applied all over the lid. However you might find a similar shade in your stash. Are you wondering if Wet & Dry Glow Shadow #002 Nude worth the hype? I would say yes. It quickly became one of my favorite taupes of all times. Grab it in case you can find it. I am hoping for a global restock soon.

What is your most loved taupe eye shadow at the moment?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are purchased by me.



  1. Oh you're so lucky, Sarah! Both shades are stunning. I've never tried Burberry eyeshadows before and I can't wait to try them ... Gosh, and you're one lucky gal!

    X Alice

  2. Oh great, now I have to click on Nude and "add to bag" LOL I've been stalking the counter for these, but they haven't even landed here! I love the look you put together. If they don't stock these soon, I'll just have to buy blind!

  3. As I started reading I thought Dusky Mauve was more my style but you've sold me on Nude now!!! I love Burberry shadows, but haven't picked up any of the new ones....yet.

  4. I found nude on ebay eventually, it was almost a regular price, so it is on its way. The second shade I need now as well:) I have all these shades from your swatches. I guess it means I like this sort of colors:) Nude Dip is my best reference point. I think anything that is close to Nude Dip will be my love, no brainer for Burberry. This dusky mauve reminded me of the midnight brown in a pan, but I am glad it has more grey in its base than yellow.

  5. Loving these shades on you. I wasn't quick enough to get the Nude so bought shell instead, I've yet to try the wet/dry formula but wll pick up some shades soon. There has not been as many reviews for the new eyeshadows as I was expecting so your thoughts are really helpful x

  6. Sara is lucky to be persistent ;)

  7. oh my goodness Nude is everything!!!

  8. Both of these look gorgeous! Love the pigmentation and shimmer. Curious to see the warmer brown tones in the line, as I reach for those more often than taupes :)

  9. they look so pretty on you! I personally am colour blind when it comes to taupes, and they all look quite similar to me: you've seen a taupe you've seen them all...haha was it that? LOL, just kidding. I have around 5 different shades of taupe (not all high end) and that's quite enough for me. But I understand you completely because what you did to get the shadow I do for getting nail polish! I see nuances of mint green where nobody sees them!!

  10. Hahaha Jane, you are right!
    I was almost checking the web store everyday.
    But Alice, they are now available, you can order it too.

  11. LOL Sunny, this is my revenge after you enabled me on Givenchy Rouge ;-))
    Joke aside, I don't think you can go wrong with Nude, really, blind or not.
    I was also waiting for these but they didn't show up yet and I was very impatient.

  12. I think we should go for shades which we don't own 100 from so if Dusky Mauve is your style, go with Nude so you can combine with what you already have. They do also layer beautifully.

  13. Hi Jenny,
    this one is rather cool so if you don't like it cool, wait a bit more, there may be new ones coming up. I mean after all this hype and welcome, they should release more shades shouldn't they?

  14. They are restocked so you may want to check again.
    I know, reviews are coming a little slow on those, this was one of the arguments for myself when I was ordering Nude ;-))

  15. Well these two make a nice alternative to Nude Dip so here you go lol.
    This is right it is "dusky" and also lovely on its own. I am sure you will love it.
    You are in the States right?

  16. Hi Nati,
    if you have 5 Taupes, you are set I think lol.
    As you said they are pretty much close but only the eyes of a make-up hoarder can differentiate them *points at herself*
    Sadly I also collect the nail polishes, wished I would have only one thing like only np or only es *sigh*
    But... I am cool on lipsticks! I don't collect them, so I am still proud of myself that there is some make-up I can say no to.

  17. I so adore Nude and Himalia, I have to make myself use my palettes these days. The wonderful thing about both is that I can very roughly shove them all over my lid from the lash line to above my hooded crease,with my Mac 217, and it'll look as if I carefully blended 3-4 shadows in there. I have only used it wet. LOVE!!!! They go with everything too :). Glad you got your hands on it!! I wish Burberry would bring out more warm toned "glow" shadows. I have Shell on its way to me.

  18. These look so beautiful on you!! I was hoping to get one last week, but the SA was all up in my space AND had a crappy attitude. Sadly we only have one Burberry beauty counter in Taipei, and I'm annoyed enough that I wont be visiting until I know some new LE items have arrived.

  19. I would definitely be all over warm glow shades which are not too light. I like shade but I need something deeper. I know these are so easy to use, just swipe and go! LOVE for me as well!

    Tell me more about Shell, do I need it as well?

  20. Oh that is sad. We are so "power buyers" and it is hard to understand how an SA who is supposed to help us makes it worse. I know what you mean though, I had a few terrible experiences myself as well.

  21. I reactually received Shell yesterday! Of course, I am wearing it today LOL. It's the same excellent quality, it's a beautiful, warm rose gold, but for me is not a potentially stand alone shade and it is also not as multi-dimensional as Nude 002. (I am wearing it with Dark Sable Sheer eyeshadow in the crease and outer 1/3 and Charlotte Tilbury eye kohl in Barbarelle Brown and love this look). So no, NOT a must-have for me :).
    BTW I corrected above, I'd said I only used Himalia and Nude 002 wet, but it should be DRY!! Life's too short for me to wet my eyeshadows LOLOL!

  22. Hello Sara :) I'm glad that you finally snatched Nude :) Today i wore it combined with Tom Ford Cream Color Spring 2015 to give it a more intense look and i really enjoyed the result:)

  23. Nude is gorgeous, can see why it's sold out. Absolutely love the eye look you did!

  24. I just found Nude on the Belgian Burberry website.. gosh I'd love to purchase but I'll have to wait a bit unfortunately. It looks like such a beautiful shade which I'd like to add to my collection ;)

    Laura || Laura London

  25. These are so lovely! I love the eye look you did, and the comparison swatches are SO helpful! Nude looks so perfect!


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