Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch, Swatches of All The Shades, Spring 2015

I hope you all had a good start in the weekend. Yesterday after work I dropped by my local (read favorite!) Chanel counter at Breuninger, Stuttgart to check out the reformulated Rouge Coco Lipsticks. Rouge Coco line has always been about casual, wearable colors and muted tones. I love them and own many since they go great with eye focused make-up. Although I know some found it a little drying, I really liked the old formulation. I found especially the trade-off between longevity and moisturizing effect quiet well for most of the shades.  When this year a relaunch with new formula was announced, I was really curious to find out how these would be like.

Yesterday I picked up some shades and I will be reviewing them soon with a more in depth review of how I find the new formula. For today, I would like to share a first impressions and color range swatches, which I hope will be good for those who are ordering sight unseen or for those of us who are overwhelmed with the color selection and would like to pick a few favorites by seeing all the swatches before trying them on at the counter.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch

In Germany we received 24 colors in total, which I think vary depending on your location. I have noticed some of the testers were placed double at each category and SAs told me that is because some shades are not available here. Throughout this post, I will try to write the missing shades as well.


There are four shades in nudes category, #400 Louise is rather sheer and for just to add a very slight touch of color. #402 Adrienne and #404 Julia are both great nudes for light to mid toned complexions. Julia is a little warmer than Adrienne, which has more rose in it. #406 Antoinette would be great for deeper complexions if you aim for a nude, otherwise it is a nice brown shade. 

#408 Jeanne is not available in Germany.

Swatches of Nudes: Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch


This category has lovely spring shades and they are really very wearable. I have tried #416 Coco which I really liked. It might even be my favorite from the line on me. #410 Catherine is the sheerest of this category. #412 Teheran is a warm pink. #414 Sari Dore is a repromote, it is mid-toned and a little lighter and a little more vivid than #416 Coco, which is mid-toned warm reddish orange. #418 Misia is the one with the most red undertones of oranges.

Swatches of Oranges: Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch

From six available pinks, in Germany we received four of them. This category has one of my all time favorites, a repromote, #428 Legende. #422 Olga is the sheerest of the pinks. #426 Roussy is the one with the coolest undertones. #424 Edith is a gorgeous mid-toned natural pink which will look gorgeous across the complexions.

As far as I can find out, #420 Vera and #430 Marie are not launched here.

Swatches of Pinks: Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch


Rosewood is sometimes more flattering than nudes and pinks since natural color of the lips can be close to these. In this category there is a sheer rosewood shade, #432 Cecile. #434 Mademoiselle is a repromote and one of the lines best sellers, as it is a my lips but better shade is a good way. I have tried #438 Suzanne since I own Mademoiselle already and thought a little more berry in there wouldn't hurt. Suzanne turned out to be a very natural looking casual berry shade on me and is one of my favorites from the line.

#436 Maggy is not released in Germany.

Swatches of Rosewoods: Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch


I think this category is really nicely curated. They have a red for everyone. If you have warmer undertones or would like to catch the orange trend which is still lingering, go for the it-shade #440 Arthur. #444 Gabrielle is a repromote and  a great natural red which would look nice on almost everyone. #442 Dimitri is for those of you who like your reds rather cool, myself included. But my favorite from this category happens to be #446 Etienne, a gorgeous berry red, which I think is more unique as well as very wearable.

Swatches of Reds: Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch


This category has #450 Ina which is a slightly cool pink and #452 Emilienne, a warm plummy pink. There are also two interesting shades, which become wearable with Rouge Coco formula. #454 Jean is a lovely fuchsia, one of my favorites from the line, as well as #456 Erik, which is gorgeous once worn, not overdone but tells that it is a special lipstick, if that makes sense. 

#448 Elise is not available in Germany.

Swatches of Plums: Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch

At the counter there were super cute cards with I love Coco printed on it. Inside one could write the favorite names and kiss it to remember how the shade looked like. Since Breuninger is running a promotion starting from next week, I decided to wait until then to pick up my favorites but here is a sneak peak of some of them which are in my wish list. 

My Picks: Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch

Also check out Mostly Sunny Blog for more swatches. Also you can see repromotes Legende and Mademoiselle on Melanie here as well as a complete list of shades which are released in Germany.

Final thoughts: As a first impression I like how slightly transparent and wearable the new Rouge Coco Lipstick formula is. It feels very hydrating too but not overly shiny. I liked the old formula for its longevity and wondering how this one will turn out to be, which I can only tell after a longer test drive. 

Are there any shades which are catching your eye?

Oh by the way, how do you find my new banner? 

Thank you to lovely sales assistants in Stuttgart Breuninger 
Chanel Counter who supported me to take swatches of all shades. 


  1. Thank you for all the great swatches! I must have Edith and also Etienne is already on my wishlist :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Wonderful post. I really don't need any more lipsticks but ... so many pretty cool toned colours. I think Edith is a must! Susan, London

  3. Hey Sara, sweet new banner! Thanks for the link love and ALL THOSE SWATCHES! I can't wait to hear what you think about the shades you picked up. Out of the four I only own Coco, which I really like :)

  4. The new header looks great, Sara! And oh my, I see SOOOOO many shades that I like, it's ridiculous!

  5. I like new banner too, the less scrolling down - the better, I would make it even shorter :) Your swatches are really really helpful! I saw many lip swatches of this new range, but they look differently on everyone and also to understand the difference between similar shades a side-by-side comparison on hand is much better. Was it Estee Lauder, who presented their Color Envy lipsticks by color groups lfirst? Anyway, it is a good idea - makes the selection much easier as I can focus on the color groups that I need.

  6. Ugh they all look so nice, how can I decide what to get :)) Saw all the swatches on Sunny's blog and want them all :))

  7. This new Chanel range is going to do no good to my bank balance, aahhh! Thanks for the useful swatches, Sara!

    X Alice

  8. Loving the banner Sara! Looks smoother and cuter to the reader's eyes.I think I am eyeing Misia and then Mademoiselle or Suzanne, depending which of the two works with my complexion. Thanks for the review! x

  9. First, I love the new banner. Second, there are WAY TOO MANY of these that have caught my eye, hahaha. I've whittled it down to six (or eight. or nine.) but I think I'm going to start with Edith. After that, who knows!

  10. Hi, Sara! Grate post!)

    I bought 422 Olga (because it has the same name as me :) :) :) and I really liked the color, it seems almost a clone spring limited Kiss-Kiss 560, which I missed) and 402 Adrienne - ideal nude for me. I like lipsticks formula, it really hydrates my lips. And I don't need more lipsticks now, but I can't stop and tomorrow I'm going to buy Teheran 412, Roussy 426 and Marie 430... And, maybe, some red, but can't decide what exactly, 'couse I like all of them...

  11. Wow, thanks so much for all of these swatches! I'm so tempted by this range- Arthur, Mademoiselle, and Jean especially!

  12. Your super, thanks for these, I can't get to the shops at the moment so this will allow me to order online x

  13. Nice swatches, Sara. I really like Edith and Roussy- I cannot decide between the two!

  14. They are quiet close so don't end up with both haha

  15. Mademoiselle is really a cult color. Arthur would look fab on you and Jean, I am tempted with that one too.

  16. Oh I understand with the name! I would do the same but unfortunately they don't have my name in there lol. Spring Kiss Kiss were really not all that good, they were more frosts than colors. I think Rouge Cocos are much better. I am eyeing Roussy as well, great picks. Reds are also nice, try to pick the right one for your complexion. Xox

  17. Thanks Rach!
    Edith looks like a popular shade, I had an eye on that one too. I would also pick up quiet a few if you leave me but then I come to think of all the Rouge Cocos at home, from the older formula which I never used. I have way too many lipsticks but then we all do lol.

  18. Hi Eleni,
    thanks for your feedback. I like it more too, more artsy in a way ;-)
    All three you selected are lovely. I hope you got to try and select one soon.

  19. Hi Alice,
    I know, they are utterly dangerous! hahaha

  20. Yes Sunny's swatches killed me too! Such gorgeous shades.

  21. Lol I feel you. Thanks for the feedback about the banner. :-*

  22. Hi Jane,
    so you want to go to the content as soon as possible, lol, I understand but I need a little bit of art in there to make it all look fancy even if it isn't ;-)
    I kow grouping certainly helps but then there are shades which doesn't belong to a certain group and can be very confusing as well. I also find it helpful to have side by side comparison. I use my own posts when I am shopping lol

  23. Coco is a stunner, it is probably my pick from the whole collection. I didn't think such a warm shade would work on me but it really does. Love your FOTDs with these!

  24. Need? *cough cough*
    Edith is really pretty. If I have to pick just one, probably that would be Coco though, and Erik, ugh, eyeing too many.

  25. Edith is a stunner. My wish list is also very long .

  26. All right, I went for the field testing tonight :) tried almost all of them on my lips and realized that I already have most of those shades at home:( It is probably difficult to make unique lipstick colors nowadays. After all, I figured I only need Cecile, which is a lovely cool nude color for fair skin and is quite unique comparing to the other lines/brands. Dimitri, Jean and Elise are also nice colors, but I after buying of like 30 new lipsticks recently, I need to take a break. And I also want to try new Burberry Kiss lipsticks as they have at least a different texture, so the creamy Chanel Rouge Coco will wait until next winter.

  27. Edith, Ina, and Jean. Edith, Ina, and Jean. Edith, Ina, and Jean!!! I feel bad for only buying pinks lol.

    Thanks for the epic swatch session! <3

  28. LOL, I got Coco and Jean today. I am going back for Edith, it is beautiful. Ina and Jean are rather close so maybe you want to pick just one ;-)

  29. I don't know why I missed this post before... but i'm catching up now!!! Just swatched some of these at the counter, and I loved Dimitri!


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