Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Skinny Dip, Review, Swatch & FOTD with Spring Colors

Today I was at USA Consulate in Frankfurt and gosh it was complicated. I had to leave my cell phone at home because you can't take it with you. I spent like 8-9 hours without cell phone, internet and Instagram. In the end it turned out to be a nice day which I spent reading a very inspirational book, which I once started and got distracted over and over again. I wonder, can you read book nowadays? Is it only me who is under constant social media distraction?

Back to topic...
I can't stop posting about Tom Ford, especially now that I have seen one of the lipsticks of the Summer 2015 Collection at a reasonable price at evil.B. I had to get it. The idea is that I create a look which takes Spring to Summer in Tom Ford terms. Let's see how it will turn out.

Meet Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Skinny Dip...

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Skinny Dip

Now I won't talk about the name because, you know, it is very "Tom Ford". Sometimes they find really creative names but this one was like "Oh we had Nude Dip, let's get the real version shall we?" kind of day. The packaging is gorgeous, yes we know that. The bullet design is killing me, and does that in a good way. Well, maybe bad because I don't want to use and spoil it after all.

Remember the highly praised Lip Color Sheer Releases last Spring/Summer. This summer there will be more colors in that range. First lipsticks Tom Ford released were white, then they were replaced by black ones. Then last Spring, the white ones came back but this time as an indication of lighter weight. I personally found some of the lipsticks of last year very sheer. My favorites are Summer Fling and Sweet Spot within five of the colors I ended up with, although I thought staying power could be better. I ended up skipping the sheerest ones and I am glad I did because Skinny Dip looks very close to last year's Pink Dune and In The Buff. Check the gorgeous swatches from Sabrina at the Beauty Look Book here.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Skinny Dip

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Skinny Dip is like a rose gold shimmer on a rather sheer base. It swatches very sheer but on the lips, the shimmer is very apparent so it shows itself much better. It is a beautiful daily "summer" shade and I really like it. It is hydrating and comfortable. If you would like to pay so much for a sheer lipstick is another question and is not covered within the scope of this post (might be because I don't want to face it)

FOTD with Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Skinny Dip

Since I don't have Pink Dune nor In The Buff, I can't compare them but I believe Skinny Dip is really close to those with an exception that it pulls more golden and rosy than beige. You can see from the swatches that Sweet Spot and Summer Fling are both more pigmented than Skinny Dip.

Comparison Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Skinny Dip, Sweet Spot, Summer Fling

Now let's take spring to summer. Below I am wearing Tom Ford Spring 2015 Cream Color Shade as a base (reviewed here), and over it the lightest shades from Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #01 Ripe Plum, #02 Raw Jade, #03 Crushed Indigo (swatched here). On the crease I used the deepest plum from Ripe Plum duo to give it a bit more definition. Now we all said rock'n roll and smokey but doesn't this look very springy to you?

Tom Ford Spring Eyes with Duos from Spring Collection and Cream Color As Base

Here is the look in context once more, I am wearing Tom Ford Blush in Frantic Pink on the cheeks mixed with a bit of an orange hue from another blush I fail to remember to support the golden undertones of the lipstick.

FOTD: Tom Ford Spring to Summer look

Final thoughts: If you are into sheer lipsticks and don't mind a few hours less wear as long as your lips feel good and hydrated, watch out for Tom Ford Summer Collection which will be released around April. I am especially curious about the palette and single eye shadows. Can't wait!

Sheer lipsticks with high price tag, yes or no?

Disclaimer: The product in this post is purchased by me.


  1. Hey Sara, wow 8-9 hours? I was in the one in Brussels a few years ago, but it wasn't 8-9 hours! Anyways... If I want to spend money on Tom Ford, I guess the shade really has to speak to me. This one doesn't really. I love it on you and the eye look you created. but now I'm eyeing Sweet Spot instead!

  2. *raises hand* always totally distracted by social media too...and if not that then pinterest and youtube!! I actually finished a book yesterday though, so yay lolol!! That stinks to be stuck for SO long...but glad you have a good book even if you had to keep starting it over ha ha :-) Ok, this color looks really nice!! I ended up purging both I had from Spring last year, but this one looks like it's definitely worth a swatchfest!!! bad...but so.... :-P

  3. Ok that eyemakeup is AMAZING, I freaking love it!!! :) :) Are you visiting the US btw? I love the sheer lipsticks for summer, I'm missing the summer weather and makeup. I find that I will actually finish the sheer lipsticks bc they are so forgiving and easy to apply, the rest of my lipsticks barely look dented!!

  4. Hi Sara, i'm a bit worried about these summer lipsticks as I didn't love the sheer lipsticks from last summer... That rocking eye makeup though!!!

  5. The shade is too sheer for me, but it looks very lovely on you

  6. I think it's a very personal thing. If sheer lipsticks are the ones you reach for the most then get it. I'm all for spending more on the looks you actually wear than buying a purple lipstick for ££ that you wore once. My problem with sheer lipsticks or lipsticks in general is that my lips are very pigmented so the color I get on my lips is usually totally different to the bullet , swatch. And I'm not the one to put a tester on my lips:-) I need to get to Selfridge's to check them out but I like having a 'no mirror' kind of lipstick. I'm waiting for the palette though.

  7. Really loving the eye look you created here. Very beautiful and springy. I don't mind a sheer wash of colour on my lips but I don't know that I would pay Tom Ford prices for the privilege. :-)

  8. Wow these eyes! The lipstick honestly comes secondary :). I'm ok to pay a bit more for a sheerer lipstick if I find the colour *really* special, so will have to check this out in a TF counter first before making up my mind. I think if you invest that much, it'd best be on other products though and if it's for lips, maybe a lipgloss which tastes good as well ;)?!! Also, what I find with sheer lipsticks is that 'sister' colours from different brands can look the same when applied on my lips because of their transparency and glitter.

  9. Hi Gosia, I don't know what color your lips actually are, but I have med/deep rose lips. I briskly rub my fingertips together, swatch the color on my fingertip, and then hold it up to my face. It's not perfect, but it gives me a much more accurate idea of the color tone and saturation than a hand swatch ever would.

  10. I've never thought of that! Thanks. I bought the Clarins Instant Light tubes. 01 looks like ChapStick, 02 is a milky barely there cast...

  11. Oh my Sara! The only one I bought last year was Pink Dune and I love it. This looks so beautiful! I much prefer sheer to very pigmented so I cannot wait to see the rest of this collection....and it's only March!!!!!

  12. I guess I'm in the minority but I absolutely LOVE Skinny Dip! That is the kind of shade I could wear every day of the summer. Thank you for the swatches! And your eyes look beautiful. The whole look is so perfectly springy!

  13. Oh, Sara, this is exactly the kind of shade that I love for summer, super wearable! And gosh is that lipstick gorgeous to look at! I don't think I could actually "use" it :P
    that being said, I wouldn't pay TF price for a shade like it (or for a lipstick anyway), unless of course I was very rich, then I wouldn't mind ;)

  14. Its sheer but so very pretty on you. I'm really looking forward to these coming out, I only got one of the Lip Color Sheers last time so will grab more this time around as I think its my preferred formula out of TF lipsticks.


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