Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk #309 Aqua Green, Glow #001 Gold Pearl, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Although Burberry's Sheer Eye Shadows were very much loved and well-received, some of us couldn't help but wonder why wouldn't they have a little more pigment in there. After all they were called "sheer" and some of the shades were more pigmented than others, such as Midnight Brown and Mulberry. I have to admit, I have never understood the hype with Pale Barley, which looked on my "rather pigmented" lids as if I was wearing nothing. Although this might be a desirable effect for some, I belong to the group of make-up enthusiasts who would like to have a little more than my lids but better. 

It is interesting to see that many companies reformulating their eye shadows to get that sheered shimmery look (YSL I am looking at you), Burberry boldly went to the other direction and released almost matte and much more pigmented version of their singles. There are two formulas in the new line-up, Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk, which are satin to matte with very good color pay-off and Eye Color Wet & Dry Glow, which are metallic with less colour pay-off. Today I have #309 Aqua Green from Silk line and #001 Gold Pearl from Glow line for you.

Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk #309 Aqua Green, Glow #001 Gold Pearl

The packaging of the new singles are the same as the former ones. They are in very chic compact with luxurious heavy feeling to it. The closure is magnetic. Burberry has one of my all time favorite packaging. The surface of each eye shadow is embossed with Burberry pattern. Have you noticed though that they are a little different? The question was raised when I published the first photos on Instagram. The "Silk" eye shadow line has a flat left upper edge whereas "Glow" line has an additional pattern on there. I noticed this because I always use the eye shadow on that corner, not to spoil the pattern and when I came to use Glow #001 Gold Pearl, oops, it was not free *chuckles*. Anyway, who would think we are into such detail but we are make-up nerds aren't we, so here we go!

Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk #309 Aqua Green, Glow #001 Gold Pearl

Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk #309 Aqua Green is one of the limited edition items of the Spring Collection, together with the blush I reviewed here.On my skin tone and eye color combination, I don't like warm greens and it is really hard to find cool greens, such as this one. Aqua Green is a mid-toned to deep sea green with a hint of dusky teal. It has a matte finish, such like #201 Rose Pink I have reviewed here. I really like the idea of bolder colors in understated textures, such as matte ones here. I think it is easier to pull off and a more elegant way of wearing a color.

As much as I like the idea and the shade so much, once I apply it dry, it was a little patchier on the eye lids although it swatched beautifully with fingers. Wet application goes more smooth and less patchy although dry application also has good color pay off. Below it is swatched dry for your reference.

Swatch: Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk #309 Aqua Green

Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Glow #001 Gold Pearl is a very light neutral gold. The texture of these are close to Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows (reviewed here and here). I find such light shimmery shades very tricky to work on me. I like it deep and less shimmery so you see it is the opposite of my liking *grin* Anyhow, such like Dual-Intensities, I like using these type of shades to add a little bit of something to deeper and less shimmery shades so I decided to combine it with Aqua Green. You can see the results below. 

Burberry released four shades of Wet & Dry Glow Eyeshadows. There is a great review of Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book of all four shades, which you can find here. You can see that Optic White and Pearl Gold are both very light. Shell has a little bit more color but still rather light. The only shade I am interested in putting on as a single eye shadow would be #002 Nude. But I know I am not alone since exactly this shade is now sold out everywhere, including Burberry online website and other retailers. Which brings us to our wish for today: 

"Dear make-up fairy, we want more of Burberry Glow Eye Shadows in mid-toned colors with a bit more color pay-off!"

Swatch: Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry  Glow #001 Gold Pearl

Here is me wearing Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk #309 Aqua Green all over the lid and Glow #001 Gold Pearl padded in the middle to give dimension and a little bit of something to the look. Maybe this was the idea of releasing lots of deeper matte shades and a few glowy sheer metallic shades, to layer them? Either way, I like the combination but I would still like to see deeper metallic shades in the line.

In-action: Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk #309 Aqua Green, Glow #001 Gold Pearl

Here is the look in context. I like cooler greens combined with berries, they are delicious. I mean the berries are! Check out here to see what is coming up next and one of them I am wearing on my lips here, review to follow.

FOTD with Burberry Eye Color Wet & Dry Silk #309 Aqua Green and Glow #001 Gold Pearl

Final thoughts: I really like the way one of my favorite make-up line, Burberry, is going. Instead of sheer and shimmery, the release of bold and matte singles make my heart flutter. That said I would like to see more mid-toned shades on the Glow line and hopefully they stock on #002 Nude soon which is sold out.

Have you checked the new formula of Burberry? How to you find the idea of discontinuing Sheer Eye Shadows for ones with more color pay off and less shimmer?

Disclosure: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Haha I'm like you! I try to dip my brush into the tiny upper left section only so that I won't ruin the whole pattern! Thanks for clarifying the differences between the new formulas. Now I know the Glow one would suit me better. BUT I WANT NUDE AND IT'S SOLD OUT! Why?!! Let's hold hands and pray that it'll be back in stock soon! LOL!

  2. I never got the Pale Barley hype either. It really looks like nothing on me. From the new line I have Glow shadow in Nude, and it is the perfect one swiper for me. It shows up really well, is actually a medium taupey gold, cooler and darker than Nars Himalia which is my other current one-swipe love.
    The newer Burberry quads (Gold and Nude Blush) are so much better than the old ones too; but Nude 002 is in a class of its own!!
    I love that green shadow with the plum lips!! Ideas ideas LOL!

  3. Whoaa what an amazing look! Although: you don't like Pale Barley? I might have to reconsider our friendship LOL I love that shade SO much! The two shades work together so beautifully. I can't wait to actually see the new eyeshadow line-up and most probably pick up a couple more of them :)

  4. Nude is indeed sold out absolutely everywhere, checked myself a day ago. I tried even the websites that usually have Burberry LEs forever. Nothing even on the freaking ebay:) It is almost ridiculous how strongly people reacted on the word "nude":) Burberry must feel shocked. By the way, all this is a result of many mentions in blogs:) I am sure Burberry will bring some more nudes, it was not stated as a limited edition.

  5. Oh Nude is so pretty! I really wish this wasn't sold out everywhere! Thanks for the great review! xo Kelly mydazzlelight.blogspot.com

  6. I know, I was waiting for the press infos and somehow I have missed on Nude
    I am hoping it will be stocked back!

  7. Hi Sunny,
    Thanks, yeah lol, sorry I am not in the Pale Barley club. It seems people either love it or hate it. I am also excited to touch these when they launch. They are not out yet here so waiting eagerly. I have a few shades on my list as well!

  8. LOL Bella, on me too, you said it good, looks like nothing.
    I love Nude, wish it wouldn't be sold out, I would order it *cries*
    Since you have all those plum lips, stay tuned for ideas on how to wear these because there will be some berry post coming up :-P Also if you have ideas, shoot, I am open!

  9. LOL Jaa, I knew someone as crazy as me would understand this.
    I know that is so disappointing with Nude :-( I missed on this as well. My only hope is that they will show up here at some point and I will grab one. Pale Barley was out of stock forever *sigh*

  10. I was just making a joke about myself :) Nude sounds like something what I expected but didn't get from pale barley too. And definitely more interesting colorwise than white and beige peach Shell. So far I remember monos disappearing so quickly only when Chanel gri-gri was launched.

  11. Ah gorgeous! Our Burberry store here isn't stocked properly most of the time and it's pretty annoying. Safe the hassle and get it online, I always tell myself :-) So, it's always lovely to see swatches!

  12. I can't wait to try this new formula! Both of these shades are great and look so lovely paired together :)

  13. yay for th green and berry look! you are soooo right! I should definitely try it.
    I don't get Burberry here, and I'm on a "drugstore makeup" kind of mood (also my wallet is, haha) so I probably won't get any, but of course, changing sheer for more pigmentation is wise. Because you can always blend and work a shade to make it more subtle, but sheer stuff can never get as intense, no matter how many layers you add. So when in doubt, I always get the more pigmented options (of whatever),

  14. Hello beauties! You can imagine how extremely overwhelmed I was when I found NUDE in The Burberry counter in my last visit to Thessaloniki,Greece.i directly picked it along with some favorite shades (Antique Pink) of lip cover lipstick formula that are unfortunately also discontinued! :) The really big news for me during my yesterday's visit at Harrods was with another sold out Nude,the Nude Dip of Tom Ford!it is coming next June as part of the permanent line! So I still have a Nude to desire!!

  15. Hi Kelly,
    Nude is restocked on EU website.
    where are you located?

  16. Hi Lily,
    Be sure to check a few of the new eye shadows, the formula is really as you (and me) would like it, pigmented and smooth :-)

  17. Hi Jenni,
    make sure to check them out and let us know how you like it.
    I would love to read your thoughts.

  18. Thanks Sara! You're so sweet to let me know! I'm in California though :( I'll keep checking the US website & cross my fingers! xo Kelly

  19. Oh ok lol but I think if they restock here, they should restock there soon as well. If not just let me know, I get one for you :-)


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