Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection, Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver, Super Gloss Rosy Future and Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White, Review, Swatches & FOTD

Right on time for the weekend I have a super fun collection to share with you. Estée Lauder collaborated this time with French Fashion Brand Courrèges to release a limited edition collection with a futuristic take on 60s touch. As the first Courrèges Atelier was founded in 1961, the motto of the brand was "Courrèges is tomorrow, begun today". The packaging and the color story definitely lives up to this. I have three products from the collection for you, Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver, Super Gloss Rosy Future and Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White.

Courrèges Collection: Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver, Super Gloss Rosy Future and Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White

Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection Eye Amplifier in Aqua Silver is a very light sea foam green with metallic finish. It can be used dry for a wash of color over the lid or wet for a more intense look. I found that it also applies quiet pigmented once applied dry, like in the swatch below. Although it is metallic, the shimmer is complex and beautiful. The name "Aqua Silver" is right on. It has a green tingle but doesn't appear too green once applied on the eyes. I can't wear these tones on me eyes usually but this one worked very good. And yes it is very 60s, isn't it?

Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection: Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver

One of the most playful products in the range must be Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White. It comes in a classical twist package and with a tiny flexible brush. It is comfortable to apply if you are accustomed to brush applicators. It is called Ultra White for a reason, this one is really very pigmented. It can even be applied over a black eye liner and it would cover it up.

Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection: Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White

Now the pieces are selling fast, so I tried this out quickly. This is the first time I try it so maybe the line is not perfect but in real life it seemed more wearable than here. Even hubby said "wow, this looks so cool!" and I asked what it was exactly what looked cool, he pointed at the white eye liner. Maybe I should try more playful make-up from time to time.

Below I applied Eye Amplifier in Aqua Silver all over the lid, then lined the upper lash line with black liner which I topped with Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White. I applied Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner in Mars on the lower waterline and finished it with lots of mascara. 60s looks were all about big lashes and this collection also has falsies but I can usually get away without using one.

In-action: Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White and Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver

Here is the completed look with the eyes from a distance to give you a better idea of wearability. I am also wearing Tom Ford Cheek Color in Frantic Pink on the cheeks. For me the standout of these three pieces was the lip product though, which I will talk about next...

FOTD Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver, Super Gloss Rosy Future and Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White

Some readers might know by now that I am not a gloss girl. I have pigmented lips to start with, so everything which has translucency to it ends up looking almost the same with minor difference. When I first applied Super Gloss in Rosy Future, I sighed happily. This is the kind of product which makes make-up enthusiasts heart skip a beat. Why?

Let me start with the packaging. The upper part of the white part can be pushed down to pump some product on the tip. Then you can apply it directly from the metal part on the lips, which is cooling and hygienic! I was always wondering it there is a possibility to get away from this brush touching the lips and inserted in the tube back. This package reminds me of eye creams and I really like the idea, all thumbs and toes up!

Then the glossy but very pigmented formula, it is to die for. I wished there would be other colors of this and I would happily invest getting them all. And the color, it is right up my alley. Seriously this product is a must have from the collection although everyone else is going crazy over the illuminating powder.

Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection: Super Gloss Rosy Future

Here is me wearing Super Gloss Rosy Future on the lips with the eye look I presented above. And no I was not falling down, I just wanted to give another pose lol.

FOTD: Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver, Super Gloss Rosy Future and Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White

Final thoughts: A very fun collection from Courrèges and Estée Lauder with good quality and innovative chic futuristic packaging. Eye Amplifier Aqua Silver is a very wearable shade, it is nicely pigmented the shimmer is very fine and complex. Ultra White Eye Liner in Lunar White brings something to play with but I have to get better with eye liner application. My pick from the collection is Super Gloss in Rosy Future, which brings come is a creative packaging and very glossy and pigmented formula. Hope to see more colors of this gloss in the future!

Have you picked up anything from Courrèges Estée Lauder Collection? Have you ever tried white eye liner?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I love that gloss, it's my favorite shade! And the sparkly silver is gorgeous too. It looks like a great collection!

  2. Great look Sara! And the die for! Is this collection available online in Europe? because I'm not sure this collection will reach Stockholm :(

  3. Thanks Agata, gloss is superb! Collection is very fun for those of us who like something other than naturals and nudes ;-)

  4. OOO what a fun look! In the beginning I was like... there is nothing I'd want here. Now I am not so sure! Love that double liner especially, and the gloss looks great on you!

  5. Yes gloss is certainly too pretty to miss. Estee Lauder Online Shop has all the collection at the moment in Germany. I hope you guys receive it too.

  6. LOL Sunny, I think you would enjoy the gloss too though ;-) No not enabling lol
    I would like to check out the highlighting powder too but it is sold out everywhere. Is it released in Belgium?

  7. Hey Sara, here this collection is an online exclusive and I just checked but the highlighting powder is already OOS! Bummer!

  8. Here at online shop highlighter is also OOS. I will check the store today. If you are interested, I can get you one too if I happen to find it.

  9. Hey Sara, that's really nice of you! I think I'll sit it out tho. I am really quite happy with the Chanel highlighters in my stash (which I will never ever use up)!

  10. I don't think I've seen this here! Such an interesting collection and thanks for sharing, Sara :-) I love love love the look you did. Such a mod look.

  11. Such an interesting collection! Definitely something out of the box, not too sure if it's made for me though ... Although that lip thing looks very cool and the shade is stunning! Love the look you've created - very cool! X

  12. Die Produkte gefallen mir von der Pigmentierung her recht gut, nur muss ich gestehen bei der Verpackung hätte ich Estee Lauder nicht zuordnen können. Es ist mal etwas anderes aber irgendwie ungewohnt :D

    Isa | Beauty blog

  13. Hallo Isa,
    du hast Recht, diese Art von Verpackung ist eher ungewöhnlich von Estée Lauder. Ich finde aber das Design recht schön und ausgefallen.

  14. ok, bright hot pinks are definitely your color Sara! I'm still waiting for these Courreges to arrive in Singapore.... sigh.....

  15. Love the Aqua Silver and the pink gloss, not so sure about the white liner. It reminds of correction fluid or liquid paper.

  16. I ordered almost the whole collection, except the white liner as it looks like Tipp-ex. However, they sent me the black silver instead of the aqua silver eye shadow, so i hope dealing with customer service and returns won't be too difficult.

  17. The white eyeliner looks great on you! I really like this collection (from the pictures). Something new.

  18. Hello Sara! I finally managed to purchase the lipgloss exclusively in a department store here in Stockholm and I preordered the highlighter as it was sold out in a few hours and it's going to be restocked again :)

  19. LOL yes I love the bright pinks if they are not warm ;-)
    Can it be online exclusive? At some of the countries, it was the case.

  20. Hahaha yes Tipp-Ex for the eyes, definitely!
    But it is cool nevertheless, something different ;-)

  21. Hi Sandra,
    where have you ordered it? Black silver is a eye stick right? I swatched it here in the states at a counter, it looked quiet nice, maybe you want to check it out before you return ;-)

  22. Hi, yes exactly something new, something different is always good. We make-up addicts need a bit of a chance from time to time. ;-)

  23. i ordered it through the Estee Lauder website, the only way to get it here as it was not sold in stores.

    I do have the eye shadow stick, but I ordered the aqua silver eye shadow powder you swatched in the post, and they sent me the black silver powder, this one:

    No need for that, and when I swatch it, I can't return it.
    So, back it went.

    Oh, and imho, it sucks that the kabuki brush does not have a case or something. :-)

  24. I really like this look on you Sara!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict


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