Guest Post Series: Faces of Spring, Sara from "Color Me Loud"

Hey what am I doing here? Am I being featured in a Guest Post Series on my own blog? 

Dear readers, here is the occasion... I will be on my way to Japan in about 6 hours from now. During the long hours I will be petting brushes, I was thinking what would be the best thing to keep up with the blog? I could prepare posts before hand and try to publish every now and then. But sometimes I come up with even a better idea!

I was asked to feature more "Favorites" and I had it top on my list to write a "Blogs I Love to Read" post. What about combining these two?

During the upcoming days I am going to bring you ten talented bloggers from blogs I love reading myself. I invited them to share their favorites for Spring with you. They will also feature regional trends and tips. 

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to every blogger who gave their time to prepare wonderful posts for me. I am very flattered to see that each and every one I asked agreed without a hesitation. One of the best things about blogging must be friendship and contacts and I came to recognize it more than ever by this blog post series.

I would like to start with my favorites at the moment as an opening post to Guest Post Series,  Faces of Spring. My post is rather quick since I don't have so much time in my hands at the moment. You know, I haven't packed yet! *grins* 

My recent favorites, Faces of Spring

Here are my favorites at the moment, which I frequently reach for:

Base Products

Guerlain Lingeri de Peau BB Beauty Booster: This one is on top of my favorites base products over a year. I also reach for Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation (reviewed here) often. Guardian's BB cream is light, comfortable to wear and it has a decent coverage. 

Clarins Instant Concealer*: After trying it out recently (reviewed here), I can't use any other concealer. It has a very good lasting power and it brightens up under my eyes without creasing. 

Guerlain Météorites Perles #02 Teint Beige: This is the older formula which I liked more because I find the new one to be more powdery and more shimmery. I use it as a finishing powder. I love it to even out the skin tone and blur the imperfections.

Cheeks, Highlight & Contouring

Suqqu Lighting Liquid*: After I discovered this product, my cheeks bones got a lift up. I would like to write a detailed post about it but I couldn't get it done before I leave for vacation. In the mean while it might sell out, so I thought I should let you know. It is especially good for light complexions since the base shade is very light. Because of this, I don't recommend to mix it in the foundation. But as you pad a tiny amount over your cheek bones, it makes a difference and it looks very natural. I also recommend it for combination skin since it is not shimmery at all. 

Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder in Medium: Together with Chanel Notorious, this is my holy grail sculpting product. I use this one almost everyday and I hit the pan already. A new one is on its way to me.

Guerlain Météorites Perles de Blush Éclat Angélique*: This gives a lovely natural flush with a nice radiance. It is my favorite cheek product from this year's Spring Collections (reviewed here).


Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #01 Ripe Plum*:  It is no secret that I was a big fan of Tom Ford's Spring Collection. This item was the one I reached for most often. I love the idea of the opalescent shade and layering with the deeper base. (reviewed here)

Burberry Effortless Eye Brow Definer #02 Sepia*: This one is a great quick brow fix if you have bald spots in your brows such as I do!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Feline Gaze Eye Khol #062 Lilith*: It is a great black shade which is not too deep and the consistency is not too creamy nor too dry. It wears applies easily and wears long on me. It also doesn't look too heavy a la Urban Decay Perversion. 


There are a few shades I am loving in this category but my choice for this look is Estée Lauder's Lip Color Envy Shine in Inspiring* (reviewed here). 

FOTD with my recent favorites

I am hoping you will love the favorites of the fellow bloggers as well and get to know a few of them if you don't know read their blogs already. Please show us some love below at the comments and chat with them. I will try to get involved as much as I can during this time too. Otherwise you can follow my japan highlights at my Instagram account. See you soon!

What are your favorites recently?

Disclaimer: The products shown with (*) were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Lovely post - I really enjoy reading people's favourites, so I'm looking forward to this series. It's a great idea. Happy travels in Japan - I can't wait to read the beauty hauls! Susan, London

  2. Ah gorgeous! Love everything featured here. I recently bought the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder, and I now understand why it's cult :-)

  3. Hey Sara, wheeee have fun fondling all the pretty brushes (OK that doesn't sound right...)! I tried the Envy Shines and my mind is a little blown! Another great everyday lipstick formula I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to everyone :)

  4. I recently started using my base samples and I have to say that Bb lingerie de peau blew my mind. And this comes from someone who doesn't own a foundation!

  5. Safe travels to Japan, Sara! Have a wonderful trip! :) Looking forward to seeing all the guest posts you've lined up for us.

  6. The Sculpting Powder ist THE! product for me. I also have Chanel Notorious, but Kevyn Aucoin is so much easier to work with!
    Travel safe and buy amazing stuff <3

  7. Somehow, I missed the Clarins review so glad to go back and see your concealer rave. Will have to check that out. Fun overview and will look forward to the posts. Have a wonderful trip to Japan-- expecting to see an epic haul-- Suqqu and more.

  8. Thank you Alison, I am trying to arrange some visits. Suqqu Counter face massage is already a must for me, since I have heard about it so much. I have to remember not to give all my money here, very tempting.

  9. I am using Chanel Notorious too, for cooler looks or combine it with Kevyn Aucoin. Both are lovely but Kevyn has definitely something special ;-)

  10. Hi Belly,
    thanks, there will be gorgeous favorites coming up. Greetings from Kyoto Xox

  11. Hi Nati,
    That Guerlain blush was probably my favorite of all the spring collections :-) So you made a great choice. It really gives a lovely luminous flush. You and me we have similar complexions so it seems to work best for ours :-)
    Thank you for your lovely wishes :-*

  12. I test so many foundations and BB Creams, I always go back to this one. Also the shade (#01 Light) is a match made in heaven for me. It would also be fine with someone who is a little lighter but lighter than that or deeper complexions are left out of the line unfortunately.
    This one is called BB Cream but it really covers as well as a foundation, still doesn't feel heavy.

  13. LOL fondling sounds to be the right word!
    Envy Shines are really great, normal Envy's are good as well. Estée Lauder nailed it with their lip colors.

  14. Hi Lily,
    I also went to order a duo from Kevyn Aucoin lately, I am intrigued but yes that powder has a great color that matches almost everyone. I wonder how can that ever be!

  15. Hi Susan,
    I am so glad to have so many blogger friends. This is the best things about blogging, getting to know people who are enthusiastic about similar things from all over the world. It is first just makeup but then with a few it goes beyond that point ever. I remember pen pals when I was a child in school which we got to choose from a pool. The match was never right, lol.
    I am trying to haul but there are so many things to check. I am a little overwhelmed. I need help LOL.

  16. Now i need to get the Clarins concealer and SUQQU highlighter!!! Loving how you're showing your personal holy grails... always love to see some pan action and well-loved products!!!

  17. The Clarins is really good, though. And a tube lasts ages!

  18. Hallo Sara, diese Blush Perlen sind nicht nur optisch ein Traum awww ♥

    Isa | Beauty Blog

  19. Ha-ha, well you did not buy everything, after all. I tried the Clarins concealer and liked it a lot. Ended up getting both 01 and 02. What is so great about it is that it lasts, it does not dry the eye area, so that it's somehow in worse condition after use. But I don't like the lack of control about how much comes out so that you end up using it more rapidly. I think it would also be a great base for the CdeP which is drying. Good pick! Thanks!


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