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Have I said I am back? I will be traveling again from tomorrow on, this time to the other side of the world, to the States for a conference. There are so many products I would like to share with you so I will try my best to post even when I am there. I did some preparation during the last days. It will be the most fun experience with the jet lag especially since it is not all gone yet. Although I am usually a night person, I go to bed at around 10 to 11 pm at the moment and wake up really early. Let's see how it will look like during my travels. 

Shortly before my trip to Japan, I have seen MAC Philip Treacy Collection at our local counter. I was rushing so I didn't have lots of time to play with them. In a hurry, I swatched a few products and decided on three of them. These had to wait for me at home until I was back. For the last couple of days I had the chance to play with them. Today I would like to share my thoughts with you before they are sold out. For those of you who also don't know about Philip Treacy, you can check him out here. He is a hat designer and designer based in London. 

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Genuine Treasure, Hollywood Cerise Lipstick and Highlight Powder in Blush Pink

Once I had seen the swatches of MAC Philip Treacy Collection online, I knew I would pick up one of the lipsticks and the blush. Somehow paint pots didn't get my attention back then. When I met the collection in person, the most amazing item, I thought, was Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure. It has a lovely complex shimmer and it has a strong base to hold the glitter in place. It is  so beautiful and very hard to capture in camera.

Swatch: MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure

I apply Genuine Treasure directly with my fingers on the lid and blend over the crease with a clean crease brush, or alternatively with MAC Omega Eye Shadow on the brush for a little bit of definition. It is an amazing shade. I don't know why it is not sold out, probably because it is a re-promote from several years back. If you don't have it, I highly recommend picking this one up, especially if you like a bit of glam and glitter.

In-action: MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure

The stars of the collection are two limited edition blush/highlighter with special design. The silver parts are overspray and they gone gone after the first use. The one I picked up is the lighter version called Blush Pink. Since it is called "highlighter powder" I was a little confused to see the second one, called Nude Pink, to be even darker than my skin shade and being mostly matte while Blush Pink has a light satin texture to it. After trying out Blush Pink, I don't know if I made the right choice. This one is too matte to be a highlighter for my rather dry skin. Since I don't have visible pores, I enjoy more shimmery highlighters which catch the light better. It is also too light to be a blush, looks rather ashy on my light to medium complexion. Nude Pink would probably have made a nice nudy blush on me. All in all, I am a little underwhelmed with both of the blushes to be honest.

MAC Highlight Powder in Blush Pink

Here is a swatch of Blush Pink. I dust it on the high points of my face which lights up my complexion and brings some dimension but being honest some other highlighters meet my needs better.

Swatch: MAC Highlight Powder in Blush Pink

There are three lipsticks in this collection. No Faux Pas is a repromote from Heirloom Collection of last year, which I already reviewed here. There is a warm red called Cardinal. Since warm reds never work on me as they should, it was an easy skip. Hollywood Cerise though is a lovely magenda with a touch of plum in there and enough coolness to make it work for me. It has a satin finish, which is also a bit more forgiving than the mattes. This one is also still available online, which is interesting considering all the lipsticks are usually sold out in a few days. 

Swatch: MAC Lipstick in Hollywood Cerise

I swatched some recent pinks from MAC together with Heroine. If you ask yourself what it does there, I don't know. I just love Heroine so much and it has to be swatched with each and every comparison. No Faux Pas is the matte version of Viva Glam Miley Cyrus and it is a little cooler. It is also very close to Good Kisser, which is a little warmer. Hollywood Cerise is cooler than these. The closest shade I have in my collection is MAC Ultramarine Pink from Prabal Gurung Collection, which I didn't have the opportunity to review since it was sold out so quickly. It is a real challenge to be able to review MAC Collections on time. If you missed Ultramarine Pink though, I recommend you pick up Holywood Cerise, which is still available at online shop in the states or Breuninger in Germany.

Comparison Swatch: MAC Lipstick in Hollywood Cerise and No Faux Pas

Here is the complete look with Hollywood Cerise on lips, Pro Longwear Paint Pot Genuine Treasure on eyes and Blush Pink on cheeks combined with Tom Ford Frantic pink under it for a bit more color. 

FOTD MAC Philip Treacy Collection, Genuine Treasure, Hollywood Cerise, Blush Pink

Final thoughts: All in all a nice little collection. I especially like the repromoted  Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure if you like glam. The glitter stays in place and it looks lovely on the eyes. Hollywood Cerise Lipstick is another recommendation, it is not drying and it is a little muted so I guess it would work on many complexions. I am a little underwhelmed with the blushes though and I don't think they are must haves.

MAC Philip Treacy Collection is now available online on MAC in the states. In Germany it is exclusive to Breuninger. Yesterday they still had all the pieces available in Stuttgart when I checked.

Have you picked up anything from the collection?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are purchased by me.


  1. Lucky you!!! We did not get the collection here at my store and I refuse to buy sight unseen :X

    Hollywood cerise looks all kinds of wonderful and I would have gotten one of those compacts for the embossing alone, fickle thing that I am.

    And I love paintpots and all types of cream eyeshadows so I would have loved to play with these as well.

    Excellent choices!

  2. I have Hollywood Cerise, and totally love it!! I think people get scared by the bright swatch, but it is actually very wearable. And Genuine Treasure looks like like it's made from gold dust, so pretty!

  3. Hi Katherine,
    Hollywood Cerise is rather muted for such a shade. I also like it being not matte but satin but still not being glossy or pearly. I have the feeling that matte shades sell out much faster, then everyone complains they are drying, go figure.
    Genuine Treasure is really so pretty. I can even use it as a swipe and go glam, if there is anything like that lol.

  4. Hi Tirurit. The collection was exclusive to a store in Germany. I know what you mean, sight unseen is always risky, especially once you can't return whatever doesn't work for you. I got the compact also for embossing alone, lol. I am not sure if I will be using the shade all that often.

  5. Yes only one store, but it is a store chain, so they have stores at different cities. Still it is difficult to get hold of if you don't live in that 2-3 cities.

    LOL Fairy Grey is so beautiful, isn't it? I gladly take the blame for it!

  6. Yes, i'm very sure now that fuchsia lipsticks are your thing, Sara. :) And LOL at the comment about Heroine!!! This collection was very boring to me... I don't know how it speaks of Philip Treacy's design sensibility, I don't *see* him at all in these items, and honestly, people seemed to have fallen in love with the blushes but as you said, the swatches I've seen are all pretty blah. But thanks for pointing out that paint pot! If I could spare anymore space in my dresser, I would kill for it!!

  7. Really pretty! I am tempted of combining it with pink tomorrow ;)

  8. Ooh, the shimmer in that Paint Pot- so pretty! And that lipstick shade is fabulous :)

  9. TheSunnyDay2013 .May 3, 2015 at 11:24 PM

    Hi Sara,
    Do you think Hollywood Cerise and Ultramarine Pink are dupes? If I have one of them, I don't need the other? Thanks!


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