MAC Heirloom Mix My Picks, Pressed Pigments, Sweet Sentiment Blush, Courting Chic Lipgloss, No Faux Pas Lipstick and Nail Polish in Just Jewels, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I know I am late to the party but I have just seen that almost all the pieces I would like to talk about today are still available online, so I would like to make sure you are not missing anything. When it comes to MAC I had been a bad girl this year and ended up hauling for each collection. My favorites were Alluring Aquatics, Moody Blooms, Pedro Lourenco and Osbournes. When Heirloom Mix was first announced and swatches started appearing, I was a little unsure about what to get. As much as I liked the packaging, nothing was calling my name. I decided to get the hyped items and stop there. (Victorian Plum and Enchantment Pressed Pigments, Salon Rouge lipstick). When I have seen the collection in person though, the following (and much more) happened...

MAC Heirloom Mix My Picks, Pressed Pigments, Sweet Sentiment Blush, Courting Chic Gloss and No Faux Pas Lipstick

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to MAC about stocking enough products. Heirloom Mix was one of the collections which lasted at retailers several weeks and most of the collection is still online at MAC online shop. If I am put under stress, I usually decide wrong about what to buy and end up regretting what I haven't bought and not using what came with me. With this collection I had time to think throughly about my choices.

On the eyes, I have ended up with six of the Pressed Pigments. These are in regular eye shadow sizes and has exactly the same amount of product (1.3 g) as the regular MAC eye shadows. Below you can see four of them pictured since two of them which I ordered from US (Victorian Plum and Enchantment) arrived just yesterday with a huge delay and couldn't make it on time to the group photo. 

MAC Pressed Pigments (mini) in Regal Affair, Prim and Proper, Noblesse Oblige and Modern Majesty

Regal Affair is a nice sparkly white which you can add on any other shade to bring something bling to your eye look. 

Noblesse Oblige is a silver taupe, can be worn on its own or can be padded on another shade for a silver twist.

Modern Majesty is my favorite of the collection. Yes of the whole collection. Especially once applied wet, this color has one of the most beautiful duo chrome effects I have ever seen. That blue sparkles on a red brown basis, so gorgeous!

Prim and Proper is a lovely night makeup shade, it is one shade but it gives the impression of a black powder and glitter padded over it all at once. It is also best once used wet or you can use this shade to add depth to the crease to, say, Modern Majesty, as I have done below.

MAC Pressed Pigments (mini) in Regal Affair, Prim and Proper, Noblesse Oblige and Modern Majesty swatches

Application notes: I think wet application is best to minimize the fall out. These are sparkly and pressed pigments, they are not as finely milled as eye shadows. So apply the eye look before the base, use a dense brush and padding motion on the lids, use a primer or a cream base underneath for the pigments to hold on to and apply wet for more intensity. I have also seen that they do layer beautifully but they don't blend all that well. I recommend using one main shade for the whole lid. That is anyway enough because they are all very complex and lovely.

Below I applied Modern Majesty wet all over the lid, used Prim and Proper at the crease, again wet and blended it with a clean crease brush, padded tiny bit of Regal Affair on the inner corner to open up the eyes.

In-action: MAC Pressed Pigments (mini) in Regal Affair, Prim and Proper and Modern Majesty

There are two blushes in the collection. I went with the plummy one which I found to be unique for my stash, it is called Sweet Sentiment. Right now I have around 10 MAC Blushes I have hoarded but haven't yet gotten to try, yet so I tried to take it easy this time. I am loving the soft sheen of Sweet Sentiment and it works wonderfully with hot pink lips, such as MAC Lipstick No Faux Pas from the collection. These are both my obsessions once combined together. 

MAC Sweet Sentiment Blush, Courting Chic Lipgloss and No Faux Pas Lipstick

Below I swatched my lips and cheeks picks for you. You can also see how No Faux Pas is compared to the other hot pinks of MAC which were released this year. Kelly Yum-Yum is lighter and cooler. Good Kisser is a tad warmer but very close. I like No Faux Pas more than Good Kisser because it has something neon to that but it is still very wearable. You can see my wearing it after the jump. 

MAC Sweet Sentiment Blush, Courting Chic Lipgloss and No Faux Pas Lipstick

I have been to Breuninger MAC Counter on Saturday wearing No Faux Pas and one of the SAs were wearing the same. There was an instant sisterhood of lipstick between us. You see, that is such a shade that when you see it, you recognize it immediately. It has the right coolness and right brightness to be wearable, yet it manages to stay fun. It is a matte lipstick but close to the recent matte releases, so it is not too matte nor drying. A lovely one and one of the must have of the collection in my opinion. Oh and loving its name as well!

MAC Lipstick in No Faux Pas

Here is me wearing No Faux Pas and Sweet Sentiment combo. Sweet Sentiment provides enough color and sheen so that the face is not washed out with the brightness of the lipstick. I didn't use a lip pencil with that, applied it with a lip brush, blotted and applied directly from the bullet. It lasted 6 hours on me, mostly as a stain after lunch.

FOTD with MAC Lipstick in No Faux Pas and Mineralize Blush in Sweet Sentiment

I am not much of a gloss girl. Glosses usually catch my wild hair, no thanks. When it comes to MAC lip glosses, I sometimes can't resist them, like Pedro Lorenco ones earlier this year. Heirloom Mix has five very lovely and complex lip glosses and best thing about them is that they are "cremesheen glass" formula, which is more lasting and less sticky! When I swatched them at the counter, I have seen that most of them would work better once combined with a lipstick since they have a transparent base. Courting Chic was a stand out to me and I thought it would work on its own too.

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Courting Chic

On my lips MAC Cremesheen Glass in Courting Chic is a mid-toned to deep warm red with a tad of brownness to it. It has gorgeous red glitter particles and it is very comfortable to wear. If you are going to pick up only one lip product from the collection, I recommend checking out Courting Chic.

FOTD with MAC Cremesheen Glass in Courting Chic

Here is the last piece I picked up from Heirloom Mix. It is a very unique nail polish called "Just Jewels". It has a frosty metallic pink base and multi colored round sparse glitters on it. Below you can see it with two coats. It shows a little bit of the nail line but since there is so much going on, no one ever cares. Well at least, I don't. It is so lovely and unfortunately it is the only piece I would like to talk today that is mostly sold out. If you want one, you may want to call a few counters to check the availability.

MAC Nail Polish in Just Jewels

Final thoughts: MAC Heirloom Mix offers duo chrome eye shadows and glitters, lovely blushes with a right amount of sheen, complex shimmer on the lips as well as lovely mattes. These are all hard to capture with camera so make sure to check them out in person if you can. My top three picks are Pressed Pigment in Modern Majesty, Matte Lipstick in No Faux Pas and Cremesheen Lipglass in Courting Chic.

Have you picked up anything from Heirloom Mix yet? Are you eyeing anything?

Disclaimer: MAC Pressed Pigments Regal Affair, Prim and Proper, Lipstick in No Faux Pas and Creemsheen Lipglass in Courting Chic were sent to me free of charge for consideration. I have purchased the others. I am not paid for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Killer picks! Modern Majesty is such a unique, pretty shadow and I love that sheer, shimmery red gloss :)


    1. Yes Courting Chic is one of my favorites from this collection. It is also very christmassy, I might end up wearing this to the dinner.

  2. GORGEOUS Sara!! No Faux Pas is amazing on you! And those pressed pigments... hmmm dont tempt me! Fallout?? I'm going to burn that in my brain that so I can't be tempted to buy!!

    1. Pressed Pigments have very interesting texture, I would say pink up one at least, it is something to try out for sure. No Faux Pas is beyond gorgeous, you know you will have one soon too ;-))

  3. That nail polish is EVERYTHING my goodness! So beautiful! That, and the Sweet Sentiment blush! These would be the two items I wouldn't mind investing in! :D

    The completed look is gorgeous, Sara! So fresh. I love it! :D

    1. Hi Jaa,
      I am wearing the nail polish at the moment, I can't tell you how much I like it. So interesting, I would never think that I would like a frosty pink nail polish, go figure.
      MAC Mineralize blushes are really so beautiful. That one is especially nice because it has some coolnes in there without becoming pastel, you should check out the collection too!

  4. Hey Sara ... and nice to meet you! I discovered your blog recently and can't stop reading!

    I love how this collection looks on you. Especially the lipstick! Being a brunette, I would hesitate to wear such a bold pink as No Faux Pas, but I might try it, as it's nothing like what I have in my collection ; )

    What I am really tempted by is, Modern Majesty! Should be fab and I love a red-brown combo. Would wear it with Noblesse Oblige instead though as I'm not a huge fan of black eyeshadows which would rule Prim and Proper out for me. Would you combine those two colours? Also, would you think the effect would last after application without a base?

    -Elena x

    1. Hi Elena,
      I think Modern Majesty looks good on its own, you really don't need to combine it with anything. As I have already written I don't think the pressed pigments combine all that well since it is a more glittery texture. If you want to depend the crease to outer corner, you can go for any other eye shadow from your collection though. Noblesse Oblige is nice on its own too :-) You can get both.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and your lovely compliment :-*

  5. I just placed my order and cannot wait till next week to receive it! I went for Modern Majesty and the Prunella eye pencil - it caught my eye and I can't wait to try it, on one of those days when I play with different colour eye pencils on my eyes. Any chance there might be a review on the Burberry Christmas collection ;) ?


    1. Hi Elena,
      I hope you enjoy Modern Majesty as much as I do.
      I have already reviewed Burberry Christmas Palette and Eye Shadow, have you seen it?

  6. Oh I missed that! Nipping to their London store this weekend, so I will go through your post first :) Thanks!


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