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It must have been time to get into something colorful, matching to the name of the blog. Lately I caught a MAC bug and went crazy over their Alluring Aquatics collection (reviewed here and here) and Pedro Lourenco (reviewed here) became one of my go to makeup looks for professional settings. After having fun with Osbournes collection (Kelly's part reviewed here, Sharon's is coming up), I was convinced that nothing could excite me as much as these did. 

But there it was, Moody Blooms. First of all, I am loving the name, which I think, is a word play on Moody Blues, a band which I adore. Although they were active much before my time, I discovered their music during my late teens. Especially their album called Days of Future Passed has been my obsession over years. Maybe you know Night in White Satin? That one is from this album, together with other songs which take the listener to different times of the day. 

MAC Eye Shadows in Deep Fixation, Green Room, Lucky Green, Hidden Motive, Blooming Mad and Artistic License

Moody Blooms Collection is composed of six eye shadows, five Sheen Supreme Lipsticks, five Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tints, two powder blushes and three Fluidlines. To me the eye shadows were the stars of the collection. Six eye shadows can be classified into three main color categories, brown/peach, green and purple. 

For the natural lovers, the collection offers a stunning peachy rose gold called Artistic License. It is very smooth and creamy and the shade shows up perfectly on the lids. It was love at first sight. A deeper bronze brown called Deep Fixation is a little drier to touch but applies beautifully. I like my crease shades a little on the drier side so this one is perfect for me. Both are very pigmented and apply beautifully. 

MAC Eye Shadows in Deep Fixation and Artistic License

Two beautiful purples of the collection for eyes are Blooming Mad and Hidden Motive. Hidden Motive is a stunning deep warm plum/orchid with lovely pink shimmer. Blooming Mad is a mid-toned pinky lilac which is very iridescent once worn. Both of the shades are very radiant and beautiful, again the lighter shade is more creamy to touch and deeper shade is a little drier, I think the consistencies and pigmentation are great during application.

MAC Eye Shadows in Hidden Motive and Blooming Mad

Two of the eye shadows I was not very keen on getting were the green ones. Green Room is a mid-toned forest green with a touch of teal. I was not very fond of Green Room since those green tones tend to look muddy on my complexion (and give me a punched eye). Since I really liked Lucky Green, I didn't want to pass the last one in the line so ended up getting Green Room too. The consistency of Green Room is a little drier but it is pigmented and works well once applied. Lucky Green, an acid green, is such a gorgeous shade, it looks very electric but on the lids, it blends beautifully and combines very nicely with the rest of the shades.

MAC Eye Shadows in Green Room and Lucky Green

Here are all the shades together for those of you who still can't make up their minds. I have also swatched them all together for reference. The shades first look like uncoordinated but the magic happens when you start mixing and matching those. I can think of thousand possibilities with these, but first I took the challenge to apply all of that at once, you can see the results down below, but first Fluidlines...

MAC Eye Shadows in Deep Fixation, Green Room, Lucky Green, Hidden Motive, Blooming Mad and Artistic License
Swatch: MAC Deep Fixation, Green Room, Lucky Green, Hidden Motive, Blooming Mad and Artistic License

I purchased all the Fluidlines of the collection. First I was thinking to get only Black Ivy, which is a deep teal with sparse beautiful shimmer. Then I have seen Nightshade and my plum loving heart couldn't skip it. That one is unfortunately a bit thin once applied and as a liner, it may not give the best definition but I thought I could use it also as a cream base to some of the eye shadows. Copperthorn is an interesting liner, it is very sparkly and I usually like sparkling eye liners. I thought of combining it with black ivy to add a little bit of something for a special occasion make-up or use it sparingly on the inner corner for a day make-up.

MAC Fluidlines in Black Ivy, Nightshade and Copperthorn

Here is the resulting eye look of the challenge of using all the eye shadows at once. 

Artistic License: Inner corner to the mid-lid
Lucky Green: Middle lid
Hidden Motive and Deep Fixation: Crease and outer corner
Blooming Mad: Blending above crease
Green Room: along lower lash line, blended with Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Mars
Black Ivy: Along the upper lash line
Copperthorn: Inner corner

In-action: MAC Moody Blooms Collection, all the eye shadows and two of the Fluidlines.

There are many more things I would like to try with the eye shadows and Fluidlines, for example using the Fluidlines as base to eye shadows, such as shown in the following swatch. Nightshade and Blooming Mad looks gorgeous once layered.

MAC Moody Blooms Fluidlines and Eyeshadows layered

I also picked up two lipsticks from the collection. Moody Bloom is a real stunner and I think is a very unique one, so a definite stand out of the collection for me. Quiet The Thing! is a lovely pink/plum. These are my first Sheen Supreme Lipsticks, the formula reminds me of YSL's Rouge Volupte lipsticks since these also have a great slip and they are relatively pigmented for a sheer lipstick. 

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks in Moody Bloom and Quiet the Thing
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks in Moody Bloom and Quiet the Thing

Here is the resulting look, I have passed on the blushes of the collection since I got way too many of those recently. I combined the look with MAC Ocean City on the cheeks and Chanel Les Beiges #30 as a subtle bronzer. Although I wouldn't classify Moody Bloom Lipstick as a nude on me, I really like how it combines with all the craziness going on on my eyes. 

FOTD: MAC Moody Blooms Collection
FOTD: MAC Moody Blooms Collection

Also check out the lovely swatches of Cafe Makeup and their picks from the collection.

Final thoughts: A lovely collection from MAC for all tastes, natural lovers need Artistic License and Deep Fixation as well as Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Moody Bloom, team purple needs Hidden Motive, Blooming Mad, Nightshade and Quiet the Thing! 

My personal favorites from the collection are: Moody Bloom, Artistic License, Lucky Green, Hidden Motive, Deep Fixation and Black Ivy in that order. 

The collection is available since one week in Germany and some shades are already sold out online but they can still be found if you call a few counters. On Saturday almost all the items were available in Stuttgart Breuninger and Douglas on Koenig Strasse. In the States, I see that most of the products can still be purchased online, from MAC Cosmetics or other stores such as Nordstrom. 

What are you thoughts on Moody Blooms? 



  1. You make everything look gorgeous!!! The only items I'm moved by is Artistic License and Moody Bloom, hopefully they're still in stock when I go check them out :S

    1. Artistic License sold out online here quiet fast, but there were still a few remaining on the counters, if you have access. Moody Bloom Lipstick is really to die for, probably also combines good with Worldly Wealth blush but I am not sure if I want it since it may turn a little oranghe on me. Let me know if you found what you liked.

  2. Beautiful swatches as usual!
    Oh my gosh, artistic license and copperthorn...please be mine.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment :-*
      Copperthorn combines beautifully with Artistic License that is for sure :-) Good luck in hunting them down!

  3. Hi Sara, as always, your swatches and complete collection blows me away! I just wish they have some sort of buy-all-in-a-set bundle price or make them in palettes... cos singles add up! And i can't ever just walk away with 1 or 2.... so dangerous!

    1. Hi Linda,
      so sweet of you, thanks so much XoxxXo
      Although these singles are not as expensive as say Armani or Chanel's, I hear you! They still do add up. I wish they would be available at least as refills. It would also be better for storage.

  4. Hi Sara
    For some reason I've been on a MAC affair for the last few collections as well-love the look you did-I purchase 4 of the shadows but left out the acid green-but it looks so good on u........maybe now....

    1. Tell me about that affair, I am desperate here lol.
      I think Lucky Green would round up your picks, just saying ;-)

  5. Gorgeous colors! I'm liking License and Motive a lot but I wonder if they'd have better staying power than the last MAC I purchased. Btw, loooove that song and now it's in my head! :)

    1. Hi Helene,
      it is hard for me to comment on staying powder since almost everything stays on me whole day (like 12+hours) with Nars Pro-prime as base. I haven't had any problem in fading or creasing with these. That being said, Lucky Green got a little less bright at the end of the day, but it might even be desirable since the colleagues at the office may freak out with acid green lids lol.

  6. Gosh, this collection was stunning! All of the eye shadows are beautiful and love how you've included the layered swatches. Super pretty look you've created with them :)


    1. Hi Jen,
      yes this one was an outstanding collection, especially for those of us who like some color.
      Lovely textures and shades. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Thank you Sara for this review! Moody Bloom lipstick is calling my looks so gorgeous on you!

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      Moody Blooms lippie is certainly a standout of the collection. I usually don't like browns but this one is so pretty! If I didn't have a rule (for no back-ups!), I would back it up.


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