Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix for Chanel Plumes Précieuses Holiday 2014 Collection, Review, Swatch & Comparison

Precious Feathers is the theme of Chanel's Holiday Collection, so what could be a better name than Phenix for their new red nail polish...

Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix

Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix is a bright orange based red with cream formula and glossy finish. It applies very evenly and beautifully. Two coats is needed for full coverage. It is a very cheerful shade, I ended up wearing it over 5 days and loved it for its mood lifting effect on the tips.

Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix

You might be wondering how another red fits in Chanel's million reds spectrum. It is yet another red and we know that Chanel can do it like no one else. I pulled out some recent shades from Chanel, Tom Ford and Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix and similar shades from my stash

Chanel #677 Rouge Rubis from last years holiday collection and Tom Ford Carnal Red are rather close. These are both very bright reds but it turns out that Phenix is yet brighter and lighter. Chanel #173 Coromandel is one of the orange based reds in the spectrum but it turns out that it is also deeper once compared to Chanel #687 Phenix. Chanel #159 Fire is also deeper and warmer. A recent Chanel red, Chanel #635 Expression is also a tad deeper and a little darker. The closest match is Rescue Beuaty Lounge Gondoliere from an Italian Summer Collection and this one is even a little brighter. Just when you think nothing could be brighter right?

Nail wheel comparison of Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix and similar shades

Here is Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix once more on the tips. I can see combining this one with a black dress, black eye liner and red lips. It is one of my favorite reds among the recent releases, that being said, have you thought about it? Three reds in Cult Reds Collection (review coming soon), two reds in Gloss Allure Collection, now one for Holiday... Does that make six or what? 

Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix

Also check out at Sunny how this shade combines with the matching lipstick and for more comparisons go to Sabrina's review (Chanel Enthusiast looks close!).

Final thoughts: A lovely red which is unique in its own rights by being more orange and brighter than any other Chanel red. Nonetheless Chanel Le Vernis #687 Phenix is yet another red. After Chanel released six new reds in the last two months, it is hard to be excited about it.

What do you think, Chanel and their fifty shades of red, are you tired of it or do you buy them all?



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Sara! I like Phenix quite a bit, but I am not big on red enough to be super excited about it, if you know what I mean. I feel like I already own enough reds by now ;)

  2. I love the red polishes from Chanel and have a million (hmm maybe a bit less ;) of them, and I will go on buying them - but then again I am a collector :)
    But honestly, no one makes reds like Chanel!

  3. Absolut phänomenales rot! Oh gott, ich glaub den brauch ich auch!!

  4. Not excited about these reds anymore. They seem to look all the same. Though I still love Chanel.

  5. Such a very pretty classic red! xo


  6. I'm sa die hard collector, so I'll buy everything from Chanel (witrh the exception of ... Exception, a colorou I really don't like), and I'm in love with the repromoted trio, esp with no 19. But I hope for a change, too many lookalike ... And in the meantime, I fell for some Dior's realise such as Rouge Massai or Diorette, which are absolutely stunning

  7. Hi Sara, i'm starting to really fall for Chanel reds... there's just something different about them. But this one is still hmmm.... i dunno, feels less classy than the Le Culte Rouges? It feels a little off-season to me, more suitable for summer or cruise, not so much holiday.


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