Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette for Holiday 2014, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you are all having a good start in the week. I was very much stressed at the end of last one, but this started to be fine. Let's see how it ends. 

On the beauty front, Smashbox released their jewel themed "On The Rocks" Collection for Holiday. I had the chance to try out one of the palettes from the collection, which is my first Smashbox product ever. I have learned that they are more known for their base products. If you haven't tried their Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette yet, you may want to keep on reading.

Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette is hosted in a sturdy plastic case. The box and outside the compact is multi-colored finish which looks like a prism when you move it under light. I was happy to be able to catch this beautiful effect for you with the camera.

Compact of Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

Inside there are twelve shades which are placed in a fun diagonal way. In the middle of the palette there is an empty pan which hosts a diamond cut plastic. I find the packaging and presentation very creative and fun. Inside the package there is a transparent overlay which carries the names of each eye shadow. I have written them for you for reference. The eye shadows are all very pigmented across the board and smooth to touch with a few exceptions. They apply and blend nicely. The palette also has a combination of shimmery and matte shades which makes it versatile. 

Close-up with names: Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

The shades are as follows:

Blacktop is a deep matte black with sparse silver sparkles. This is the only shade which I had problem with. It reminded me of MAC Carbon as I swatched. It applied fine on the eyes though once used sparingly.Black doesn't have fall out but the sparkles need something to stick, so if you don't use a base, these do transfer under the eyes.

Coronation is a deep vivid purple with sparse golden sparkles. Its formula is better than Blacktop, it is smoother and more pigmented. A lovely shade to use on the crease or outer corner. The golden sparkles do fall out though so be sure to use an eye shadow base and apply your foundation after.

Nutmeg is a beautiful warm golden with a hint of copper. It has a beautiful shimmer, which doesn't look too frosty. It is also very smooth and pigmented, applies and blends beautifully. It is one of my favorites from the palette.

Opus is a very light neutral pink with matte finish. I really like the matte formula in this palette and Opus is no exception. It like using it under the brow bone for a brightening effect without shimmer.

Vanilla is a very light beige with matte finish. It is a great transition shade to blend over the crease, especially for the bold selections in the palette, again formula is great, it is not too powdery and blends very well.

Chianti is a deep burgundy base with pink sparkles. The formula is very close to Coronation, the sparkles has some fall out but the base applies well.

Sapphires is a bold mid-toned blue with satin finish. The pigmentation of that one is insane. With just a small amount you get enough color to play in Blue Man Show! Love it for a bold eye look.

Swatches Part I :Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

Confectionette is a light white gold with shimmery finish. It is one of my favorites in the palette. It is a natural shade without being too warm nor too cool and it combines with every other shade very well. It has great color pay-off and no fall out.

Mist is a light pink with shimmery finish. I like to apply it on the inner corner to open up the eyes. The formula and finish is close to Confectionette. 

Bourbon is a deep cool brown base with sparse golden sparkles. With one swipe it applies sheer but can be build up. Again the sparkles have tendency to transfer under the eyes so make sure to wear a sticky base before application.

Midnight Emerald is a breath taking emerald green with the loveliest shimmer. It is also very much pigmented like Sapphires. Although I would classify the finish as frosty, it doesn't appear cheap on the eyes. I am usually not drawn to greens but this one is too pretty to resist and became one of my favorites in the palette.

Obsidian is a deep gunmetal with satin finish. It has very good color pay off and it doesn't produce fall out. It is a soft alternative to black.

Swatches Part II: Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

It is easy to go bold with the palette but I would like to show you a soft and natural eye look with a twist. I applied Confectionette on the inner corner and inner one third of the lid, Nutmeg on the center of the lid, blended towards the outer part. I then applied Midnight Emerald on the crease for a fun color insertion without going too wild. I am in the office with almost only men and sometimes I think a bold look on the eyes may give them a color shock. I blended the crease with Vanilla and also added some Bourbon to the outer corner to add dimension. 

In-action: Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

Here is the look in context, I am wearing MAC Sweet Sentiment blush (reviewed here) and Lancome L'Absolu Rouge #244 Rose Amnesia on the lips. This eye look wore over 14 hours without smudging, creasing or fading. I like wearing bold colors on the crease which make them more wearable on daily office occasions.

FOTD with Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette
FOTD with Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

Final thoughts: If you are in the market for an affordable versatile palette with lovely mattes, some boldness as well as some naturals, check out Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette. I recommend to use an eye primer or a sticky base with this one and apply your foundation afterwards. On the Rocks Palette is limited editions and right now available at Smashbox counters and online.

Which products have you tried from Smashbox so far? Would you recommend them?

The product in this post is provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I can't do big palettes so this is a skip for me, but I love the look and what you said about Sapphire made me laugh! It's so intense!

    1. LOL yes Sapphire and Emerald are really dense. I know what you mean about big palettes. I like them for being more creative though, like there are more combination possibilities but sometimes whatever I do doesn't work all that well, and in the morning while rushing it is not easy to remove makeup ;-)

  2. I love the look you did-- surprising but subtle. Also the combination of cool neutrals and jewel tones is great.

    1. Hi Alison,
      yes this palette offers both, jewels and nudes :-)

  3. what i'd give to have your eyes!!! So beautiful, Sara!! But like Sunny, i think i need to save space for the essentials. So far i've only tried Smashbox primers... they're not big loves for me... too silicony. :(

    1. LOL eye balls :-P thanks for your compliment *smooch*
      I haven't tries Smashbox primer, thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Smashbox is putting out some pretty nice stuff recently! Sadly, ever since they were bought by EL, my local counters have been closed down, and there's been no sign of their return to the Taiwanese market. I think my last purchase from them was one of their cream eyeshadows.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that they went out of Taiwan. Actually I used to have a counter at city center but I have seen that they made it much smaller now. I wonder why. If you need anything from them, just let me know *wink wink*

  5. Ooh, so pretty! Love the bold jewel tones, but nice to see the softer look you created as well. Beautiful! xo


    1. Hi Jen,
      with this one you can go full on color and on you it would look very beautiful. As far as I see you can wear almost anything :-**

  6. LMAO! I love the Blooo Man Group! :) I do love how you can effortlessly wear like 50 shades on your lids at the same time (slight exaggeration). How about we do a swap... of eyelids. Or is that creepy? No?

    Ok, slightly creepy.

    1. LOL Belly, yes, would you act with me, we do the drums you and me! :-P

      Haha yes I am trying to get to 100 shades but I need to practice more. I can lend the eye lids but you will see it takes time to paint them, then you will ask for yours back but I won't give em to you ;-)

  7. Sapphire and Midnight Emerald just stole my heart! Absolutely breathtaking! The presentation of the colors in this palette reminds me of that in the Tarte True Blood released many years ago, if anyone remembers. LOL.

    I can't wait for my Smashbox Double Exposure Palette to arrive. It will be my first eyeshadow palette from the brand. Hope it will be as good as I hope! :)

    1. Ohh I can't wait to hear what you think about the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette! I am eyeing that one too! I don't have Tarte True Blood but it sounds like something I have missed.

  8. I'm afraid Coronation, Midnight Emerald and Sapphires are a little too much for me! Might be able to just about pull off Chianti ;) Nevertheless, what a beautiful and versatile palette this is! I thought I encountered this palette before and I remember really liking the quality of the shade, but the packaging seemed a little sturdy and plastic-like.. or is my memory failing me? Who knows, swatched so many palettes recently!

    Laura London xx

  9. I now can't wait till I get this!! I need the mail man to hurry a bit lmao


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