Jo Malone London Wild Strawberry & Parsley Cologne for The Herb Garden Collection, Review

How was your day? Mine was another hectic day when I had to run from post to the bank, from bank to an administrative office and back, then to a Japanese restaurant to eat, get some Nigiri in *yum yum* then back on the road to the bank again. Then I started searching for some tulips, where did they go? I need some for my photos, booh!

Oh and, mark my words, never get married to a blogger. This is what happens to you, or at least what happened to Thomas. He had to go search for parsley at night a few days ago. I may or may not have said it is for the blog. It is for cooking, yes yes. But then what came was not all that photogenic. Look at those big leaves *clears throat*. And I needed some strawberries. I know these big bloated ones are nothing but wild but it is so hard to find small strawberries these days. 

All those first world problems aside, today I would like to write about one of the fragrances from Jo Malone's limited edition The Herb Garden Collection, Wild Strawberry & Parsley. If you like a touch of herbs in your fragrances, stay tuned. Here are my thoughts on this one.

Jo Malone London Wild Strawberry & Parsley Cologne

It seems like herb fragrances are having a moment this Spring. I got infos for a few more herbal fragrances from different brands. It is interesting because I don't recall having any of these for a few years now. I love green perfumes so I am happy about it all but I also know that these may turn very dry and bitter depending on the composition so from five available fragrances, I went for the one which sounded more feminine. How odd, I usually stay away from feminine fragrances but when it is herbs, I was curious to see how fruits would come together with herbs. Tomato leaf also called my name. I am crazy about how divine tomatoes smell. And of course oak moss and white musk are two of my all time favorite base notes. 

Here are the notes of Jo Malone London Wild Strawberry & Parsley Cologne as provided by the brand:

Top Notes
Tomato Leaf, Black Currant, Green Notes and Parsley

Heart Notes 
Wild Strawberry, Violet Leaf and Basil

Base Notes 
Oak Moss and White musk

I have yet to try the other fragrances in this collection. I am definitely interested in Lavender & Coriander. Lavenders are special to me since I was grown up in Mediterranean. Carrot Blossom sounds interesting too, how would that smell? and also how do these layer? Very curious. You can see a list of all the fragrances in this collection here.

Jo Malone London Wild Strawberry & Parsley Cologne

Jo Malone London is known for their minimalistic packaging and simple fragrances which can be layered to personalize your own fragrance. I love the fact that they printed parsley leaves at the back of the bottle and painted the caps in green. 

I was surprised to find out that Wild Strawberry & Parsley is more complex than most of the other cologne of the brand and does in fact develop on my skin as the time goes. By the first whiff I get a bag of freshly picked tomatoes from the garden along side with parsley. Black current is very quiet and only cares about keeping it nice fresh and not too bitter. After some time I start getting a kick of violet and basil. Oh how beautiful basil goes with the tomato which still lingers, it is my heavenly duo. There is a touch of something-berry but it is not really clear if that is wild strawberry. Again a touch of fruit makes the experience less bitter, more playful and light hearted. The dry down is to die for. I want to scream: "Give me more woody mossy musky gorgeousness!" but my voice gets lost since I can't part from my wrist sniffing it excitedly. It stays close to skin but if you start with 4-5 sprays, you can still notice it on yourself even after 7-8 hours. That is very long for the usual concentration of Jo Malone. Can you guess that I am excited?

Jo Malone London Wild Strawberry & Parsley Cologne

Check out what Melissa writes about the same fragrance too.

Final thoughts: Jo Malone London Wild Strawberry & Parsley Cologne is one of the most complex fragrances I tried from this brand. It has a nice balance between green, mossy, woody, musky and herbal since the herbs are balanced with a touch of fruits and florals. I am simply loving it. Much recommended to check it out if you are close to a counter. These are being released in March, so should be there anytime soon.

Do you like herbal fragrances? What is your favorite notes and perfumes in this category?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Interested to try this one so thanks for the prompt review. I normally avoid strawberry notes in fragrance but this sounds very good. Susan, London

  2. Hi Susan,
    I wouldn't classify this one as a Strawberry Fragrance, it is really different. I think you will like it too. Let me know which one appeals to you most after trying them out. I am hoping tomorrow I will catch these at the counter.

  3. Ich bin auch schon sehr gespannt auf die die Neuen Jo Malone Düfte.....Einen Gruss an deinen lieben netten Mann ;-)

  4. I tried this on and liked it, but I think I'm not used to such green herbal scents. I was hoping for a tad more strawberry, but at the same time relieved it didn't really smell like strawberries (all I can think about when I think of strawberry scents are those terrible lipsmackers I used to use as a kid). I did test out the carrot, and that one is a little warmer and sweeter to my nose and surprisingly quite delightful! I think there's a scent for everyone with this new collection.

  5. Haha, er soll nicht lesen dass Petersilie doch fuer Blog war ;-)
    Ich bin auch gespannt. Die Düfte sind aber noch nicht verfügbar. Ich muss unbedingt die andere 4 auch schnuppern.

  6. Hi Christina,
    you are right, this one is really surprising. I like unique scents so liked that one. I have to admit I like green scents too as long as they are not like grass lol. Strawberry in that one is just a touch of sweetness which balances the greenness in a nice way I think. I have to try the carrot one, can't wait!

  7. Ahhhh I knew i needed to go a certain direction for lunch today, but i forgot why and went the other way instead!! I fell off my chair laughing about how you sent Thomas to the supermarket at night for props!! LMAO!! I think the tiny leaves you want are cilantro, these on the other hand look more like celery to me than parsley. In any case, I sent my hubby out once to get zucchini, and he returned with a cucumber!


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