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I hope you had a wonderful start in the week. Monday is over, rest will follow. Don't they say starting is the halfway to the finish line (or something like that)? I'd rather have 8-9 days to this week though since the semester is about to start and I am not finished with getting ready. If I am unprepared, I won't be able to blog all that much during the next three months *sighs*

Around this time of the year MAC releases a designer collaboration which is exclusive to Breuninger in Germany so it is one of the rare chances when I got to swatch and play with the items. Last year MAC teamed up with renowned hat designer Philip Treacy (reviewed here), this year it is Charlotte Olympia, British shoe and accessories designer. I have tested one of the three lipsticksStarlett Scarlet and one of the two Cream Color Bases in Sepia. My thoughts are right after the jump. 

MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick, Sepia Cream Color Base

Unlike last years' Philip Treacy Collection, Charlotte Olympia comes in special design packaging. Some were not so happy with "no special design packaging" decision last year but there are also many who are not very happy with the packaging design of this year. I think the main problem lies in the fact that some of the drug store packaging looks similar with transparent plexiglass lids and caps. Having something reminding drugstore brands but paying MAC prices, especially in Europe might not be very attractive. I personally think that the packaging could be done better but I still prefer it to the classical (no design) packaging since I like change and collecting some special packaging MAC items. I recently took to photo of my MAC Lipsticks with different packaging, love how that looks and that I have a new one to add to my small collection.

Packaging: MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick, Sepia Cream Color Base

If you are passed the packaging, the collection offers "Hollywood Glam" type of make up with red lips, an eyeliner and some contouring. Cream Color Bases are versatile products which you can use on your face and eyes. Sepia is a taupe shade without shimmer and it is a great cream contour shade for face and eyes. I don't think this is a permanent item but if so, please let is know in the comments below. It has great ashy undertones which doesn't look warm on my natural skin. Loving it although I usually prefer powder products for face.

Today while applying these to my face, I remembered why I prefer powder. Don't laugh but one reason is that once a brush hair gets stuck in the cream, I go nuts! I have a similar problem with soap and hair or butter and hair. I won't go on, you know what I mean. I remembered why I hated the Chanel cream bronzer after many of the brush hair got stuck in the product *chuckles*. Any tips on how to avoid or remove them?

MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick, Sepia Cream Color Base

Here is MAC Cream Color Base Sepia applied all over the eyes. I then applied MAC Brun on the crease, MAC Omega over the crease and MAC Nylon on the inner corner. I finished with eyeliner and mascara. Sepia can be blended very easily and nicely but therefore doesn't set easily. On my eyes it got creased a little but once I blended again with my finger, it was fine again. Even after all those hours, it could be blended. On the face though, although the pigmentation is intense, it blends beautifully. I recommend that you set this shade with a powder on eyes and cheeks.

Eye look: MAC Charlotte Olympia, Sepia Cream Color Base

Last post I was saying I hated the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lipstick in Ravageur on me. You recommended me that I should wear it with a neutral/warm eye shadow or no eyeshadow and liner. I did that today after I swatched MAC Lipstick (matte) Starlett Scarlet and I hated it again. But good news is that I love Starlett Scarlet! So there is something about red lippies with browns which is like hm, no! 

MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick, Sepia Cream Color Base

Bur instead MAC Lipstick Starlett Scarlett is a wonderful bright red without any brown in there. Since it is matte, it is more wearable. It doesn't feel drying either. I wore it with Urban Decay Liner 711 (reviewed here) and it lasted very long on me, almost (but not exactly) surviving the lunch. Urban Decay 711 is a little cooler than Starlett Scarlet.

Swatch: MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick, Sepia Cream Color Base

Here are some comparison swatches for MAC Starlett Scarlet Lipstick. MAC Damn Glamorous (swatched here) and MAC Good Kisser (reviewed here) are both cooler, MAC My Inner Femme (reviewed here) is close but slightly more orange and the finish is amplified (not matte).

Comparison swatch: MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick

And here is my glam look with MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick on the lips, Sepia Cream Color Base on the cheeks and eyes. I really like these type of reds much more than glossy brown toned lips. I love matte because it makes every crazy color much more wearable!

FOTD: MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick, Sepia Cream Color Base

One more look to the pieces I got to try. You can find the color story at Karrie's blog here. The collection will be released on 16th of March in Germany and will be exclusive to and Breuninger. I am eyeing the other cream color base as well.

MAC Charlotte Olympia, Starlett Scarlet Lipstick, Sepia Cream Color Base

Final thoughts: The packaging might not be everyone's taste but I still prefer it to not having a special design. I love the lipstick Starlett Scarlet and cream color base in Sepia is a very versatile product which can be used both as contour and eyeshadow.

Are you eyeing anything from this collection?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Love the eye look, and I agree about the special packaging. I adore Charlotte Olympia and am pleased to see the spiderwebs--although cats would be better!

  2. Hi Poppy. I like the spider webs too. I believe it has something to do with Charlotte's Web :-) I would love some kitties here and there too, maybe next collaboration...

  3. The lipstick is definitely your colour! I'm so-so on the packaging for the most part. I adore it for the nail polish and will try to purchase those, but I think they still missed the mark a bit with the rest. I don't dislike it, but I agree with those that say it looks a bit too drugstore.
    Ps- I liked the "hated" Tom Ford colour on you as well. :)

  4. Sepia looks like it would be a great contouring shade for the face. So many contour shades have very warm undertones and I think it's just wrong. Shadow is not warm! But maybe that's just me. Anyways, that's a product I'd consider if I did contour more often.

  5. Hi Lulle,
    Sepia is a great contouring shade indeed. I put it over my vanity and have been using for the last week, I love it. Many shades look also wrong on me, too warm but this one looks good. It is not you, I can assure you as someone who dedicated her life to find the best ashy contouring shade haha.

  6. Hi,
    I first read it wrong and I was like "yes, now someone agrees with me on that Tom's shade looked terrible!" but after reading once more, I saw that you actually liked it. I wore it a few times last week. I am not all against it but this one looks much better on me if you know what I mean. Yes, the packaging could be much fancier, but then it would have an additional price I guess. Lastly MAC had some collections, like Prabal Gurung with very pricy items. That collection was not sold out here, which I can totally understand.


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