MAC Vamplify How Chic Is This? & Speed Up, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Too bad that the weekend is over but I have something sugar sweet for you for this evening so that you don't have to think about Monday.

MAC recently released liquid lipsticks with a fun name, Vamplify! Each time I write this, I have a hard time with the auto correct which wants to change it to Amplify. That would be correct too since these are amplified versions of glosses in a way. There are seventeen shades available in Germany, I would like to show you two of them, called How Chic Is This? and Speed Up.

MAC Vamplify How Chic Is This? & Speed Up (Dior Be Dior on my nails)

MAC Vamplify How Chic Is This? is a gorgeous purple which reflects the light in a pretty way. I don't see any shimmer in there but it is glossy. The formula is close to MAC Lipglass, less sticky, and much more pigmented. On the lips How Chic Is This looks like a lipstick topped with a lipgloss. Who wouldn't like this effect?

MAC Speed Up is a shade I would probably never buy myself but therefore it is fun to receive samples, to go out of my comfort zone and try new things. Speed Up is an opaque white based light cool pink. I think it would look natural on very fair ladies. On me though, especially with the tan going on after my holidays, it looks, well, striking! And I am not sure if it is in a good way. Check it yourself...

Swatch: MAC Vamplify How Chic Is This? & Speed Up

Here is MAC Vamplify Speed Up on me. When I was editing photos, I was like "OMG I look terrible" and hubby was like "hey you look so pretty in that one". Go figure! I believe somehow with the tan and pink dress it is wearable. Still I am not sure if I would walk out of the door like this. What do you think?

FOTD: MAC Vamplify Speed Up

MAC Vamplify How Chic Is This? is my kind of shade. Love love love this one. The formula is long lasting and very comfortable. It is a little sticky but not too much. I am just not so much fan of the scent, it is close to the Lipglasses, I believe it is a vanilla scent and I would classify it as strong. I would prefer it without scent but it doesn't bother me all that much, especially when it is about such a lovely purple, love <3

FOTD: MAC Vamplify How Chic Is This

Melanie here wrote this is close to what you can get with Speed Up and it cracked me up! ;-) Here you can find some tips on how to wear pale pink lipsticks.

Final thoughts: I am not a lip gloss girl but I like the intensity, the glossy finish and comfortable and long wear of new gloss/liquid lipsticks of MAC called Vamplify. I have to yet try more shades out in person but I know for sure that How Chic Is This? will be one of my favorites this season.

Have you checked out Vamplify Lip Glosses? How do you feel about lip glosses which packs lots of pigment?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. I need to know staying power, wear time, eating... is any gloss left afterwards? I haven't found anything yet that beats Kat VonD's liquid lipsticks.

  2. Hi Lily,
    after eating some gloss remains on my lips. It depends on what you eat and how you eat though. For example if I eat salat with lots of olive oil, almost no lipstick can survive it. I haven't tried Kat Von D's, Vamplify is rather a thick formula, which is not drying, long lasting and slightly sticky. Does that sound like Kat Von D?

  3. Hey Sara, OK just to be honest: Speed Up isn't my thing. Objectively tho it doesn't look bad on you! How Chic Is This is totally amazing! I didn't even have to see a full face shot to know it'll look really good on you!

  4. I also don't like Speed Up on me. On you it looks better then on me but I think it's not your ideal color ;) But How chis it is? is great on you! ♥

  5. Of course How Chic is more your color. And I'll be in the minority and say that I like Speed Up on you. It's more our concept or sense about what is acceptable and what is not. I actually find it more flattering than a blackened lipstick-- especially with a tan. I see it as very early 60's. And I understand your hesitation because I have a few liquid lipsticks in these very whitened colors and I feel a bit mixed about them on me. And my husband likes them.

  6. Oh how chic do you look in that How Chic Is This? fotd!! Your eyes never looked more green!

  7. I'm not a gloss girl, but Sara, that photo of your hand and that 2 glosses. Now, THAT's chic :-)

  8. I wonder how How Chic Is This compares to Heroine and Speed Up to Saint Germain. They have to be pretty close! :) I personally love How Chic Is This so much on you. I'm still unsure about Speed Up... maybe it needs to be paired with a super dark smokey eye and dress? LOL. It's definitely the harder color to puff off!

  9. How chic is perfect on you, beautiful, I hate the bubble gum pink of Speed up... I really don't know wich carnation could be complimented by that kind of color 👿 but " les goûts et les couleurs"...


  10. Hahaha you cracked me up! Yes I hate it as well. I think if someone is very blond but with a tan and gorgeously young and effortlessly beautiful, it is somehow possible to wear it. But then again there would be more flattering shades to wear ;-)) You are right about tastes and colors!

  11. Hi Jaa,
    I don't own the gloss of the heroine and the lipstick is a whole other story. I think Heroine has more red in there compared to How Chic but you are right, they are sort of close. In that link I posted it was advised to wear those shades with black liner and almost no make-up. I think being tanned helps but doesn't rescue the situation fully in my case haha!

  12. LOL!
    thanks! I was trying some new ideas for intro photos ;-)

  13. LOL thanks! You know actually it is not the gloss which makes the eyes pop, it is the new Dual Intensity Duo Chrome gorgeousness of Nars, posting today about it

  14. I was thinking Speed Up looks better on you compared to me ;-)

  15. LOL, thanks. Yes when I received the mail I was like "yes my shade!" without even trying it on ;-)) That said sometimes purples miserably fail on me too, couldn't yet figure out why.

  16. How chic is this? It's super chic, I love your hand shot! And that color looks amazing on you.

    Speed up is def a hard color too pull off but I do think it looks quite good on you. Can you believe that back in the day when I first started wearing makeup that was a lipstick shade I'd wear exclusively? Lol

  17. Hi Alison,
    you are so right, with a tan blackened lipstick looks awful haha.
    I only like those when I am pale, gives that vampire look for the winter or halloween ;-)
    I personally don't like super black lipsticks either. It is fun to hear your husband likes it too, mine liked this one and I couldn't understand why. It shows that sometimes what woman and man like can be very different.

  18. Hi Agata,
    thanks for your lovely comment. I think Speed Up would look much better on you. It needs blonde hair and a touch of tan to work.

  19. How Chic is gorgeous on you! As for Speed Up, those bubble gum pinks are hard for many people to wear. I think if you used a cool pink blush and wore an outfit with some pink in it, it will be easier to pull off. I used to play with my mom's lipstick (a frosty pink) and the first lipstick I bought for myself was a light pink frost (this was the '80s), and I thought I looked fab, but I probably looked terrible LOL

  20. Haha, my boyfriend is the same- sometimes has some odd opinions of what looks good (though the pink gloss isn't terrible on you :). That rich purple shade is ultra pretty stuff! :)


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