Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori & Christmas 2015 Makeup Kit B, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope everyone is having a great week. Mine is sort of stressful due to a stupid doctor examination I have to pass to get my civil servant rights. Since I had a health issue four years ago and the state only cares about statistics but not "people" now I am quite worried about it. I am loving my current job but just because of that I might have to search for a new one and go back to industry. I really hope this doesn't happen (wish me luck tomorrow). This is why sorry if I don't sound very cheerful today.

I would like to show you another pretty holiday set from Suqqu, Christmas Makeup Kit B which is the cooler option from the two. You can see my review of Kit A here. Kit B comes with the same deep blue Gel Eyeliner (Ex-02) and a makeup remover. The eye trio in this set is a combination of pinks and purples, yes, my type of shades, yay! Let me share my thoughts about Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori & Christmas 2015 Makeup Kit B

A matching pouch comes with Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori in red and pink tones. As I have previously mentioned, I really like this year's pouches and can see myself using them. They are not very large but very practical in terms of size and sturdy. The surface of Suqqu Eye Color Palette reminds of the inspiration behind the collection, the garments such as wool and tweed. The deeper shade has two shades which is not an overspray but as it is used, I found out that the mix is preserved. 

Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori & Christmas 2015 Makeup Kit B

Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori is more mono chromatic than the trio from Kit A, Ex-03 Aosaori. This makes it a great palette if you don't want to blend too much since the shades come in gradients and are easy to achieve a polished look with that. On the other hand if you are after interesting color combinations, Shisouori might not be the one you are searching for. The shades are as follows:

Top: A very light pink with shimmery finish. Analogue to the golden shade in Ex-03 Aosaori, this one is the most shimmery shade of the palette. It can be layered on top of other shades to add more dimension and shimmer but be aware, this shade, just like the top shade of Aosaori, produces some fall-out. You might want to start with the eyes first and do your base afterwards,

Middle: A beautiful mid-toned pink plum with satin to shimmery finish which makes my heart sing. I love how neutral it is but how well it shows up on me. This is a shade I would wear on its own and just be happy.

Bottom: A deep warm plum with satin to shimmery finish. It works great all over or as a definition shade. It is nicely pigmented which I love because recently many brands are producing palettes with deepest shade too light to show up. I believe that became a common thing to be fool proof which I am not a fan of. Thumbs up on this respect because I never have that problem with my Suqqus. 

Close-up: Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori
Swatch: Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori

Here is a very quick eye look using Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori and Gel Eyeliner Ex-02. I really like how fast and effortless the eye look came together. I also like the idea of combining pink/plum eye make-up with navy liner. If I were to choose, I would go with a cool brown liner or a purple one for that but navy works and makes it more interesting.

In-action: Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori & Suqqu Gel Eyeliner Ex-02

Here is the full look with Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori and Suqqu Gel Eyeliner Ex-02 in the eyes, Suqqu Cheek & Face Color Palette Ex-01 (reviewed here) on the cheeks, Suqqu Color Foundation #03 (reviewed here) for subtle contouring and Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer #600 on the lips (review coming up soon).

FOTD: Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori & Suqqu Gel Eyeliner Ex-02

FOTD: Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori & Suqqu Gel Eyeliner Ex-02

Final thoughts: All in all Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-04 Shisouori is a lovely plum trio with Suqqu quality which doesn't disappoint but it might not be the most unique combination of shades if that is what you are after. The magic mostly happens once the light hits and dances with the soft shimmer on your eyes, priceless!

Availability/Price: This year's Holiday Kits launch at Selfridges on the 1st of November. They are £48 each. Considering that the trios retail for £35 and Gel Eyeliners are £20, together with the pouch and makeup remover, holiday kits are of good value. Suqqu is available on store at Fenwick of Bond Street, Harrods and Selfridges and online at Selfridges and Harrods.

Which one is your favorite, pink/plum or gold/blue?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I hope you will have the best results and things will remain as they are my precious Sara! I send you all my positive thoughts and energy for the outcome because you deserve the best ! :*
    As fast as these holiday additions I hope there will be no international shipping restrictions and I really liked the idea of the navy liner along with this and the Tom Ford duo :) lately selfridges isn't allow international shipping even for the Suqqu face powder so I was not able to get it :( I don't know why this happened ! I think that I prefer this shade combination but I liked the other a lot on you! You looked like a wild cat ! Gorgeous !!
    As for the ecstasy lacquers I got the 506 maharajah one and I have on my wishlist 500 vintage and 502 boudoir but I would love to read your thoughts first before I buy anything
    I wish you the best :*

  2. I really really like this look. It reminds me of a Tom ford look in plum and that palette wasn't available in Europe. So I might try to get it myself (if they will ship to Holland).

    Hop you will past the examination. You really seem to enjoy you're new job so it would be a pity if You had to leave already. You just started!

  3. Nice, Nice kit ! My fav is the gold one, with a tiny little dark blue touch the trio is so pretty !


  4. Hey, realy hope your exam goes well tomorrow. Love the colors and shimmer ! I'm going to cave one day.....

  5. this palette screams my name! it's so gorgeous and so are you wearing it!

  6. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for your doctor's exam... Hoping that all goes well. So sad and sorry that you are experiencing such stress, it truly shouldn't be that way, it is not fair that you have to endure such scrutiny. Sending lots of positive energy your way!!

  7. Thanks so much Rae,
    I have been there but didn't get an answer back. The system is so twisted, it is not about my expertise on the topic I am teaching, it is now about a medical concern I had years ago. Also the examination was very humiliating. The core of all things evil is some institution trying to lower their risk by reducing people to statistics. I am very disappointed by this. I am trying to get rid of the fact that the doctor was measuring a wound I had to note down how many cm it measured!
    I need all of your positive energy, thanks so much for your comment and your support.

  8. I am glad that you like it. Are you also a purple fan like me? ;-)

  9. Thanks Katherine,
    Shimmer is great but this one produces a little bit of fall out. If you cave get another one first ;-)

  10. Hi Paddy,
    golden trio is also my favorite out of two, although I usually gravitate towards pinks and purples. There is something about taupe/gold/blue combination.

  11. Hi Mirjam,
    I hope that there will be no shipping restrictions due to the make-up remover. When it comes to liquids, UK postal system is a little too careful but I think it doesn't apply to all the liquids but just the "flammable" ones.

    Thanks for your wish. I did all I can, running after some doctors since days, trying to get some letters. They will let me know on Monday, so we will see.

  12. Thanks so much for your wishes Hara :-**
    Suqqu Face Powder was restricted? That sounds so strange, that is just powder!
    I know though once I have seen that the brow brush was restricted. I called them to ask why, and they couldn't answer. I believe from time to time they make a mistake.
    Big LOL to wild cat, hahahaha you cracked me up!!
    I have to try Ecstasy 502 and 500 too! I have seen, I believe it was 500, it was so gorgeous. I am not so sure about the texture though, it is very sticky for me. Long lasting but not necessarily very comfortable.

  13. Sara, this sounds so traumatic! I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I really hope you get an answer back soon. Please take gentle care of yourself and maybe it's the time for a pampering bath or massage? I'll keep sending all of my positive energy!!

  14. Looks damn fine!!!

  15. Hi Sara, hope everything goes well with the medical exam! xoxoxxx!

  16. Hope the results of the exam helped get you through the gate with your new employer. Why should such a thing even be a part of their hiring you? That sounds illegal to me, but systems are changing everywhere and not always in a good direction. Hope it all worked out in your favor. And the palette looks lovely on you.

  17. Thanks so much :-** It is over now and I am ready to forget lol

  18. Thanks so much Linda. Hope you are having a great holiday xox

  19. Hi Alison,
    thanks for your wishes and you are right, it is illegal. I wouldn't loose my job though but I wouldn't have the benefits of the others (read more $$$) which should already be illegal so those who sue usually win but who has time (and nerves) for such a process? Anyhow, it worked so none of that has to be. Thanks for your support and lovely comment.

  20. Not always illegal, teachers must pass the medical exam every year as they are in contact with lots of kids. I think in any job that require contact with people it is necessary and required by law (sales people, nurses). Though, teaching or any other social job is not an army, so none cares about the past or present disease if not infectious. The checkup per se is not a problem, but that they misinformed Sara about it and created all the stress is not cool. There is always so little clarity about some burocratic processes that I also end up worrying like crazy every time. I just never know what to expect because nobody cares to explain things properly, so I can imagine.

  21. Hope the medical went ok Sara. I got my Suqqu set tonight - I went for Kit A after much dithering as I usually go with the cooler pick but the blue/gold combo was too pretty to pass up. I thought of you when I saw those purples though!

  22. Hi Susan,
    I thought I would like Kit B but as it turns out, I like Kit A more. Gold combo is really stunning, I am sure you will enjoy it. Xox

  23. Hi Jane,
    actually it is not that they are checking if I have a transferrable disease. They check if there is a chance that I can be unfit for duty before time. They check my parents, if they had cancer or high blood pressure, or my past to see if there is any risk. The problem with this is that, you can really never tell. It is just statistics so I find it terrible that something like this may effect my salary.

  24. Omg, Sara it sounds so deeply perverse:( I couldn't imagine something like that can exist in the 21st century, it is absurd and way beyond discriminating. I also had to touch German burocratic system a month ago and went through such a crazy stress that lots of my hair turned grey in only few days. You probably are better used to the system, but I am so glad you passed this crap.


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