Sisley Phyto-Poudre Libre Loose Powder, Eye Twist 04 Steel, 05 Lagoon, So Intense Eyeliner, Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral and Phyto-Lèvres Lipliner 08 Coral, Review, Swatch & FOTD

What a week it was, and the stress is not over yet. I spared all good luck wishes for the upcoming Monday and then hopefully my problems are over for good. I hope your week was better than mine. In any case, it is now weekend and best thing about it, it has just started! Plans for today are to solve the package/delivery issues I am having with H&M. I haven't purchased anything from them for ages and now I remember why. I order on receipt and they send the package and ask me to pay at the door. And... they don't accept card? What the rabbit! Anyhow, never again. Today I have to run a few more errands but I am definitely in to enjoy the beautiful weather. The weekend ahead will be amazing, it is expected to be sunny & warm, yay for that!

I started reviewing Holiday Collections a few weeks ago but there are a few more gems I would like to share from the latest looks for the season. Sisley's Fall Collection Night & Day Glam brings their recently released products combined in a very unusual way. You would think that orange lips are for summer? For Sisley Fall, lips are dressed  in colors of the falling leaves while eyes are kept sultry in navy & gunmetal. Interesting? Let's check out...

Sisley Eye Twist 04 Steel, 05 Lagoon, So Intense Eyeliner, Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral and Phyto-Lèvres Lipliner 08 Coral

One of the most recent releases of Sisley is Phyto-Poudre Libre Loose Powder (in the photo above with white puff). It is a very light weight silica based powder with a hint of color and comes in four shades. The one I have 02 Mate is a little deep for my complexion but I am still enjoying it recently to set my foundation before I start working with the powder products. Photo-Poudre Libre is formulated with Hibiscus Flower Extract for its anti-aging properties. Hibiscus is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and it is called the natural botox plant since it is known to provide the same AHA benefits without the harsh effects of the chemical ones. I enjoy the light weight non-drying feel of Sisley Phyto-Poudre Libre on my face  and love the fact that daily my skin benefits from it too. I am hoping the ingredients can reach my skin pass the foundation. I am planning to do a full review of that one as I test it out throughly. 

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral and Phyto-Lèvres Lipliner 08 Coral

The real surprise of Sisley's fall collection is the coral/orange combination on the lips. Coral might remind you of the summer but this season the orange theme lingers on. Sisley's juicy lipstick in Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral is great for summer but once layered over rusty orange Phyto-Lèvres Lipliner 08 Coral, they bring the falling leaves on the lips. This is the first time I am testing a Sisley Lipliner and I have to note here that I am very impressed. Most of the lipliners dry my lips or look patchy this is why I am fixed to only one lipliner I have, Natural from Chanel, which is a nude shade. I use it very lightly and blend out or it looks out of place as well. Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral though was fabulous, looking natural, not drying, blending like a dream but still staying put. I will visit the counter to check for a nude shade soon, which might become my hole grail liner. Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral is a sheer coverage lipstick but together with the lipliner, it stays even after eating a full meal. Big thumbs up for the Sisley Fall lips picks!

Swatch: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral and Phyto-Lèvres Lipliner 08 Coral

Now on to eyes, blue with orange? These look fab as they are opposite on the color wheel so they emphasize one another by just being next to each other. But cool eyes with such warm lips? How would that work. A few words before we come to that. I have reviewed two shades of Sisley Eye Twists previously, #02 Bronze and #07 Havana here. I like that they are easy to apply and blend with fingers. I especially like this formula as a base to other eye shadows but on its own as well. Sisley Eye Twist #04 Steel is a gunmetal with silver glitter. The glitter in these stay put and don't migrate nor fall out. Sisley Eye Twist #05 Lagoon is a deep navy with blue shimmer. It is a very dense shade but once sheered out, it is wearable. I like mixing it with Steel to profit from both worlds, a little shimmer and some color while keeping it all work appropriate. 

There is also a new release, Sisley So Intense Eyeliner comes with a fine tip. I am not an eye liner pro, as I rarely put on black eye liner but this one has some flexibility on the tip which makes it easy to apply. It is not glossy, which is also great for a more natural look. It didn't budge on me and was long lasting compared to some other eye liners I tried. I don't find it very very black, which is a good thing in my book because too black never looks natural on me. Thumbs up for this one as well. 

Swatch: Sisley Eye Twist 04 Steel, 05 Lagoon, So Intense Eyeliner

Now on to the action. I am wearing Sisley Eye Twist 04 Steel on the inner half, Sisley Eye Twist 05 Lagoon on the outer half of my lid but I made sure to blend them properly so you can't really see the gradient here. They are also close in shade once applied on the lids. I added MAC Blanc Type on the inner corner to set the eyes a little apart. 

I then applied the eyeliner, so unusual of me, all around the eye including the inner corner. It prolongates the eye and make it appear bigger. I usually don't do that because bigger eyes sometimes reminds me of Minnie Mouse on myself as I have big eyes to start with and don't want to end up like a child comic hahaha. Anyway, this time I would like to show you how fine the tip of Sisley So Intense Eyeliner and here you go...  

In-action: Sisley Eye Twist 04 Steel, 05 Lagoon, So Intense Eyeliner

Just for a little fun, here is the arm FOTD of Sisley Fall 2015 Collection pieces in this post. I am seeing a trend that bloggers define themselves as "online magazine" and write stuff like "there are no swatches here" as if swatches are something to be ashamed of. I find that the best thing to show a product is to swatch it on an arm. Why? Because lip and eye swatches always look different than the actual product due to the natural pigments on your lids and lips. I personally never order something online before checking out how it swatches on someone's skin who has a similar complexion to mine. How do you feel about this? Are swatches out or they are becoming a thing as now some companies also started to include them on their websites, e.g. Charlotte Tilbury, Illamasqua etc. ?

Arm-FOTD: Sisley Eye Twist 04 Steel, 05 Lagoon, So Intense Eyeliner,
Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral, Lipliner 08 Coral

And here is my interpretation of Sisley Night & Day Glam Fall 2015 Look with smokey eyes, all around black liner and orange lips. I think it is really fun and I am surprised by the fact that how well blue and orange work together.

FOTD: Sisley Eye Twist 04 Steel, 05 Lagoon, So Intense Eyeliner,
Phyto-Lip Twist 07 Coral and Phyto-Lèvres Lipliner 08 Coral

Final thoughts: I am yet never disappointed by any product I tried from Sisley Paris Make-up nor skin care line. I definitely recommend checking out the Phyto-Lèvres Lipliners as the texture is to die for. Phyto-Poudre Libre Loose Powder is a great light weight powder to set the foundation while enjoying the skin care benefits of Hibiscus Flower Extract. I am loving Sisley Eye Twist 04 Steel as a base to warm eye shadows at the moment but it works on its own as well.

Is anything catching your eye? How do you find the combination of blue/grey on eyes, orange on the lips? 

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Ich will den neuen Puder unbedingt haben :) hat mich sehr angemacht :)
    und Eye-Twist in Steel gefällt mir sehr <3
    Liebe grüße & einen schönen Tag noch

  2. wow Sara - i really like this look a lot! i am surprised that those colors all work so well together. i agree that Sisley lip liners are THE BEST. i have a nudey-pink shade and it is hands down the best lip liner i have ever used.
    thank you for introducing these eye color shades! i may have to try them!!!
    please let us know your continued thoughts on the powder - i am looking for a grail powder and Sisley is a brand that consistently impresses me.
    their Floral Toning Lotion is my absolute favorite toner - nothing else even comes close to it. nothing, not even SKII.
    :-) SJ

  3. Love the eye look and the arm FOTD!! Seriously, what's up with H&M?!

  4. Haha I LOVE your arm swatches, Sara! Please do more!! :D

    Girl, I think I need to hunt down that lip liner! I don't have anything like it and it's a stunner! Formula sounds like a dream, too! And the final look? You nailed it!!!

  5. Waouh, gorgeous, gorgeous make up ! This shape gives you cat's eyes and the blue shade make grenner your eyes (if it's possible !).

    Really beautiful.


  6. I love the drawings, so cute!! That orange lip is so pretty!! One of my fave looks is bold blue shadow with warm peachy nude lips. Red lipstick would be too much, pink looks too Barbie on me, but the peach balances the blue, and doesn't look OTT

  7. The arm drawings are really cute. :-) I like seeing both arm swatches and action shots (FOTDs). Like you, I find it helpful to see swatches on someone whose skin tone is similar to my own, but even then, I almost never buy makeup online if I haven't had a chance to see it in person.

  8. Sara, do you know by any chance if this powder is a replacement for poudre transparente with Calendula that they had for years? I discovered it just recently, it is quite unique formula in terms of being free from mica, silica and other staff that breaks me out. Now I have a bad feeling they will replace the previous line with this one silica based. I doubt they will keep two transparent powders in their lineup :(

  9. I have been using dermalmd under eye serum for about a month now. My lines around my eyes have softened, dark circles have faded and puffiness has improved.


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