Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation, Review, Swatches & FOTD

I hope you are having a great Friday. Weekend is just hours away and weather is smiling, yay! As mentioned in yesterday's post, my parents are currently visiting us. I still sneak away for a post or two but expect some delay in answers to comments or lack of posts at social media. Bare with me until next weekend ;-)

Today I would like to share my thoughts about Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation. What a mighty name! Here are the thoughts of a normal to dry skin gal, who doesn't have many skin texture problems other than some spots, marks and redness. Her standards of longevity and ease of application are as high as it gets. Does Diorskin Nude Air make this gal happy? Right after the jump.

Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation

First things first. It is hard to be a foundation enthusiast. Although I own foundation which would last me over three life time, I would like to try and test new ones. I am so curious about the new textures, consistency, finish, packaging, application methods, you name it. 

Since I own Giorgio Armani Maestro and YSL Fusion Ink (reviewed here), I wanted to see how Diorskin Nude Air compares to these. That said it is always hard to justify buying more foundation knowing you have so many similar ones. This is when lovely Melanie from mel-et-fel offered me her press sample because the shade was too dark for her. Many thanks for this from the bottom of my heart, also for the super sweet Easter surprise you can see here

Before this miracle happened, I was stopping at the counter and trying to figure out if the foundation would be fine with my dryish skin. The only "sample" they have is in shade #030 which is too deep for my complexion. It is hard to understand why they don't stock samples of all shades. It is also hard for me to understand the reason behind not offering shade #010 in Germany. Almost all the girls I know are fairer than me and the fairest shade offered, #020, is a little darker for my complexion. This is not special to Dior though, many companies do the same nowadays *rolls eyes*.

Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation

As Lily from ChloeAsh pointed out very appropriately, it is the least messy packaging of these type of foundations. The name says it all "Ultra-Fluid" and no matter what you do, it is hard to get the packaging right. Lily points out there is a rubber stopper inside the neck of the bottle. I haven't recognized it myself but all I know is that Giorgio Armani Maestro runs out and gets messy but this one doesn't. That said all in all it is still messy. The only super fluid foundations I get along with are the cushion ones anyway and those I apply with a beauty blender.


As I mentioned above, I find it hard to believe that #010 is not offered in Germany. That aside, there is an undertone issue to this foundation, which you can recognize yourself below. #020 is very peachy. I have come across too warm or too cool shades but peachy? Why I wonder. Sheered out it is fine on my but this undertone might be an issue for some. 

In the swatch below you can see how Diorskin Nude Air compares against some of other foundations in my stash. Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting in Fawn is warmer and pulls more yellow. Estée Lauder Perfectionist 2C3 Fresco is a little darker and cooler (or looks more natural with my natural undertones). Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20 is also warmer but almost the same shade in terms of lightness. Clarins Teint Multi Régénerant is also more yellow and close in intensity. YSL Ink Fusion is the closest shade with a bit of peachiness to it but it is slightly lighter.

Comparison swatches for Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation in shade #20


First thing I do is to give the bottle a good shake. Then I turn the lid and take a few drops on my fingers. While doing that you have to be extra careful since it is very runny and may drop on your clothes. I massage that on my face, get a few drops more and proceed that way. First layer is light coverage but it can be build up to medium coverage. I wouldn't classify this foundation as full coverage. After applying a thin layer everywhere I revisit the parts which need more coverage and apply them only there. I complete the base with under eye concealer and concealer where needed.


It has a semi.matte finish which has a slight sheen which must be what the name claims, Healthy Glow. Diorskin Nude Air is nothing but glowy on me though, it looks natural though but if you have a dull complexion, you might want to add some glowy finishing powder to this.

Before/After FOTD with Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation
How to combine:

If you have dry skin, you definitely need a good moisturiser under this one. After my moisturiser, I go on with Smashbox Photofinish Primer Water which keeps my skin's moisture and prolongs the longevity even more. Definitely recommended for those with dry skin to try this combo.

Here is me wearing it. I will post more about this make-up soon. The base stays on me all day, which is one of the most impressive things about Diorskin Nude. Compared to YSL Fusion Ink, I like this one more which glides on easier during application (more silicons maybe, haha, but it is easier to apply) and it stays longer on me. Giorgio Armani Maestro dries out my skin, so I like Diorskin Nude Air also more than that one on my complexion.

FOTD with Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Ultra-Fluid Serum Foundation

Dior claims that Diorskin Nude Air is a serum foundation, foundation with skincare benefits, because of what they call Oxygen Active™ technology, a combination of some oils, minerals and vitamins. It also has SPF 25. Since I am changing my foundation for the test purposes all the time, it is hard for me to test and comment on the skin benefits part. Here is a list of ingredients. It has some alcohol (not high in the list) and fragrance, it might be worth mentioning in case you are sensitive to these.

Check out reviews by Sunny (combination skin), Linda (dry skin) and Lily's (mentioned above) too. I have asked at Instagram how everyone is dealing with Diorskin Nude Air and received wonderful thoughts which you can check out here. In general it seems to be not the foundation of preference with very dry skin to dry skin and if the skin has texture issues and dry flakes. Also some stated it is not enough coverage and it seems if you are very oily, it doesn't last very long. Other than that everyone else seems to be happy.

Final thoughts: Diorskin Nude Air works on my normal to dry complexion with a dose of moisturiser and hydrating base underneath. It applies beautifully, although the runny texture of these type of foundations is always a little messy. The most impressive thing about it is the longevity though, it stays longer than other Serum Foundations I tried (YSL Fusion Ink and Giorgio Armani Maestro). It also feels weightless. All in all I really like it and reach for it quiet often now.

What is your go-to foundation at the moment?

Disclaimer: My dear friend Melanie gifted this foundation to me, which was sent for her consideration but it was too dark for her 
to wear and test. I am not paid for this review. 
All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. great review :-) you look beautiful! I would like to know what lipstick do you wear on your lips - this colour is beautiful :-) have a nice weekend

  2. I have a few samples of this foundation around here somewhere. I might have to finally dig them out and give it a try. I think it looks fantastic! It looks like some great coverage too. I'd also like to know what lipstick you're wearing lol. It's super cute!

  3. Great review ! I have Giorgio Armani Maestro and for my combination skin has been my go to foundation for 2 years! I wanted to try nude air serum also since its formula is almost the same plus the skincare factor.perhaps this will be my next buy.except i succumb to Crema Nuda .i will doublecheck if we have in Sweden #010
    Wow! This lipstick!! Guess game: Is this Crimson Pink from Burberry kisses?

  4. Hey Sara, thanks for the link love! This is funny. I use 033 in Star, which is an apricot shade that confused me in the beginning. However, once on the face, it's a great match! I use 030 in this one, and it's probably more neutral than my natural undertone but it passes. Regarding tha quesion at the end of the post, THIS is my current go-to. I wear Star when I want to look extra fancy on a long day, but most of the time this is more than enough :)

  5. Love the coverage and finish of this- your complexion looks flawless :)


  6. I tried a sample of this, and it disappeared very quickly on my oily-combination skin. The finish was beautiful, though, and the colour I received (020) was actually a great match for my skin. Really liking the FOTD you included...I look forward to finding out what products you used!:)

  7. This is my go-to too! I love Star for drier times and more coverage in the winter, and Air for round about now. I currently have oily skin and I have pores. Nude Air blurs the pores nicely. It's pretty glowy on me though, I have to set with powder, which is no problem since I usually do. I got the Nude Air pressed powder in a too-dark shade (I got 040 with foundation 040; the foundation is my summer colour but the powder turns much darker? Boohoo!!!!) but the effect was great. I now set the foundation with Charlotte Tilbury powder or Chanel les beiges B30.

  8. Thank you for the link love, Sara. I think this foundation looks very good on you! I don't usually stick to one foundation, but I really want to use up my bottle of Vitalumiere Aqua, so I've been using that. My skin definitely got drier since when I first purchased this, because I now find the foundation a little drying. To fix that, I apply using a wet Beautyblender so the finish is a little more glowy :-)

  9. This looks great on you Sara! I really wanted my skin to love this and was not happy to see that it broke me out after a couple of times of wearing it. My skin is combination but acnegenic, so I get spots and pigmentation easily. This foundation made me skin look perfect for what I need and want but it dried me out in some areas and it caused pimples to come out as well as spots on my cheeks and chin. I stopped it immediately and wondering if it is to do with the combination of oils? Believe it or not, I am still looking for the perfect foundation but I recently turn to Guerlain Baby Glow, Nars Tinted Moisturiser and for less coverage Chanel Le Beige, fluid (I love that one). :)

  10. I love this foundation. It's probably my most used at the moment. I love the finish and as someone mentions below it blurs my pores. It wears well and I use it mainly for working days when I need a bit of longevity xx

  11. Hi!
    I just posted about the lipstick, it is Burberry Kisses Crimson Pink which I am loving at the moment :-)

  12. It is more coverage than my YSL Fusion Ink, you are right. Lipstick is so cute, loving at the moment, just posted a review. It is Burberry Kisses Crimson Pink :-)

  13. Hi Hara,
    It might be your next one but try before buy, always with foundations. Depending how much oilier your skin gets, this one might be not like your GA Maestro. As a reference I can't wear GA Maestro as a normal to dry person but I can wear that one, so I believe GA has better oil control. You can never tell though, there are all types of other parameters lol.
    A tip about Crema Nuda. Estée Lauder has a very similar product which costs the half...
    And yes! You are absolutely right! It is Crimson Pink!!

  14. I also like Star. I had a few generous samples and used them up. But I like the weightless feel of this one more. Only the undertones look a little strange on me, probably something only I would see ;-)

  15. Hi Jenni,
    yes this one is the right amount of coverage with a light weight formula.

  16. Hi Jess,

    I used Sisley Dream Quad and Burberry Kisses Crimson Pink. You can see a full list here at Instagram. https://instagram.com/p/25Y0Ggp5nE/?taken-by=sara_beautime

    It is interesting, I believe depending on how oily your complexion is this works or doesn't. If it would work for you probably it wouldn't work for me? ;-)

  17. Hi Bella,
    this is great to hear that Dior Air Nude treats your pores well haha. I don't have many visible ones, so it is hard to judge for me how they look before and after. How do you like Charlotte Tilbury powder? I like Chanel one for the summer but other than that it looks too powdery on my dry skin.

  18. Thanks :-* I wished the undertones would be more fitting.

  19. Hi Lily,
    oh I am a foundation hopper! I have like 20 half used bottles lol. Your approach is really good though. my skin also gets drier and a little better, depending on the time of the month ;-) We women are so complicated, biologically ;-)))

  20. Hi Eleni,
    sometimes it doesn't work. With me Chanel foundations make strange marks which scratch like crazy. I think it is a kind of allergy and I know other people mentioned about it. I love Vitalumiere Aqua but because of that I can't wear it very often.

  21. Yes the strongest point of the foundation is the longevity which I need too. Let alone the foundation, I can't even find time to reapply my lipstick during the day. ;-)

  22. Lucky you, no pores!!! It's the price one pays for oily skin. I adore the CT powder. Mattifying, glowy and blurry at the same time. I also only use Les Beiges in the summer, because B30 adds a bit of colour to my skin. I sometimes use B40 as a bronzer. In fact, on very hot days I use it as my only base because it actually provides some coverage. Once more, oily skin means that not much looks powdery on me for long.

  23. Possibly! Sometimes I read reviews where people complain about products emphasizing their dry patches, and I'm like "Dry patches? What are dry patches?";-)

  24. This does sound lovely. However my oily skin might destroy it if I tried it!

    And about the shades, peach? Honestly? And yeah, we miss on the fairiest shades here all the time as well. It seems that we laze about the beach tanning all year round (?!) so we don't need them. I had to wait a whole year for the Les Beiges powder to be released in 020! And I am not the fairest of them all as I am NC20, what are other women supposed to do?

  25. I really love this foundation for casual day wear.... it lasts and stays perfect all day and doesn't dry out my already dry skin as the day progresses. It looks really good and smooth on you too! And again, why don't they have more shades?? 020 works just fine on me though...I didn't notice it being too peachy... hmmmm!

  26. I love the finish of this one, and it looks gorgeous on you.
    It's like wearing nothing but better, and my skin is dry though not flaky. That said, I always wind up with Guerlain foundations. Though the shades are a bit off for me, there's something about them that no other base does for me. That includes By Terry and La Prairie.

  27. Exactly the same problem with me. I am not even fair but I have sometimes problem finding a light shade for my skin tone. I know some blogger friends, they started a blog after trying to find right foundation for years because they were too fair. I don't know why the companies do that but I can see many fair ladies in Germany but most of them buy foundations which are 3 shades deeper than their complexions. *shrugs* Not a nice look. Rather get a matching one and work with a bronzer on the sides.

  28. Hi Linda,
    do you have 020 too? this one is definitely off on me. When I wear it something isn't right but probably I am the only one who can point that out lol. It didn't dry me out neither. In winter time it may though.

  29. Totally agree! In my opinion it makes no sense from the business side of things to restrict the base of your potential customers

  30. Hi Siri,
    the same here, dry but not flaky. Guerlain's shades (#02)also somehow doesn't do it for me. It is a bit too cool? I don't know... Weird undertone, but I know what you mean, they have very good foundation formulas.

  31. I love using Les Beiges as a bronzer. It gives a subtle but warmed up look, lovely. B40 is also a shade which is not too warm. LOl I know nothing is powdery on me, on me nothing is shiny. I can basically take a shower in highlighter, it still looks subtle ;-))

  32. this product is used by my wife she really admire your products ...she also write blogs do visit her Beauty Write For Us


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