Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer, Wow Pop, Grape Pop, Plum Pop & Melon Pop, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you had a good start in the week. We had my mother-in-law visiting, we had nice time together. Now my parents are coming this Thursday. I can't concentrate too much on guests at the moment though since on the professional side of life, I am about to give an important decision. As all important changes go, this comes with late night photo editing session since I can't fall asleep easily. My mind is occupied but for photo editing I don't need much of that. This is how I put together some photos of Clinique Pop Lipsticks I was enjoying for a few weeks now. Thanks so much to all of your good luck wished at Instagram.I am living through these. Xox

Yes... Clinique Pop... Lipstick and Primer merged in one product. I got to test four of the shades, Wow Pop, Grape Pop, Plum Pop and Melon Pop, here are my thoughts...

Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer, Wow Pop, Grape Pop, Plum Pop & Melon Pop

The packaging kills me and does that in a good way! It looks like fun, reminds me of candies but most important of it all, it is super practical. In the morning I reach for one of the lipsticks and I immediately know which color it is. You will love it if you are a lipstick addict and you struggle to find the right one once in a rush. The lids are not magnetic, but they sit tightly over the lipstick so the chance of one opening in your purse is not very likely. The lipsticks also feel light, not very hefty but again good for those who used to carry around tens of lippies in their purses.

Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer, Grape Pop, Wow Pop, Plum Pop & Melon Pop

Swatches: Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer, Grape Pop, Wow Pop, Plum Pop & Melon Pop

Here are the shades I picked:

Grape Pop: A medium fuchsia which doesn't lean too purple or too pink. It is more pink than my favorite purples such as MAC Heroine or Nars Dominique (reviewed here).

Wow Pop: A medium bright cool hot pink. It is cooler than both Guerlain Rouge Automatique Flou Stiletto (reviewed here) amd MAC Kelly Yum-Yum (reviewed here). This one is hands down my favorite of the bunch and one of my summer lippie of choice for this year.

Plum Pop: A beautiful plummy red/pink. It is hard to define this shade, it looks very natural on me, like a bit vamped version of my lips. It reminded me of Estee Lauder Envy Shine Inspiring (reviewed here) which is redder and its finish is more shiny as the name suggests.

Melon Pop: This is love at the first sight for me. I was searching for a tad more pink version of my beloved Tom Ford Sweet Spot and Melon Pink appeared in my stash, (make-up gods might have sent it). It is a perfect refreshing nude for Spring/Summer.

Comparison Swatches: Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer, Grape Pop, Wow Pop, Plum Pop & Melon Pop

FOTD, Clinique Melon Pop

You have seen the below look here, on my eyes I am wearing Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-01 Benikakesora. On my cheeks I have Suqqu Balancing Cheeks #01 Momoshuiro (reviewed here) and #03 Yawakohaku (reviewed here) as well as Suqqu Lighting Liquid (mentioned here).

FOTD: Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer Melon Pop

FOTD, Clinique Plum Pop

You have seen this look here. I am wearing Tom Ford Golden Peach (reviewed here) and Sisley Havana (reviewed here) on the eyes. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Duo in Telluride / Elvis Duran on the cheeks. To me Plum Pop is more of an autumn color and can be worn with any shades on the eyes since it is rather understated.

Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer Plum Pop

FOTD Clinique Wow Pop

You have seen this look here. I am wearing Sisley Havana Phyto Twist on the eyes, Smashbox Bronzer in Deep Matte (reviewed here) and Tom Ford Wicked on the cheeks. Love Wow Pop and smoky brown eyes combination. I don't think deep smoky eyes are summery but in this combination, I am loving it for the upcoming season.

Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer Wow Pop

FOTD with Clinique Grape Pop

Another look with Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-01 Benikakesora on the eyes. I love combining Grape Pop with peaches on the eyes. Peaches and plum must be my latest addiction combo.

Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer Grape Pop

Now a little more about the formula and the finish.

The formula feels very hydrating, almost like a balm but the shades I have tried are very pigmented. You can reach the opaqueness in almost one swipe. In terms of pigmentation and feel, I would classify these being similar to Nars Audacious Lipsticks. The longevity is quiet good given the fact that they are so moisturising. Especially the bright colors wear very well. On me Wow Pop lasts very long, even as a stain after eating. Melon Pop on the other hand lasts a little shorter. Since these are hydrating and pigmented, they move around a little so you should be careful if you have just applied your lipstick and you couldn't resist that ice cream.

Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer, Grape Pop, Wow Pop, Plum Pop & Melon Pop

Also check out how these look on Lily (ChloeAsh, Melon Pop and Cherry Pop) and Melissa (Kiss and Make-ups Beauty Blog. Bare Pop, Plum Pop, Wow Pop).

Final thoughts: Hydrating and pigmented, Clinique Pop Lip Colors come in super cute candy like packaging, which is also super practical. At 22 EUR a Pop, I consider them to be great value for price. Thumbs all the way up.

Did you check these out yet? Are you eyeing any?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Great review! I like Plum Pop the most :)

  2. Plum is probably the one I'd gravitate towards as well. And as much as I love some of the other 'luxe' looking packaging on the market, I really do appreciate that these cases match the contents. I always want to sort my lipsticks by brand or something but I can't really, because I need to know which ones are which and they all look alike. Right now I have them loosely sorted by colour and that helps. Kind of. LOL

  3. Hey Sara, thanks for the review! I have Cherry Pop and Berry Pop, but I haven't got around to trying them on yet! The moving around aspect worries me a little. I really dislike lipsticks that might end up on my chin. I'm hoping it doesn't move THAT much. Good luck with your professional decision and have fun with all the visits!

  4. Those are some gorgeus shades you got there! I think I like them all!!

    And yeah, I see how similar the hot pinks are, yet how more pink the clinique one is. Thanks for the swatches!

  5. I knew that Plum Pop would be your type of color xox

  6. I know, I have the same problem with lipsticks. I keep them in their boxes so that I can read their names easier. Still sometimes I don't remember what kind of color that name referred to. First world problems but solved in such a nice way! Even if not half of the lipstick is another color, they should maybe insert a strip or something somewhere seen with the color so that we can grab the right one even while rushing!

  7. Ohh Cherry Pop, that one looked beautiful on Lily, I am sure you will rock both of them too.
    Hahah don't worry, it doesn't go all the way to your chin but may end up on your teeth lol. I actually really like the formula. Thanks, decisions are always hard :-)

  8. Yes they are similar but my favorite is Wow Pop because of coolness, such a pretty shade.
    I like them all too!!!

  9. All four shades look really wonderful on you, Sara! :)
    I personally don't enjoy lipsticks with intense color payoffs, so I don't think I will pick these up in the near future, but honestly these look more appealing than NARS Audacious to me. Clinique seems to be doing awesome in their makeup department lately!

  10. Hi Jane,
    I am definitely eyeing both Love and Bare. I will check them out next time I am at the counter :-)

  11. Hi Lena,
    of course it is a personal preference to wear pigmented or sheer lipsticks. For me, it is not so important if it is pigmented or sheer but I don't like very shiny ones. The sheer ones are more shiny so I gravitate towards pigmented/medium pigmented lipstick just not to shine, does that make sense? haha, I guess not. You are right, Clinique topped up their game, they are going strong lately.

  12. They all look fab on you. I got the Wow Pop, but I much prefer the look of the Plum Pop. Might have to get that one x

  13. Thanks for the link love, Sara. I especially love Grape Pop on you. I have to go check it out :-)

  14. Oh wow! These are really gorgeous. I thought they would be super sheer, so I never even thought of looking into them

  15. LOL yes I have been testing them for a few weeks, you could see this post coming ;-)
    Yes it is funny, we talk about "true to pan", now the next concept will be true to package haha

  16. I think it is hard to stop. I have a few more on my list too!
    Oh and Wow Pop is gorgeous, Plum Pop is more wearable for everyday though.

  17. Wow, these are much more pigmented then I had anticipated! Clinique has been releasing much more exciting products lately... Might be worth a look after all. :)

    Great review as always Sara- Good luck with your professional decisions. Hope you can enjoy your time with family!

  18. Thanks for the link love, Sara! I love Plum Pop on you and Wow Pop looks surprisingly wearable on you! It looks more Barbie on me, haha.

  19. I am so, so excited to try these lippies! I swatched them in-store and loved the shade range and pigmentation. I think Melon Pop looks extra gorgeous on you :)

  20. Melon Pop and Plum Pop are amazing ! You are so beautiful with all of them ! Have you also tried the new blushes? I'm eyeing on the melon cheek pop and plum cheek pop! They would have fit perfectly with the pop lipsticks :)

  21. Lily, you are a member of team purple and Grape Pop is a must lol

  22. Hi Katherine,
    Yes I was also expecting something sheer although it is written "intense color" on the product. When I applied I was like whoo this has some serious opacity in there :-) I think you can enjoy them too!

  23. Hi Erin,
    yes I am very excited about all the new releases and good quality Clinique is putting out lately. Pop lippies are much recommended!
    About professional decisions, I have the feeling that although I can "select" the options come in such a way that it makes no sense to choose the other path. It is such a strange feeling, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless the changes will come, that is almost sure. I just learned it will be next year though, not yet this year.

  24. Hi Melissa,
    probably it has to do with the undertones, you are a little warmer than me so hot pink creates more contrast with your skin. I experience this with some other shades :-)

  25. Hi there Dr. Blogger!!!
    congrats! I would like to leave you a comment but since we have visiters and life is rather hectic here, I couldn't make it to a computer on which I can leave comments to blogger *sigh*. You should get Disgus too! Now I can't wait to see you spot that Tom Ford compact :-***

  26. Hi, there are really very fun colors in the range, something for everyone.

    I haven't tried their blushes yet, how odd but they are all limited edition here and can't be found at the counter. I wanted the plummy one but they are only online *sigh* Have you tried them out. Yes you can combine them with the lippies, it would be fun!
    PS: can you send me a letter with your address?

  27. I own cherry pop which is from their initial permanent 4 shades line and I adore it! Unfortunately I haven't tried the new ones yet since they haven't yet arrived in Stockholm (I thought they were permanent though :( ) but whenever I find them I can grab one or two and send them to you :)
    P.s.i sent you a letter with my address :) thank u again so much!!

  28. Thanks so, so much Sara! I used the Tom Ford palette for the first time yesterday to celebrate- review coming soon :) Have an amazing weekend! xo

  29. Really want one of these, but it seems that applied, none of the shades I want are unique enough in my collection to warrant picking up another one. The BF agreed I could pick up another lippie when I'd submitted my thesis, but I can't seem to choose. there's a peachy and a nude EL pure colour envy shine, there's these from Clinique and one from Sensai that is peachy with a golden shimmer that is so lovely for every day wear. #firstworldproblems

  30. I have a few of the blushes and I know they got great reviews but I am a bit meh on them. You really have to work them to get them to show up. I am fair and that rarely happens. I think they were over-hyped. These lipsticks however are wonderful. I got the Grape and the Wow after seeing your review and I love them, particularly the Wow. Such a fun color.

  31. Just got Wow pop and Punch Pop which i really liked! :)

  32. Thanks for letting me know, I am so glad that you are loving it. I purchased a few more too ;-)


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