Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori & Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Today I am excited to share two products from Suqqu Spring Collection with you. After the first images were available online, these two especially caught my eye. Pink and orange, such a lovely combination we don't get to see too often. Here is Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori and Suqqu Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku.

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori & Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku

The color story of Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori is like a orange and warm naturals mixed with a dose of pink. Sakuraori is my favorite of the three of the Blend Color Eye Shadows released for Spring. It is the one with the most interesting combination and stronger pigmentation. Also by combining such cool tones with very warm ones, it becomes very wearable across the skin tones.

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori

The shades in #18 Sakuraori are as follows:

Top left: A very light shimmery white base shade. It can be applied all over the eye lid as a base but I like using it sparingly under the brow bone and pack it on the inner corner. It has delicate Suqqu shimmer, which doesn't reflect the light in a harsh nor frosty way but it highlights beautifully.

Top right: A very light cool to neutral pink with satin to shimmery finish. This shade has very fine golden shimmer which makes it suitable to mix with the orange and brown in the palette, truely lovely.

Bottom right: A mid-toned terracotta shade which is a bit unusual for Spring but wait and see *winks* This shade has great color pay-off and applies beautifully. It has satin to shimmery finish but nothing harsh nor frosty.

Bottom left: A deep neutral brown with satin to shimmery finish. It has very good color pay-off and it is deep enough to define the crease but not too deep so it doesn't ruin the delicacy of other shades.

Close-up: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori
Swatch: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori
Sometimes I have problem trying to make shades show up on my lids but with Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori just a single swipe is enough. Look how nicely pink and orange combine. Seriously it is not only my favorite of this collection but it is going to the favourites post for Spring Collections!

Below I have applied the white on the inner corner, next to it pink all the way to the half of the lid. I then blended pink into orange which I applied from mid lid to the outer corner. Afterwards I have defined the crease with deep brown.

In-action: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori

Two new blushes are released with Suqqu Spring 2015 Collection. One of them has mauve pink tones. I usually go for the pink one since warm cheeks look very unnaturally orange on me but I couldn't resist orange and pink combination. Also I thought Suqqu Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku would combine nicely with Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori.

The idea of Balancing Cheeks blush is to apply the right color, orange in this case, on the cheeks and blend it by applying the left color, the pink. Different than my other Suqqu Blush, #1 Momoshuiro (reviewed here), #3 Yawakohaku was not embossed with the brand name. I found Yawakohaku to have better color pay-off too, which is great news for medium complexions. 

The right shade is a golden orange, very warm but with the shimmer it worked on my complexion. Especially since I could layer the left shade to cool it down a little. Left shade is a very light neutral to cool pink and has no shimmer.

Close-up: Suqqu Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku
Swatch: Suqqu Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku

Here is the look in context with Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori on the eyes, Suqqu Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku on the cheeks, Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist #08 Tougyoku on the lips. The eye look as well as the cheeks lasted over 12 hours on me, a major advantage of Suqqu makeup, which lasts the longest on me among all the formulas I have tried.

FOTD: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori & Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku

FOTD: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori & Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku

Also check out my review of Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow Ex-25 Haruhinata here from the same collection.

Final thoughts: I am officially in love with Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori. The color story is unique to my stash (not as easy at it sounds) and it gives me a soft springy look without being too pastel. Balancing Cheeks #3 Yawakohaku is a very pretty blush for those who are afraid of orange as much as I am should check that out because it works.

Availability: A few of you asked where to find them after I shared the photos at Instagram. The good news is that the whole Spring Collection is available online at Selfridges at the time I am writing the post. Also both of the items I reviewed today are permanent so in case they sell out, they will eventually be restocked.

Anything catches your eye? How do you find the color story with orange and pink combination?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are provided for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Love the look you created! It is indeed a very interesting and beautiful choice of colours. It suits you very well! I've never tried Suqqu even though I'm a regular Selfridges visitor. Will need to have a look next time I pop in!

    Laura || Laura London

  2. Hey, the quad kinda reminds me of Chanel Tisse Vendome, but only kind of! The pieces are definitely interesting! Personally, I like the blushes a bit more!

  3. The whole look makes you seem ready for spring and summer! I love the pink and orange combo, especially for the eyes. It's reminiscent of a Lunasol palette I have from last summer, but the Suqqu looks to be more pigmented. --Angela

  4. Sakuraori is like the perfect quad for spring/girly eye look! Pink, coral/terracotta, brown, and a highlight. I love the color combo so much! :) Glad to see they are well-pigmented, too. Spring colors are usually really pale and lack good color payoff.

  5. You look so fresh, so springy, so lovely! This look makes me wanna go out for a romantic date on a warm spring night in a cute dress. Uuuh yes!
    The two right shades remind me a bit of Cognac Sable and the blush palette is stunning - a sheer cute shade and a wawawooom color! Like!

  6. It is a great look for summer - bright, sunny, and very positive!

  7. Oh this is perfect for you, Sara!! But there is just something about this color combination... i feel like i have seen this before... but i just can't place it. There's something very distinctly suqqu about these colors, like maybe the shades were taken from previous quads and reassembled in this palette. Hmmm......

  8. I know you usually love your purples but this peaches & pinks really bring up the green in your eyes, Sara! I think this look is lovely on you.

  9. i so love eye shadow quads and quads are even easy to maintain. liked your EOTDs sweety :)

  10. Can I be in love with it too or are you guys exclusive? The colors are soooo pretty, definitely shades that I'd reach for a lot.

  11. you look so lovely!!
    This is a palette that could work for me (that is if I knew how to apply eyeshadow properly). And the blushers look terrific as well! I do not know if this brand is easily available here, I need to find out :)

  12. The shades are perfect for your green eyes, they make them pop!


  13. Ooh, these shades are so pretty on you! Loving that orange shade for Spring :)

  14. You wear pretty much all palettes beautifully, but this one looks especially lovely on you. LOVE

  15. What interesting eyeshadows, they really look lovely and pigmentation is very good as you say! They're also very flattering on your green eyes so I'm not surprised you are enjoying it so much!
    I have the Guerlain holiday quint from last year and it has a pink and an orangey bronze and white so this quad reminds me of it!
    Great post as always, I never miss any of your reviews even though I don't always get the chance to comment!


  16. Sara, this look is so beautiful on you. Seriously, your deep crease and lid space is such a wonderful canvas to showcase all the pretty shades!

  17. Hi Silke,
    if you are close to Selfridges, it is a crime that you haven't tried Suqqu while all of us trying to get hold of it ;-)) Let me know how you like it after trying, don't forget to layer the colors, the true beauty is then revealed.

  18. Hi Sunny,
    you are right, the peach orangy tone is close to Vendome. Blusher would look gorgeous on you, much better than it would on me considering how well you wear warmer Chanel blushes :-)

  19. Oh really: Lunasol Palette, I should check it out but was it limited edition?
    This one is really pigmented and applies beautifully.

  20. Yes this is very feminine :-)
    You are right, most of the time one need a white base for them to show. Actually this one is the most pigmented in the range, the other two are softer but I always like the one with the drama, even for spring ;-)

  21. Oh you explain it so nicely, you are right, a flower dress and a romantic date, *happy sigh*
    Actually it also reminds me of Burnished Amber, that one also has pinks and amber tones together, which you and me, we both love! *wink*

  22. Hi Linda,
    you might be right. I think one can bring the last tea quad and one of the pink quads together for this look. But I would never think to do it ;-)

  23. Hi Claire,
    thanks so much, I usually go for purples but this one really won my heart

  24. Thanks, I am an eye shadow quad freak too lol

  25. LOL yes it is usually hard to get hold of but right now you can order it online.
    If you are in Switzerland, they also deduce the taxes, so you are in luck.

  26. Thanks very much, I didn't think they would lol :-*

  27. Hi Nati, you are in Switzerland right?
    You can order through Selfridges website, they deduce VAT and add 15 GBP of shipping, which should cancel one another more or less, then voila, you have Suqqu :-)

  28. Hi Jen,
    these are your shades, would look lovely on you. You can also try to recreate with what you have, I would love to see it on your lovely face :-*

  29. Hi Lena,
    thanks so much, very kind of you.

  30. Hi Belly,
    thanks so much, I will be waiting for your review, I am sure you will love it too, it is so pretty!

  31. Hi Ingrid,
    thanks so much for reading all my posts, so kind of you :-*
    Whenever you find the time to comment, I am very happy to hear from you.
    You are right Guerlain holiday quad has very lovely warm neutrals. They are a little more bronzy though, these are light hearted and springy. I love them both :-)

  32. But we both also agree that nothing compares to Burnished Amber; not even comes close to it! <3

  33. Yes yes yes!
    Burnished Amber = love of my life ;-)

  34. Thank you for the info Sara! for some strange reason I've never ordered anything from Selfridges...

  35. Yes, it was from the 15th Anniversary collection. I reviewed it here I'm in the U.S. and wish Suqqu were more accessible. Sometimes I'll come across it in a speciality Japanese cosmetics store, but it'll be like $100 USD for a palette and you can't swatch it before buying.

  36. stunning! The warm, orange tones compliment your complexion beautifully! Really need to look into picking up some items from this collection!

  37. Hi Maeve, these would look gorgeous on you as well, would compliment your hair :-*

  38. You should totally take advantage of VAT reduction for your country.


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