Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi Review, Swatch & FOTD, for Spring 2015 Collection

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I just came back home from cocktail bar with live music after dinner with hubby. We have one downtown, which is not too crowded, has a lovely atmosphere and the music was great. It is... jazz.. am I getting old?

I have shared my thoughts and eye looks with you on two of the three eye shadow quads Suqqu released with their Spring Collection which is inspired with chiffon fabric. You can check  Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #18 Sakuraori here and Ex-25 Haruhinata here. For the sake of completeness today I would like to show you the third one, #19 Awafujisukashi, a soft harmony in lavender and gold.

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi 

Although it has some pastel elements in there, the lavender was certainly calling my name. It reminded me of Ex-14 Ruridama from Summer 2013, which had lavender as the main color. In #19 Awafujisukashi though it is a supporting act if that makes sense. The other three set the scene and if you want to be a little more playful than that, let the lavender play.

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi 

Color pay-off of #19 Awafujisukashi is very soft, close to Ex-25 Haruhinata. All of the shades have complex Suqqu shimmer, and they layer well. Especially the base shade layers wonderfully with any other shade because it is a gorgeous duo chrome and truly shows itself once layered over a deeper shade, like the deep bro in the palette. 

Top left: A very light white with pink opalescence and duo chrome qualities. It is gorgeous, enough said!

Top right: A light satin lavender. Although it is not matte, on the lids it looses most of its shimmer, it doesn't look chalky nor powdery but it is hard to build up. It looks gorgeous over a white base though but I will talk about it later.

Bottom left: A deep neutral brown with satin finish. This is gorgeous on its own and deep enough for definition of a soft eye. I like the color pay-off, not too deep because then it would destroy the softness of the look, but it gives the just right amount of definition,

Bottom right: A light shimmery copper. The shimmer is again very soft and very beautiful. This shade balances the coolness of lavender in a nice way and makes it wearable also for warmer complexions.

I have also added a few layered swatches. I really like the lightest shade on the darkest shade it reminds me of Tom Ford's Ripe Plum (reviewed here)

Close-up: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi 
Swatch: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi 
Application Take #1, no base

Since in this blog I try to show you how each product performs without any help of another product, for my first take, I applied the gold to the inner corner, lavender in the middle and brown at the outer corner. As nice and soft the look was, truth to be told, it was too soft for me. It might be just me who is used to smokey eye type of look, who knows. I just wanted that gorgeous lavender to show off a little more...

In-action, Look #1: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi 

Application Take #2 with White Base

So to satisfy my needs for drama, I applied a white base and blended it so that it is not too harsh. I then applied gold on the lid, brown on the outer edge and crease. I have then added lavender on the inner corner as a pop of color. Voilà! I like it so much!!

In-action, Look #2: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi 

Here is the look in context. I have even received some compliments on that one, so it was not only me liking it I guess. I also liked how nicely gold and lavender blended and whole look gave a soft but defined look, something I prefer to soft and undefined *wink*

Below I am also wearing MAC Blush Ombre in Sunset Beach on the cheeks, Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color in Royal Orchid on the lips. I am also loving that lipstick, unfortunately it doesn't stay long but it feels really nice, pigmented and moisturizing, applies so evenly and that color *happy sigh*

FOTD: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi

FOTD: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi 

Final thoughts: Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow #19 Awafujisukashi is a lovely neutral quad with a touch of soft lavender. All in all it is rather soft though, so if you like a bit more definition, like I do, get your white base ready.

Availability: It is now available online at Selfridges.

Do you use a base in lighter color frequently to make your eye shadows more vibrant?

Disclaimer: The product in this post is purchased by me.


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  3. Oh this is the one I was most interested in!!!! Must.Resist.Temptation.

  4. Oh I adore the swatches of this!

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