Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo, Review, Swatch, FOTD & Comparisons, for Spring 2015

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. It is kind of sunny here but rather cold. I prefer sunny and cold to warm and rainy so I am happy with that right now. We will go to take a walk at the park very close to our place as I keep on preparing for few of the deadlines which are in the week after the next week. Spring eye shadow madness is going on. I have yet to share my thoughts about a few more. Expect to see Suqqu, YSL and Bobbi Brown next week. But first I would like to review the last duo I haven't written about from Tom Ford Spring Collection. 

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo is the blue one of the three wet & dry duos released by the brand. Other two are plum (Ripe Plum, reviewed here) and green (Raw Jade, reviewed here). I am particularly excited about this collection because it gives us some color and does it in an unconventional way. who would have expected smoky shades for spring collection? I think the shades work nicely though, green is very springy, plum I can wear all year around and blue? Let's see...

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo

I have swatched all the duos previously here but for your convenience here it a close up and the swatch once more. It is useful to see how the shade on the arm transfers to the eye lids. Similar to other duos in the collection #03 Crushed Indigo has a very light iridescent shade and a deeper metallic shade combination, which reveals a more vibrant metallic mid-toned shade once layered. Practically you can think that you are getting three shades in a duo but for me the lightest shade is rather useless on its own other than using it as a subtle highlighter on the inner corner. It has to be mentioned though both of the shades become more iridescent and dense once applied with a damp brush, which I like using as a gradient effect during application.

Close-up: Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo
Swatch: Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo

Blue eye shadows are sometimes tricky for me to pull off. If they are too cool, they clash against my skin tone, similar to silvers and look out of place. Ice Queen kind of looks are ones which I don't feel like wearing very often. The blue in Crushed Indigo leans neutral to a little towards violet, which is perfect for me. 

For the look below I have applied the darkest shade all over the lid, intensified it with a damp brush on the outer corner. I have layered the light shade on it in the middle of the lid. I have then intensified the iridescence by applying one more layer of the light shade, this time with a damp brush. I then rimmed my eyes with classical black eye liner (Urban Decay 24/7 Perversion) and applied mascara (Chanel Le Volume).

In-action: Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo

As eyes were pretty intense with black liner and color, I went for nude lips and a matching blush for this look. Below I am wearing Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo on eyes, Tom Ford Lip Color Spanish Pink on the lips and Tom Ford Blush Frantic Pink on the cheeks. Now with this lipstick doesn't this look appropriate for Spring? Well, at least it is my type of spring make-up!

FOTD with Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo
FOTD with Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo

A few things I have noticed during the application that this duo is drier than the other two (Ripe Plum and Raw Jade) and doesn't apply as intense as the others. Although we have to keep in mind that this is "blue" and doing a good blue is very hard. In general blue quads are always low performers of a certain range. Considering the other blues Tom Ford released, Crushed Indigo is even one of the good ones in terms of quality. Tom Ford Cobalt Rush was rather poor in terms of color pay-off and they ended up discontinuing it (good move!). When I was swatching blues for the comparison, I had to swipe shades from Cobalt Rush like four times and Crushed Indigo only once. Below you can see that the lightest shade of blue from Cobalt Rush is similar to the layered shade in Crushed Indigo but as I have mentioned, Crushed Indigo has better pigmentation.  Emerald Lust has more teals rather than blues hence it has a different color story. If you have Emerald Lust and you are fond of blues you can justify owning both. 

Comparison, Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo vs. Emerald Lust and Cobalt Rush

Check out the review of Linda from Silverkis too. On her lids, eye shadows last shorter and she reported some fading for this particular duo. On me I wore it over 10 hours without any fading nor creasing. I didn't experience fall out either.

Final thoughts and Tom Ford Duos Wrap-up: Blue pigments are always tricker to get right. Tom Ford Eye Color Duo #03 Crushed Indigo is a little drier and less complex than the other two duos, namely Ripe Plum and Raw Jade. It is still lovely and vibrant once layered and I am sure it win the blue lover's heart. My favorite out of three is Ripe Plum though, which is more suitable for everyday wear and has a more complex finish.

Now tell me, which one is your favorite? Is there a blue eye shadow quad which you think you love the quality? I have yet to find one!

Disclaimer: The product in this post is purchased by me



  1. Crushed Indigo looks stunning on you, but my favorite might still be the plum one! Sorry to hear about the drier texture and fading tho. I can't really say there is a blue palette that I love a lot. I can pull certain blues off, but it's never really a shade that I actively want to wear!

  2. Love how these blues brighten up your lids- so pretty :)

  3. i loved this release and have been eyeing a lot of the swatches online. there's a great olive one out that i'm seriously considering.

  4. Thank you so much for your link love as always, Sara! :** Yes, blues are always harder to get right, but we always expect the bestest from Tom Ford don't we? Hmm... i might just do a smackdown of those blues someday! But i'm glad this one worked out well on you! I know you were apprehensive about blues clashing on you, but this was stunning!

  5. Blues Smack-down would be a great idea. I only have non functioning blues in my stash, which tells me that I should get rid of them soon. I am so lazy to do blog sale or evil bay sale, *sigh*
    Anyway I am happy that this one was one of the rare blues which worked ;-)

  6. I know you're not crazy about blues on yourself but I think this eye look is really striking and beautiful! It's a standout for me! I wish Tom Ford was more accessible where I lived.

  7. Hi Jess,
    that is so nice of you, thank you.
    Where are you living? In Germany it is also not that easy to get hold of Tom Ford items. I usually ask friends in US get things for me.

  8. I live in Canada. There are select cities that have Tom Ford counters (Toronto does for sure), but my city doesn't and there's nowhere to buy the brand online. Nordstrom is opening here next month and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. It's true that, as much as I grumble about brands I can't access here, things could really be worse! We do have Sephora, and now Nordstrom. I'm hoping Nordstrom will bring Burberry, Armani, Clé de Peau, Tom Ford, and Chantecaille, although maybe I should try to keep my expectations in check.:)


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