YSL La Lacquer Couture #58 Nuit Blanche & #59 Nuit Noire Review & Swatches, for Spring 2015 Collection

Years ago I have fallen in love with YSL Nail Polish formula. To me it is one of the safe formulas out there which I can count on. It almost never disappoints in terms of brush strokes or opaqueness. I try to collect the limited edition nail polishes. I have gone through a lot trying to find some very limited edition shades such as The Spices Collection last year. But then I look at the last number I have, the leather effect nail polishes (#52, #53), and two of them which are launched this spring, I can't help by wonder, what happened to #54, #55, #56 and #57. Any insight would be appreciated ;-)

Back to where we start shall we? YSL's Spring Collection has two new limited shades for the nails, #58 Nuit Blanche and #59 Nuit Noire. Looks intriguing in the bottle? Let's have a closer look...

YSL La Lacquer Couture #58 Nuit Blanche & #59 Nuit Noire

I have briefly tried YSL La Lacquer Couture #58 Nuit Blanche on my nail to see that it is very sheer and would make a better top coat. The consistency is also a little thick so I thought there is no point in trying to build it up. Below you can see it over Dior #294 Lady (one coat of Nuit Blanche over two coats of Lady). I think #58 Nuit Blanche would look nice on pastels and nudes especially. I am loving this combination, so soft but interesting, perfect for spring. 

YSL La Lacquer Couture #58 Nuit Blanche

I tried to capture the pale green and white sparkles on the nail once the light hits so took a photo with flash light. To get the nail surface smooth, it is also good to apply one or two coats of top coat. For the photos here, I haven't done that.

YSL La Lacquer Couture #58 Nuit Blanche (with flash)

Then there comes YSL La Lacquer Couture #59 Nuit Noire, a very unexpected shade for Spring. It looks like Holiday or winter, maybe fall but spring? Doesn't matter though because a nice black with silver flecks is always welcome to my nails. In two coats #59 Nuit Noire is opaque but the surface is not smooth. I recommend applying a thick top coat on top, even two layers to make it look glossier. The glitters in there are silver, nothing very unique but I like how it looks in the end, not love but like.

YSL La Lacquer Couture #59 Nuit Noire

Here is once more with flash, I am wearing two coats of #59 Nuit Noire and no top coat here but later on I put on the top coat to keep the mani. This particular shade didn't last on me very long though but it might be due to the state of my nails at the moment. 

YSL La Lacquer Couture #59 Nuit Noire (with flash)

I am not much of a top coat girl, nor I am a special effect nail polish lover. All I am wishing that they go back to those lovely cream shades they used to release. I am hoping that Summer won't disappoint.

Final thoughts: If you like a nice top coat for Spring, check out #58 Nuit Blanche. It works lovely on pastels and nudes. #59 Nuit Noire is an interesting shade choice for Spring, for those who like it vamp all year around.

Do any of these call your name? Do you like glittery top coats?

Disclaimer: The products in this post are purchased by me.


  1. Hahaha you made me laugh with that comment about the numbers! I've never thought about it. To me, a lot of brands do it so randomly (or maybe I just never paid attention) that I assume they just use a slot machine :p

    Glittery top coats usually aren't my thing because they could be a pain to remove. As you might remember, I have been rather taken with Dior Eclosion tho! It's easy to get the flakes to look even, plus removing is a breeze!

    1. LOL Sunny, you cracked me up.
      Slot machine ;-))
      YSL had it very consistently "increasing" until now so I am expecting 4 new nail polishes for their Summer collection coming up with those "numbers" in between, let's see if I am right.

      I know Glittery top coat can be messy, I use aluminum foil method. That one is rather quick ;-)

  2. Hmm... i'm really not loving the effects here at all.... i find that other nail polish brands have already done this and done it much much better. For instance, Deborah Lippmann's Cleopetra is also a black with gold sequins is so much better. And that sort of pearlized white top coat it's just not very appealing. But it's all a matter of personal tastes of course... yes, bring me back to those creams like Jade Imperial pls!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I am usually not a fan of glitter nail polish anyway. I have Cleopatra, like it but that one is also no love for me. I found the white one fun over a nude though.
      Yes those creams, I am hoping they will be back! YSL has great cream formula.

  3. YSL do lovely cremes dont they? I was pretty surprised with these two when they first appeared online in pictures. Collected them because I do have a soft spot for YSL polishes, but overall am a little let down with these two.
    Hmmm...good question about the numbering! Either there are some ultra LE polishes out there, or perhaps they are the numbers used for the Summer shades? Lol!

  4. I'm not a great glitter fan these days - they are such a pain to remove and what with base, two coats of colour and top coat, my patience wears out! I do like a black glitter in the evening sometimes - Dolce's Strombolli is a fave, although the flecks are gold. These are pretty but not tempted (for once!) Susan, London

  5. I have yet to try a YSL polish with glitter but I absolutely adore YSL nail polishes because those i've tried have consistently amazing formula - unlike Dior's which are sometimes too thick. I also love the nail polish applicator, very easy to maneuver and fits my nail beds perfectly! Love the look of the black one :)

  6. I love YSL nail polishes. I've been collecting (and enjoying) them since their reformulation. I'm on the fence about the spring 2015 release but I know I'll end up buying both polishes. I cannot help myself. I've checked out your stash and I'm impressed. However, your YSL collection is not listed. Would you mind adding it? I'm very curious. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Oh I thought I added it as well. Stash is also rather dated, I have to update it but it is a lot of work. I have all the limited edition shades of YSL and almost all the permanent, other than sheer pinks and the white I have them. I love YSL, especially since they were reformulated. I am happy that you like them as well.

  8. We have the same taste. I don't have the sheer pinks either. Thank you for replying.


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