Dior Vernis #294 Lady, #244 Majesty, #660 Glory and Eclosion Top Coat Swatches & Comparison, Spring 2015 Kingdom of Colors Collection

I hope you all had a good start in the week. My first day was psychologically as tiring as a whole week so I am ready for the weekend to come!

To conclude my Dior Spring 2015 Kingdom of Colors Reviews, today I have four lovely nail colors for you. At the end of the post, I will also sum up my thoughts about the collection. This year everything went really quick, I can't believe I am almost done with most of the Spring Collection reviews. I will try to add an overview page as soon as my work load allows.

Here is a tower of Dior Vernis #294 Lady, #244 Majesty, #660 Glory and Eclosion Top Coat. I had to fight the lack of sunshine during the weekend so I had to improvise with where to take the photos.  Nevertheless I hope you find them helpful.

Dior Vernis #294 Lady, #244 Majesty, #660 Glory and Eclosion Top Coat

I would like to start by my favorite shade Dior Vernis #294 Lady. I don't wear nude nail polish very often but I certainly appreciate a flattering cool nude. I am not so much into beiges but taupes, pink and light mauves as well as light lavender are all more than welcome in my stash. Lady exactly fits the bill. It is one of the most flattering nudes I have come across in the last years. 

The formula of Dior Vernis #294 Lady is as good as it can get. It is very easy to apply and opaque but not streaky the slightest. Below you can see it in two coats, pure love.

Swatch: Dior Vernis #294 Lady

There is a funky top coat in the collection, called Eclosion, which is so pretty and very unique. My buddies Linda and Sunny said that it is like sprinkles and I can't agree more. Check out Linda's application as well since she applied the top coat concentrated on the tips or sides of the nail. I find it so pretty over a nude and really attention getting over a brighter color. At the end of this post, you can see Eclosion applied over Glory to have an idea of how it looks like on different shades. I loved it over Lady most which I am wearing at the moment while typing this post. 

Now tell me this doesn't remind you of donuts! Yummy!

Swatch: Dior Vernis #294 Lady and Eclosion Top Coat

Next on the row is a pinky peach which appears a tad pastel on the nails. Since it has enough pink  in it, it is nicely balanced between cool and warm. I believe Dior Vernis #244 Majesty will look good on many different complexions. Unfortunately this particular shade is not released all over the world so if you are located in the states, you may not be able to find it. I think Majesty is not very unique but a lovely spring shade. The formula is wonderful, below I have applied two coats.

Swatch: Dior Vernis #244 Majesty

Here is Dior Eclosion Top Coat over #244 Majesty. This one looks even more donut since the base coat is more sugary. Try not to wear those during a serious diet!

Swatch: Dior Vernis #244 Majesty and Eclosion Top Coat

Here are some comparisons for #294 Lady and #244 Majesty. You can see that Lady is the one with the most rose among other cool nudes, such as Dior #210 Yacht, Burberry #103 Ash Rose, Dior #206 Pied-de-Poule and Chanel #559 Frenzy. The closest shade in my stash is Dior #257 Incognito. That said during writing these I have remembered another shade which would look very close: Tom Ford Incognito. Incognito also is less pink but still closer than rest of the shades listed here. 

Although I thought Dior #244 Majesty is very dupable, I couldn't find a very close shade in my stash either. Dior #237 Milly is more orange, Dior #457 Bouquet from last year's spring collection is deeper and more pink. Chanel #539 June is warmer, more orange. Chanel #503 Inattendu is close but a tad warmer. Chanel #625 Secret and Dior #121 Lilli are both lighter.

Comparison swatches for Dior Vernis #294 Lady and #244 Majesty

Dior Vernis #660 Glory is a bright watermelon to bring you from Spring to Summer. It has the best formula of the bunch.The formula is thinner but has a great coverage. It is almost a one coater but below I have applied two coats. It is no secret that I am still trying to get used to the almost neon shades of Dior's newly formulated nail polish line, such as Aventure and Wonderland which I don't reach for that often. That said there is something about Glory and I have worn it two times already!

Swatch: Dior Vernis #660 Glory

Here is a more daring combination, Dior Vernis #294 Lady and Eclosion Top Coat if you would like to make  statement. I can see me wearing it over the weekend but it may be too much for work.

Swatch: Dior Vernis #660 Glory and Eclosion Top Coat

There is something about Dior #660 Glory that I really like on my skin tone but as you see it is not all that unique after all. I haven't found a one to one match either. Chanel #489 Rose Insolent is cooler, Dior #575 Wonderland is brighter, cooler. Chanel #571 Fracas is close, just a tad cooler. Chanel #605 Tapage is deeper. Chanel #621 Tutti Frutti is cooler. Dior #551 Aventure is warmer and brighter.

Comparison swatches for Dior Vernis #660 Glory

Final thoughts: Great additions to my stash from Dior's Spring Collection. My favorite is #294 Lady and Eclosion Top Coat, especially once combined together. All of the shades impress with their perfect formula.

Are you eyeing any of these? How do you find the "sprinkles" top coat? ;-)



  1. Oh Glory and Elosion are my favorites here! I actually just received Eclosion today, and I can't wait to give it a whirl. I think it'll look cool on top of Aventure, which I adore and wore many many times last year :)

    1. Oh can't wait to see how you combine it with other shades, it is so pretty ;-)

  2. I have to agree with Sunny, Gloria and Eclosion are my favourites! I have quite a few glitter top coats but none is really like that gorgeous pastel coloured one

    1. Eclosion is also very unique to my stash, which is a very hard thing to be ;-)

  3. Hi Sara, thank you so much for the link love and shout outs!! :** I really love Eclosion all over Lady....!!! And thank you so much for the comparison swatches, I was wavering on Lady since I hardly ever wear nudes, and I already have Yacht (which I love but never wear much after the blog post), but now it seems like a must have!!! We don't have Majesty here either, but i think Lady is much prettier.

    1. I also prefer Lady over Majesty. I am wearing Lady for the last couple of days, really loving it. It is close to Sugar Dune from Tom Ford, did you get that one?

  4. Oh your perfect nails! I had initially planned on only gettinf Glory and Eclosion, but you've convinced me to get Lady too. Am tempted to get Majesty too, but I think I'll save up for some other items ;)

    1. Lady is really pretty!
      Yeah so many pretties are coming in the next months, saving is always a good idea.

  5. Oh Your Majesty, don't you look glorious today!!! :-) Gorgeous shade.

    1. LOL yes it does! Sure it i is a pretty Majesty ;-)

  6. I actually love how soft and understated Lady is! These are all perfect shades for Spring :)



  7. I love that top coat so much, it looks great over each of these polishes.


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