Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column: Vol.2

Hi everyone, wish you all a lovely Sunday. After the introduction of BISC, Beauty Influencer's Sunday Column, in the beginning of February here we are back with a new episode. The question is, what make-up advice would each of us give to make-up newbies. I really like the question and think that not only beginners but many of us can benefit by reading advices of others who struggled with something to get it right. I am still considering myself a beginner to maximize what I can learn! Oh and we are now divided into two groups since it was rather a long post to read last time. Here are the answers of my group...

What beauty advice would you pass on to someone who wants to start wearing makeup for the first time?

SYL | New Zealand | The Painted Rogue
My first advice to anyone asking me about makeup is this: Relax and have fun! Makeup is about making yourself feel good and being creative, so just enjoy it, and stay true to your preferences and interests. :-)
LILY | Malaysia | Chloe Ash
Have fun! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and go crazy with different looks (you can always remove it!). Sooner or later, you’ll know what looks best on you and settle into your signature style :-)
ERIN | USA | Clever Girl Reviews
1. Figure out what your area of concern or interest is; like covering up acne or really bold eyes or lips.
2. Use the internet to your advantage before you go shopping.
3. Decide how much you want to invest; both time and money.
4. Know yourself and you are attracted to!
5. Don’t be afraid to spend more on staples!
AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup
Don’t do it, it’s a trap! Just kidding! Remember that you are beautiful just the way you are and makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it! Invest in a few good base products- a well matched foundation, a good concealer and a neutral eyeshadow palette or a couple single eyeshadows. Buy a few good brushes, they make a huge difference in makeup application. Go to a drugstore for a mascara, blush and a lip color and see what shades work best for you. Lastly, read a lot of beauty blogs and watch YouTube tutorials on how to apply makeup. But since you’re already here, reading this, you are already doing the right thing!
SARA | Germany | Color Me Loud
I believe one should start with finding out what really makes a huge difference and work on getting it right. If you have short undefined lashed that might be mascara, or for sparse eye brows it can be eye brow pencil. Are your lips not very pigmented, maybe a bright lipstick will give your face a lift. It is important to know it doesn’t happen in one day but all needs lots of practice. Another important thing is to build up slowly. It is difficult to blend once you apply too much and it may look very overdone in a second. Take the most of the product at the back of your hand and go slowly. This applies for foundation, concealer, eye shadow and blush. Another important thing is to get the right tools and investing slowly in brushes, these make a huge difference in application as well.
JAA | USA/Thailand | Hello Jaa
Research! Look for someone who has the same features as you and learn from them. It will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches trying to figure out what does and does not work for you. Once you get the basics down, then you can start experimenting on your own. Don’t give up if you can’t get it right the first time. Believe that practice makes perfect. I am still learning every day! :)



  1. Good advises! For me the difference was buying good brushes en look als make up video's form Lisa Eldridge. Really learned a lot from those video's (I started using make up when I was 14 en started using good brushes and watching video's at the age of 40 (bit late, I know).

  2. Oh and what also made a different was buying my first high end makeup. It was from Dior. A purple eye shadow quad. I still use it sometimes. The way it blended was so different then what I was used to. But later on I bought an YSL quad and it was horrible. So you can still have very expensive mismatches with high ends makeup. That's why I look at blogs now. You should do a video Sara!! Somebody else asked the same question but you hesitated....

  3. LOL Mirjam, I know, I would like to do a video, not do it over and over again and move the blog to YouTube but I would like to do a few looks just to show how they come together here. I need to invest in a different lighting and ways to hold the camera etc. which at the moment I don't have. So hoping to find time to get these done. Thanks for the support though Xox

  4. yes brushes FTW!!! Love the sharing here!

  5. I think you should make together some volume about the brushes:) Let say "my favorite brush for makeup X" With lots of eyeshadow textures and finishes and looks I realized I may need completely different brushes to use. I figured out some of them and do have different types and sizes and density, but apparently there is a space for improvement with matching every texture with a right brush. I am not talking cream vs dry, but like Suqqu vs Burberry sheer vs relaunched Chanel vs Bobbi Brown vs Mac mineral etc. Experimenting with brushes may take a lifetime and is expensive to be honest, also technics of using them are different too, so this is an area where I would also appreciate your opinions.

  6. My advise to the real newbies would be to forget about the "naturally looking makeup" for a while. This was my mistake - only wearing mascara, nude rosewood lipstick or transparent balm and some rosewood blush from my 15 till 33s:) Nothing else - no foundations, no liners, eyeshadows. I only added brow pencil, eyeshadow or not-black liner since then, but my point is about the color. I thought that my lips but better and my cheeks but better colors is supposed to enhance my type. Imagine my shock (at 33yo) when the colors that I would never put on my face, like a fuchsia lipstick or bright rose/white eyeshadow or almost red blush, turned out to look way better on me on me than all these muted rosewood brownish colors that make me look older than I am. At the same time I wasted thousands on wrong colors until I found really mines, so in a retrospect, here is how I would approach it, if I could do it again:
    Start with reading about color types in order to better understand the best tones for lipstick and blush, skin tone/undertone to avoid too warm/cool tones and too light/dark tones, or to yellow/peach/pink fundations (don't wear myself but notice on others). Experimenting is good, but within your range of colors because stepping out of it makes you look sick/tired/washed. Making it clear to myself that I am true winter type with fair neutral skin helped me to stop buying nude lipsticks that I never wear and warm brown eyeshadows.
    Afterwards, I would recommend buying the cheapest and biggest palette of lip colors or buy an entire range of some massmarket lipsticks (yep). Do the same with eyeshadows - nyx or some huge sephora palette. Spend a bit of time on weekends trying it on your face before washing it away.
    And, finally, when you have an idea about the color, go to some good department store, find similar colors and ask for a makeover. Or (even better) apply it yourself (with your own brushes) and see if it works. Don't buy expensive makeup without trying it first, later you will be fine with online swatches because you will have a better idea of different brands.
    Use temptalia to compare to what you already have in order to avoid complete dupes (or to find a shade that a touch ligher/cooler/pigmented) as well as product flops.
    Try to find a blogger who has similar color type to yours. This would be a blessing (I still search for mine). You can read all blogs, but do a final sense check on someone similar to your type.
    I like the above advice about finding your "weak spot" and fixing it. I used to think that I have none of them :) - full lips, long curled lashes, big bright eyes, no dark circles. Then, with 32, I realized that I basically have no visible brows! I was used to them and didn't notice a problem :) Adding brows made a huge difference to my face, this was a biggest revelation and the biggest change. Another aha moment was when I was told by an olderly Burberry consultant that the best color for my eyelids would be Trench. I thought she was either mad or kidding me since it is a base color, but she was right, nothing makes me look better. Since then I only buy palettes where there is at least one really light&cool tone to be used at least on1/3 of the lid because, when it is there, the remaining 2/3 can be pretty much anything.

  7. This was amazing, all the ladies have given great tips and i am sure these tremendous tips are going to help so many makeup beginners...xoxo


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