Diorskin Star Concealer, Swatch & Review, Comparison with Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream

A few weeks ago, Dior released a new foundation and a concealer around the globe. I have yet to try the foundation out but it has been over 2 months (as posted here at Instagram) since I have been using Diorskin Star Concealer. It has been put through a good testing phase and now I am ready to write my thoughts about it. 

Diorskin Star Concealer

Diorskin Star Concealer comes with a sponge applicator and a twist opening, very typical of other concealers we know from Dior, Chanel etc. The consistency is liquid and thought to be more for under eye area since thicker consistency tend to cake and dry out under the eyes. On the packaging it is written that the product is supposed to sculpt and brighten. 

Diorskin Star Concealer

I was able to test the color #002. I didn't have the chance to select the shade since I was purchasing it from a friend who got these much before the promo images were released. I might have tried #001 if I were at the counter but probably that would have been too light for me. #002 is a tad darker but it works fine especially after I get a little bit of tan at the moment. 

I would like to compare Diorskin Star Concealer to the other Dior concealer that I like, Hydra Life BB Creme. Hydra Life was my go-to concealer before I laid my hands on Cle de Peau one, which is a holy grail product for me in terms of consistency, color and performance. I use the lightest shade in CdP. Hydra Life comes unfortunately just in two shades, #01 and #02. I use #01 and the swatches and application photos below are with #01.

Diorskin Star Concealer vs. Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream


  • Diorskin Star Concealer #002 is very close to Dior Hydralife BB Eye Cream #01. This is good news for fairer ladies out there since they might have a better match chance with Star Concealer #001. 
  • Dior Hydralife BB Eye Cream has more peach undertones, hence works better to erase under eye darkness optically. Star Concealer on the other hand claims to brighten under eye area once used frequently. I haven't seen this effect on my under eye darkness. Although I have used it over 2 months.
  • Diorskin Star Concealer has 4 shades, Dior Hydralife BB Eye Cream comes in only 2 shades.

Swatch: Diorskin Star Concealer vs. Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream


  • I find Diorskin Star Concealer thicker than Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream, which smooths out the structure like fine lines much better. I would call the coverage with the first application of Star Concealer medium but it can be build up.
  • If you have mature skin or if you tend to dry up under the eyes, I found Dior Hydra Life more hydrating. It also claims to have more skincare benefits.
  • Dior Hydralife has SPF whereas Diorskin Star Concealer doesn't.

Size and Price:

  • Both tubes have 6 g/0.20 OZ 
  • Diorskin Star Concealer is more affordable, priced around 33 € while Dior Hydralife BB Eye Cream retails for around 43 €.

  • I find Diorskin Star Concealer to last a little longer because of its higher coverage.

Swatch (smudged): Diorskin Star Concealer vs. Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream

Please excuse my untamed brows, but here is quick application photos of both of the concealers. Now you was saying me that they can't see under eye darkness, well, here they are. 

On the first photo you see that under the eye is not touched whereas around the face there is foundation, so the difference is even more. On the second photo you see that I apply the concealer directly with the sponge under the eye and pad it lightly with my fingers. On the third photo you can see the end results. 

What you see is that Diorstar Skin Concealer brightens the under area more because it catches the light in a nice way (look right under my eye) but since Dior Hydra Life can erase more of my darkness thanks to its peach tones and texture, I find it all in all better.

In Action: Swatch: Diorskin Star Concealer vs. Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream

Final thoughts: If you have more under eye darkness and you need more hydration, then I would recommend you pick up Hydra Life BB Eye Cream. If you want more coverage, a little more light catching effect and affordable price, you can try Diorskin Star Concealer. Still if you are searching for your holy grail concealer, ready to shell out a bit more for that and haven't tried Cle de Peau yet, I would skip them both.

What is your favorite under eye concealer?


  1. I have been thinking on gettin the CdP. I dont have really dark circles, but I don't get much sleep. My undereye area is a tad dry, and most concealers crease on me, making me look even more tired after few hours. I heard of this Serge Lutens base (quant a soi) to prep that area, to make it more even and so you can apply your concealer better. Have you heard/try it, Sara?

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I haven't heard about Serge Lutens base, but thanks for letting me know, I have to find and try it ;-) I have heard that Nars Pro-prime for eye lids also works under concealers.

  2. Such a helpful comparison! But yes, Cle de Peau is the best! :)



    1. Glad to hear that you are also a CdP fan :-)

  3. Wow! Thanks for the comprehensive and thoughtful comparison! I tried out the Star concealer at the counter, really like it, and may pick it up during a sales event. I love the CdP for my pimple scars, but sadly I can no longer use it for my undereye area. Too drying for me there.

    1. Have you maybe tried using an hydrating eye cream before concealer? I am loving Rexaline Hydra-EyeZone at the moment.

  4. Hmm Dior Hydra life sounds like something I might benefit from trying. I still want to try the Star foundation though.

    1. I got a sample from the counter today, I am excited to try the Star foundation, especially givens its radiant look.

  5. Never mind the concealer. What are those pretty sparkles on your lids?

    1. You have sharp eyes! ;-))
      That one is my obsession taupe from Tom Ford Nude Dip Quad! Pure love!

  6. Thank you, Sarah, for your review. For me it is very interesting and important.

  7. Hi Sara! So sorry for the late comment here -- I read your post on my mobile and meant to comment at a later time, but forgot! I'm so glad to read your thoughts on the Dior Star concealer. I purchased it and to be honest, wasn't wowed by it. To my disappointment, it just didn't give my undereye circles much coverage. So, it was almost a relief to hear that you also weren't blown away by it! HydraLife BB sounds really good, I'll try to test it next time I'm at the counter.

  8. I was not impressed by CdP at all and returned it! I think I may try the Dior Star :)


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