Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 3.0 Voting is Now Open

EDIT: Thanks from the bottom of my heart for those who voted, a gold and white nail polish is on its way!
We won :-)

Hi everyone *waves*

You must have sensed that I am unexceptionally quiet. That was because I had a very restricted access to internet. As I am recovering from a lovely wedding weekend, bus traveling and a smashed feet from walking and dancing, I would like to give you a quick information about what I happened to learn the day before yesterday. 

I am a fan of Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish, especially after my dear friend Jenny led me into this world. She owns every polish made until now, I am more of a humble collector, mainly because I am trying to restrict the purchase of things I can't review. RBL has very a restrictive reviewing policy and once there are swatches online from many lovely blogs who got the polishes much before, it makes no sense to put another swatch up there. I am also trying to be selective about my nail polish purchases recently since I have a bit too many nail polishes. If you have checked my stash page, then you know what I mean. Still I can't say no to what Ji designs and make sure to get 2 to 3 and sometimes 4 from each collection.

Last year I have heard about the buzz going on about Fan Collection 2.0. I loved each and every polish from that one and ended up with some of them. During free shipping world wide event, I purchase the others and completed the collection.

This year she I have heard about the selection phase, I started thinking what would be a nice idea that is not yet implemented. One day I was driving to work and I came up with this one...

The idea is to create a nail polish which fits the theme "White & Gold". It has an off-white/ champagne rather warm base with slight cool colored iridescence. On it there are golden flecks, similar to "Naked without polish" shade from Fan Collection 2.0. Check out this photo to know what I mean. RBL doesn't have many off-white nail polishes and I think it will be a unique addition to the line. White is timeless, it is chic and once combined with gold, it is pure elegance. 

I have shared my idea and enthusiasm after I am back from traveling today on Instagram and thanks to the votes of friends, it seems I might make it to first 6

If you haven't voted yet and if you liked the idea, please drop by the following link and cast a vote to #6 Sara BeauTime.

The voting is open until tomorrow (Wednesday), noon EST (only something like 20 hours left). You can vote once for each IP, so to vote multiple times from home/cell-phone/work is possible. I am hoping to be able to introduce my very own RBL nail polish after this, so excited about the other colors too. Even if I can't make ip, all the story boards look divine so I will definitely get the collection.

You can see the rest of the White & Gold pins from the following link:

Oh and yes, I am working on Tom Ford Fall 2014 Collection picks post and Dior Star Concealer post as well as Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks I picked up recently. I also have YSL's purple palette review coming up. Which one would you like me to publish first?



  1. Voted for you, Sara - good luck, can't wait to see your nail polish in the Fan Collection 3.0!

  2. Tom ford please!! :-)

  3. Just voted for you! Good luck!


  4. Are you able to find RBL here in germany or do you order direct from them? I was hoping to purchase something from the italian summer collection but no luck so far here.

    1. Hi Paula (du kannst auch auf deutsch schreiben ;-))
      RBL ships worldwide, but I am not sure about the shipping rates. It makes sense to get more than one but then of course you have to pay for taxes at the customs. This year once they made a world wide free shipping month, I ordered then each polish one by one so it was below customs limits and didn't have to pay extra 20% for that.

  5. Sarah, I'm from Russia. Voted for you. My blog is my small (, and I enjoy reading your blog. Pending consideration by Dior Star Kontsealer. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment :-*
      I have checked your blog, you are doing great, love the eye make-up with Chanel Tisse Venitien, lovely!
      Star Concealer, sure, coming soon.

  6. Voted for you! Very inspirational mood boards all round!

    1. Thanks so much,
      I love all of them, if i didn't have an entry, I wouldn't know which one to vote :-)


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