Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku, #101 Sumizakurairo, Pure Color Blush #06 and Extra Glow Lipsticks #13, #102 for Spring 2017, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am not completely finished with exam corrections but almost there. Meanwhile I have been testing lots of make-up perfume and skin care, those I will be sharing with you shortly starting from this week and hopefully more frequently during the semester break.

Today's post has been long due but since SUQQU reformulated their eye shadows, I would like to experiment with them longer before giving my final verdict. Just two days ago, the Spring Collection, that is composed of six eye shadow palettes in new formula called Designing Color Eyes (one limited-edition), five Extra Glow Lipsticks (two limited-edition) and three new Pure Color Blushes (one limited-edition) is released in Fenwick London Bond Street and Harrods. A few weeks ago the collection was first released in Selfridges. There had been also some complaints I happen to come across in Instagram about the availability of the products and I would like to write my thoughts about this issue as well. Right after the jump, hope you find it helpful.

Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01, #101, Pure Color Blush #06, Extra Glow Lipsticks #13, #102

After playing with two of the Suqqu Designing Color Eyes Palettes, I decided to order the other four to be able to provide you with complete swatches and eye looks but I have seen the collection selling out at Selfridges Website in matter of hours. I read that some customers were complaining about it, which I can understand. After collection was sold out there, I checked the palettes at Ichibankao and I was surprised to see that they were almost 50% more expensive although Ichibankao also has shipping on it, still there is a big difference.

I would like to start this issue by pointing out that I also wanted to order Tom Ford Solar Exposure from Selfridges Online but that was sold out in hours as well (thanks to my lovely reader Hara who poked me but nevertheless I was late), together with the rest of Tom Ford Spring Collection so the issue is not Suqqu specific.

Last week I decided to call Selfridges counter to check if maybe they had stocks. Call me lucky, the day I called they had restocked so the sales representative told me that they had every item, including the limited edition ones. She was also nice enough to go to Tom Ford Counter and get me Solar Exposure, which I thought I missed but as it happens, that was available in store as well. I know there are a few negative things to point out about in store order, most important of the being that it costs more (£20 + 3% Administration Fee instead of £15 from online store). Because I placed a rather large order, the difference was not so much but I can see that it hurts more if you want to get only one or two products. Yet, this issue is one that we should report to Selfridges online so they should manage their online stocks better.

Suqqu Extra Glow Lipsticks #13 & #102

Back to the collection, the packaging of the palettes now has gold details together with black one, matching the new released Pure Color Blushes and Extra Glow Lipsticks. To me they look more modern and chic. They also have more product for the same price. That is a very positive development because usually by repackaging brands tend to go for less product in the pan. For your reference, Blend Color Eyeshadows had 4.2 g of product whereas Designing Color Eyes now has 5.6 g (33% more). 

Both of the palettes I got to test were ones with soft colors. In fact Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku (優芍薬) is the softest nude palette of the range, Yuu 優 means gentle, shaku (芍) means peony. It is a lovely neutral for everyday purposes, consisting of a light neutral gold, a light neutral pink, a mid-toned neutral taupe and a deep neutral brown. All of the shades in the palette are satin to shimmery although the deeper shade has less shimmer. The consistency is very buttery and it is easy to build up intensity. Although each shade is very soft and pigmented, I didn't have any fall out during application and later on throughout the day. 

Swatch: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku

All in all the formula compared to Blend Color Eyes is less transparent, more pigmented and opaque and less shimmery. All that makes up for the fact that it doesn't layer like the Blend Color Eyes but instead gives more coverage by one shade. Also there is no base shade in these quads, which I like because I almost never used them. I use a primer to even out the tone of my lids, not a powder.

To me the formula is more tuned towards the Western market. It definitely swatches better and one can have a better understanding of how it would look like on the eyes by swatching. That said since I was a die-hard fan of Blend Color Eyeshadow formula, it is harder for me to get used to these. They blend a bit easier so the shades get more mixed, that is a good thing in the morning when you have no time to blend but it is harder to go for a statement eye look. I have to experiment with quads with deeper shades though but this could be an issue of the softer palettes.

Longevity of Blend Color Eyeshadow was above all other brands, at least on me. Designing Color Eyes does also stay very long but I felt that somewhere mid day the vibrancy of the shades were fading a little. I have to experiment with different bases. I am currently using Nars Pro prime and I have mostly normal to dry lids.

Eye Look: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku

Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #101 Sumizakurairo (純桜色) is the only limited edition palette from the Spring Collection. Also note that Suqqu doesn't use EX as a prefix for limited edition shades anymore but instead they start with #101 while the permanent line starts with #1. This also goes for lipsticks and blushes. Sumi(純) means pure, sakura (桜) is cherry blossom, iro (色) is colors. Palette has a light neutral gold, a light mint green, a light to mid-toned cool pink and a deep warm brown and is a lovely pastel spring palette although it is not too white based and rather wearable for those who dread pastels like I do. 

You can see on the swatches how vibrant such shades like mint green and pink appear despite their inherent softness. These also transfer well on the shades, although mint green loses some of its vibrancy but could be applied over a whiter base shade if needed.

Swatch: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #101 Sumizakurairo

This palette is my favorite from the two I tried because it gives that bright big eyes look with a greenish twist while still looking neutral and wearable. Pink doesn't show up on me and blends with my skin tone a little too much but mixed with others, it is nice. Again the shades are rather opaque and pigmented, less shimmery and not transparent like Blend Color Eyeshadow.

Here is a look with Sumizakurairo with green all over, gold on inner corner and brown on crease. I also added some pink but my skin tone swallows such shades like no one elses.

Eye Look: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #101 Sumizakurairo

The Ombre Blushes of Suqqu are a sight to watch, oh so pretty. Here I have the new one that is added to the permanent line, Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire (春菫). Haru (春) is spring and sumire (菫) is violet flower although it is not too violet but more a neutral pink on left side but once mixed with the white on the right, it gets to be a cooler pink tone, very fresh for Spring. It shows up nicely on my light to medium skin tone but from medium on it wouldn't be showing up. I like to use the right hand side as a subtle highlighter. 

Swatch: Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire

Two lipsticks I tested are Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #13 Saeazami and #102 Sumibara, the latter which starts with 100 is a limited edition. #13 Saeazami is a neutral pink tone which is more pigmented than  #102 Sumibara which is a transparent mauve tone. These give a wet look onto the lips, almost like as if one applied gloss on top of a lipstick. The lasting power is medium. They feel comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. 

Swatch: Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #13 Saeazami, #102 Sumibara

Here are a few FOTD with eyes open and closed with the blush and lipsticks. The one below is with Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku on the eyes, Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #13 Saeazami on the lips and Suqqu Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire on the cheeks used as blush and highlighter. Blush is one of the few that lasts a full day on me, thumbs up for that.  

FOTD: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku, Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #13 Saeazami,
Suqqu Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire

All in all the texture is so different that it is hard to compare to the previous quads. I personally preferred the layering and coming up with new shades but I can see that it was a bit confusing for those who didn't know the brand. I remember telling a few friends that they should layer to see the magic of Suqqu quads. The new ones are more straight forwards, what you see is what you get but maybe a little less special compared to other brands if you know what I mean. I also like the new ones, otherwise I wouldn't be ordering the other four but my heart might still belong to Blend Colors in my collection, especially the crazy editions with multi chromic shimmer

FOTD: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku, Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #13 Saeazami,
Suqqu Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire

Following FOTDs are with Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #101 Sumizakurairo on the eyes, Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #102 Sumibara on lips and Suqqu Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire on the cheeks as highlighter and blush. I really like the transparent mauve shade #102 Sumibara and it goes well with so many eye looks. 

FOTD: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #101 Sumizakurairo, Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #102 Sumibara,
Suqqu Pure Color Blush  #06 Harusumire

FOTD: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #101 Sumizakurairo,
Suqqu Extra Glow Lipstick #102 Sumibara, Suqqu Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire

EDIT: Here are a few comparison swatches as requested by my lovely reader clidre vandijk who has very sharp eyes (because it is spot on).

Tom Ford Nude Dip and Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku are really close, Nude Dip (review here) is more metallic in texture, hence more shimmer. Yuushakuyaku is more wearable, less statement, taupe shade is definitely warmer, pink shade is a tad cooler.

Comparison swatch: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #01 Yuushakuyaku vs. Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #03 Nude Dip

Sisley l'orchidee rose blush is also very close to Suqqu Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire (and of course Tom Ford Frantic Pink because it is an almost dupe of l'orchidee rose as compared here). Harusumire is a tad more shimmery in texture and when mixed, it is cooler. I find that Harusumire needs a denser brush for application but stays on my cheeks longer.

Comparison swatch: Suqqu Pure Color Blush #06 Harusumire vs. Sisley Paris l'orchidée blush

Check out Belly's lovely review and photos on this collection and thoughts about the new eye shadow palettes here. Linda's thoughts are also very close to mine with beautiful swatches and eye looks, here.

Final thoughts: Suqqu's new eye shadow formula is very different than Blend Color, less transparent, less shimmery, more pigmented, more easily blended. It has more product inside and the packaging is more modern. If you were a die-hard Blend Color fan like myself, you might get slightly disappointed by the fact that those doesn't layer like the older ones but they are very high quality eye shadows that are so buttery, can be build up easier and doesn't fall out during and after application. 

The collection is just released in Fenwick and Harrods two days ago and Selfridges also got some restock so ordering by phone isn't a problem although online store unfortunately didn't stock up yet. Your best bet to get the items is to phone. You can find the numbers here.

Are you eyeing any of the new palettes? Have you ordered one yet?
And I would like to know, how important for you is that an eye shadow layers well.

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I miss your comparisons. I would have liked to see a comparison between palette 01 and TF Nude Dip, since they look so similar... And a blush comparison. Although blush 06 is pretty, I haven't ordered it yet. Is it similar to the Sisley Orchidee blush Rose?

  2. I appreciate readers like you so much. Your request was spot on so here comes the comparison swatches (edited up). I have such a huge stash, it is always hard to find the matching pieces so I post and go ahead with comparisons if there are requests. Hope it helps. xox

  3. Thanks for the review Sara. I swatched these in Selfridges some weeks ago and I got the make up artist to try the limited edition palette on me. I did not purchase it tough. I did think that the eyeshadows felt buttery soft and was (and am) tempted by a blue-brown one which I bet will look good on me. I also thought pigmentation was great and for me this matters a lot. When the artist tried the new quad on me though, I thought it looked less luminous on my eyes that other Suqqu quads have done in the past and somehow didn't love the result on my eyes. Hence didn't go for it. I really want to go back and check out the permanent collection quads more carefully though. I normally don't like eyeshadows that don't blend easily but I don't like ones that blend too easily either in a way the colours end up being one single colour on my lid (I get that with Dior sometiimes). I think as long as you can tell the colour apart, I would be happy. Eleni x

  4. Hi Sara, thank you for your review. As always you've created beautiful looks. I haven't purchased anything from the collection yet but I'm now tempted by the #01 quad and the #13 lipstick. I'll wait for your other reviews before ordering though so that I can save on postage in case I decide to order any of the other quads as well.

    It's a bit disappointing I think that the new eyeshadows don't layer to create new colours. It's as you say they're perhaps a bit less special now.

  5. Thank you so much Sara! It's really helpful!!! I've ordered 02 and 101 until now, but I haven't received them yet (I included a nail polish with my order and my parcel never left UK, so now they're calling it back and they will send it to me again). I hope Suqqu will reintroduce some complex shimmers in their future releases. Those duo-chrome complex palettes from 2013 well represent the creativity and uniqueness of the brand, that was my favorite aspect of Suqqu as a brand and lacks a bit right now.

  6. I'm so glad that you managed to find TF Solar Exposure palette! I managed to order mine that morning and I really love it! I was so looking forward for your review of the new palettes from Suqqu.Well I'm eyeing on 03 and I wanted 101 but I missed the opportunity when they launched online.Now I'm waiting for the restock online at least for the permanent ones. As I have mentioned before I owe My Suqqu love to you and your beautiful swatches and reviews, especially when you layered them with always impressive results! Now I feel a little underwhelmed of these new ones.They are quite similar with other brands 'offers . I hope that they will release more komplex shades in the future.
    Thank you again for your in depth and unbiased review and comparisons.

  7. I love the blush on you most though it does duplicate the ones we have (coughs-- I have them thanks to your influence.) And the fresh pink lip looks nice with it. I had actually gotten out Nude Dip which I wear very rarely to compare to the Suqqu ES offerings. And basically decided that I don't need any more warm neutrals not to wear. So this collection is a pass for me. I am waiting for what Jorge comes up with for us cool-neutral types.

  8. Hi Sara, thank you for your kind words. I'm so happy to see your review on these at last! And I love both the eye looks you created! I always struggle with the lighter palettes, but I am really curious about 101 now after your review. Your very in-depth assessment of the change in formula is on point, and closely reflects my personal feelings too. I miss the complex shimmers, but I can live without the matte base shades. ;)

  9. Thank you so much for your link love, Sara. I'm eager to see the rest of your reviews and swatches. I think since it is a new formula for me, I plan on going through my purchases with some restraint so I'm picking the colors I like the most.


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