Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palettes Cool & Warm, Lip Foils Private Life, Aperture and Seadragon, Review, Swatch & FOTD

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It was the last weeks of lectures already so after the exams, that is in a few weeks, I would like to catch up and show you some Spring Collection items I laid my hands on. Starting in February I will be blogging regularly. 

Before that I thought I share what I enjoyed and what I hated most during the last two months and hopefully learn your favorites. I would like to start on a high note and with one of my favorite Winter/Holiday Collection of the last season, that is Tom Ford Winter Soleil Collection. I have taken many FOTDs and the products are still available so hope you enjoy this post. I missed you all a lot so if you just drop by the comments and say hi, I'd be a happy muffin.

Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palettes Cool & Warm, Lip Foils

First of all, what a genius idea to bring out a collection with sun theme during the dark winter days. When I heard that a Soleil Collection was about to be launched by Tom Ford, I got a little confused and thought probably the news were wrong. To my surprise they really did it and in the best way possible. 

During the holiday we drive to other cities to visit families and I only took these two palettes and the one of Suqqu (review coming up) with me. I am more than happy with my choice for travels. After trying out the Cool Palette, I decided I couldn't miss the Warm one either so ended up with both. I am still using them at least twice a week, especially when I am rushing and have no time to grab eye color, blush and highlighter one by one. The packaging is so sleek and utterly chic, white and gold and I die.

Tom Ford Lip Foils #01 Private Life, #03 Aperture and #06 Seadragon

Although there are some mixed reviews about Tom Ford Lip Foils, these are highly metallic lipsticks, I went ahead and ordered more of those because the first time I wore #03 Aperture, my husband complimented it and asked me what it was. #01 Private Life I received as a sample drains me a little but #06 Seadragon that I purchased later on is another love of mine. I have been wearing Aperture and Seadragon non-stop and considering to get more of these. Usually metallic lipsticks look dated to me but there is some complexity about these which make them so unique. I especially like the deeper shades in this finish. The longevity is great as well. 

Swatch: Tom Ford Lip Foils #01 Private Life, #03 Aperture and #06 Seadragon

Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #01 Cool has a pink blush, two glitter eyeshadow shades and a cool toned highlighter. I love the taupe and the deeper shade for an everyday cool/neutral eye look and have been using these non-stop, to the point I made a dent on it. I also pat a little bit of the cool glitter on top to make it look special under artificial light. That said, I'd prefer three satin/matte shades and only one glitter because two of the glitters are too close to justify being in separate pans. Highlighter is nice but could be a tad lighter. On my light to medium skin tone it is not very prominent. All in all, love the whole look I get from this one but my favorite palette gets to be... surprise, surprise, the warm one! Who would have thought?

Swatch: Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #01 Cool

Below I am wearing the taupe satin shade all over, deeper shade on the crease and cooler glitter patted on top. These shades are especially nice for green and hazel eyes although I am sure everyone else would enjoy them as much as well.

In-action: Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #01 Cool

Here is the look in context with the pink blush from the palette and Lip Foil in Aperture, although I think the blush and Aperture doesn't go so well. I love to wear only a touch of cool bronzer, e.g. Tom Ford Terra, with that lip or a more taupe shaded blush, like Burberry Earthy. But tell me, don't you like this lip color? 

FOTD: Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #01 Cool

FOTD: Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #01 Cool

This is me being washed out wearing Tom Ford Lip Foil in Private Life. This calls for a more smoky eye I believe. I have naturally deep lip color so something like this looks a bit off in my opinion. Do you agree?

FOTD with Tom Ford Lip Foil #01 Private Life

Now onto my favorite of the two palettes, Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palettes #02 Warm. I am glad that I ordered it after giving it a second and third thought, in retrospect, I couldn't do without this one. First of all there are three satin shades and only one glitter and the glitter has more color to add something to the mix, which is something I appreciate. Taupe shade in this palette is also to die for and I think it would look better across more skin tones because it is more natural. The highlighter in that one is to die for. I don't know why but it shows more and looks more natural on me. The cheek color is not too warm, just so perfect. I wouldn't call this palette Warm but rather Neutral.

Swatch: Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #02 Warm

While swatching it doesn't look too mind blowing but on the eyes, I love the coppery but neutral result. Below I am wearing satin taupe all over, deeper shade on the crease, lightest shade on the inner corner and glitter shade patted on top. The eye shadows in both palettes, they blend like a dream and layer so beautifully. Cheek shades feel a little drier than Tom Ford Cheek Colors, when purchased alone but I found that the results in terms of longevity and blendability are very close.

In-action: Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #02 Warm

Here is the full look with Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palettes #02 Warm on eyes and cheeks, on my lips I am wearing Tom Ford Ashton from latest Lips & Boys release, which is a shade I adore and try not to wear every single day. A post on the shades I am enjoying is coming up. Among those there is a matte red which I am obsessed about. *winks*

FOTD: Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #02 Warm
FOTD: Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette #02 Warm

Check out Linda and Melanie for more swatches and looks.

Final thoughts: I simply love the idea of a sun themed collection during dark winter days to lift our mood and bring something bright to our days. Both of the palettes are must have for me and I have been using them a lot recently. My favorite is the warm palette because I find it more versatile. Lip Foils are lovely, I am especially digging Seadragon and love these in deeper shades. All in all all thumbs up. Tom Ford did it again!

Did you pick up any of these? Are you enjoying them as much as I do?

Disclaimer: Soleil Eye & Cheek Palette in #01 Cool and Lip Foils in Private Life and Aperture were provided free of charge for my consideration. The other products are purchased by me. I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Hi! Welcome back! It's good to see your post again!

    Those dusty purple colors are so beautiful. And your lashes, girl! :o ;D

  2. Hi Lena, I am so glad to hear from you.
    I am recently using Sisley's So Curl mascara and that one is my holy grail right now, can't recommend enough :-)

  3. Hi Sara, it's good to see you back. If you've ever used Le Volume de Chanel mascara, can I ask how it compares to Sisley So Curl? I've wondered whether Sisley's is worth the high price?
    Looking forward to your review of SUQQU.

  4. So glad you are back!!! Missed your posts. Linda has kept me going thankfully. I have been doing a little more warm colors with red-brown lips this season (Viseart, Modern Renaissance etc.) But at this point, I am probably leaning back to cool again so was not drawn by this. It looks gorgeous on you and so lovely to see your looks. And actually Ashton is wonderful on you and looking forward to seeing the matte red. I am very leery with reds as you know, so want to see your new discovery.

  5. Lots of Suqqu reviews coming up, I have wore these over months and took photos but didn't have time to share so I will put them in a caught in action post. Some of them are now hard to get but I hope you will enjoy it nevertheless.
    I was using Chanel Le Volume for years but recently I have a feeling that they changed the formula. Or my lashes became extra stubborn. I have extra brush like eyelashes :-)
    Here the price of Sisley So Curl is comparable (31 to 39 EUR) and I know it has lash nourishing ingredients so I definitely switched to So Curl because it holds my lashes curled whereas Le Volume doesn't do that anymore to me.
    How is the price difference at where you are?

  6. Hi Alison, I was about to poke you at Facebook and say come and lets chat.
    I missed writing to you :-)
    You and warm? No way! I thought you always liked warm but it has to be the cold weather right? Did you get any Suqqu recently? Anything I missed?
    Ashton would look good on you too. That post is very soon, coming up :-) *big hug*

  7. Thank you for your reply. Le Volume here is £25 and So Curl is £39 but I might try it when I've used up Chanel's.

    I look forward to seeing your looks with Suqqu palettes. I'll be interested to see which ones you have and what looks you've created. I did manage to get hold of Ex-35 and Ex-36 and like them both, especially Fuyusumire.

    Did you get anything from Suqqu spring collection?

  8. Well, I do so much cool neutral, it gets a little boring. So I decided to branch out with those two warm palettes. The Anastasia is more doable/neutral, lots of different shades of red with like white golds. I managed to get both of Jorge's fall Suqqu palettes, which are both cool-- and the cool red- pink one is especially stunning. I was passing on all the warmer reds-- Chanel, Suqqu -- waiting and it was worth the wait. The cool purple brown in the blue-purple palette he did is one of the smoothest pigmented formulas on that color I have. And for me that is a perennial liner shade. Need to use that more. Those both will work for Spring. I passed on all the Suuqu winter sets. And I did get the brightest Suqqu blush from the fall collection. And from TF I got both Theo from last year and Ben from this year. And I am wearing Ben constantly when I do the warmer eye looks. It's just the perfect red brown for me. Love it.

  9. I couldn't believe in my eyes when I saw a new review from you! I cannot describe how much I missed you firstly as a personality and then your always objective judgement !i still have your blog in my bookmarks and I am so glad that you came back with a blogpost on THESE products! I got really excited when I saw the promo pics of this collection ! Give me Summer in the middle of Winter ! I was torn between the cool and warm palette and I ended up with the warm one! I just didn't want 2 glitter shades in one palette though the taupe shade is to die for!!! I purchased Venus Rising and Creme Conque from the lip foils and then Nicholas from lips and boys since it's my boyfriend's name 😊 Yesterday though I read that a very similar palette with the warm one will be released - I think it's called Solar Exposure - on 27th of January ! The problem is that I maybe need that too! I'm trying to low down the budget I spend on make up and I want everything I buy to be top notch ! And a thousand times ( I'm not kidding) I thought where is Sara and her always great reviews to guide me through what is worth it or not ? Right now I'm drooling over the new Suqqu palettes and I so want to read Yours and only your thoughts on them!You introduced me to this wonderful brand so for me what you think for the new products compared to the older formula is very important!
    Thank you for coming back! I always enjoy your posts!
    Love you xx

  10. Hi Anne,
    after you try, let me know how you like Sisley Mascara. I am curious.
    I would like to show my looks with Ex-35 and 36 soon, hope you like them. I like Yukitsubaki a little more but I know you like soft shades on your eyes so Fuyusumire is perfect for you.
    I have a few items from Suqqu Spring, review coming up soon.

  11. YAYAYAY! She's back! we've missed you! I love the TF Warm palette too! it was an excellent purchase for me and I continue to get good use from it!
    Looking forward to your next posts! xoxo SJ

  12. Welcome back Sara!! Both palettes look great but especially the warm palette! Glad you are posting again :)

  13. The warm palette is a keeper. Quality is top notch and it is so neutral that goes well with almost any lip colors. Just toss in the bag when travelling, you covered on eyes and cheeks. Excellent choice.
    I am getting almost sentimental seeing you girls all here. I missed you tons. It was only a couple of months but still feels like so long.

  14. I am with you, I am all in for the warm palette. No wonder that it sold out quicker than the other one. I am so glad to hear from you. How are your little bunnies doing?

  15. Who would have known that a make-up post would get so emotional. I might cry seeing you and some others commenting. I truly missed you and from time to time checked your Facebook to see if you were doing well. I enjoyed beautiful scenery photos with of course beautiful you and great make-up too.
    I can't wait for Solar Exposure. Poke me when you see that, I need to get it. Do you order from Selfridges? I would like to order some more Suqqu Palettes there as well. The current ones will be discontinuing.
    Summer in the middle of winter, yes! Why didn't anyone come up with the idea, loved that. I have to choose what I am buying carefully as well. I know months when I give all my money to make-up, like all, so you are not alone. I will try to cover as much as I can starting from February and will be waiting for your lovely comments that keep me so updated! Big hugs.

  16. Sara!!! How have you been? I thought another fellow blogger just upped and stopped blogging, but you're back. I missed you buddy. What have you been doing? Obviously busy... but it's good to hear from you again. The palette is completely out of stock, so I won't bother commenting about it. LOL! Hope you're keep well, Sara!!

  17. Thank you for your kind words ! I will poke you when I see it and I hope that it will be available for international delivery. There are many restrictions in some products lately , mainly Selfridges exclusives but hopefully we will manage to get it 😊Fly money fly !!Thank you precious that you are back 😘

  18. Welcome back Sara! Thanks for the link love, i'm glad you managed to pick up both of those palettes and love them as much as I do. I actually find myself preferring the cool palette, but the warm palette is very wearable (I lived off it for the past 2 weeks!). So envious about your lip foil collection there... they never released them here, and so I missed them completely!

  19. Hello Sara! I'm glad you're back. Do you find the cool palette is similar to the seductive rose quad? I don't know which one I should purchase. I'm looking forward for your honest review about the new palettes from Suqqu. I'm quite skeptical this time... Lots of hugs! :*

  20. Excellent post! Love the packaging but the colors, they played safe this time. Especially the TF Summer collection is nearly the same with last year's collection. But Suqqu now that is a different story :)

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    hope that you will continue sharing such things with us.


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