Suqqu UK Exclusive Summer 2017 Collection, Review, Full Swatches & FOTD

Hope you all had lovely weekend and that yours was more productive than mine. I would like to get a few more posts done but sometimes killing time is my biggest talent together with some lady days that suck away all my energy and make me want to stay in bed all day. 

All right too much information there, let me smoothly move the subject onto these lovelies that are about to be released. I know that many of my readers were very pleased with the previous Suqqu UK exclusives releases that are designed by Jorge Balzaretti since those usually have cooler shades in unusual combinations of more vivid colors. UK Exclusive Summer 2017 Collection is the first one with the new formula quads but it definitely preserves the spirit of the previous releases. 

I have been playing with them for a few weeks now, my thoughts and swatches are right after the jump.

Suqqu UK Exclusive Summer 2017 Collection

The collection is composed of two Designing Color Eyes palettes, one Pure Color Blush blush/bronzer and two Extra Glow Lipsticks and all of the items are limited edition. They will be released on 27. April in Selfridges and 11. May in Harrods and Fenwick. Here is to hoping that Selfridges website stocks more products than the last time but remember there is always the option to order on the phone or by e-mail. You can check out the details here

Close-up: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #103 Kisui

The first Designing Color Eyes palette #103 Kisui is in green/yellow theme. 

Top left: A matte lemon yellow that swatches a little powdery but on the eyes it applies beautifully. Since the finish is matte, I found it easy to wear although shade appears to be very bright

Top right: A stunning golden bronze shade with shimmery finish. Pure love this one. It also applies beautifully on top of any other shades of the quad to bring some shimmer.

Bottom left: A deep forest green in satin finish. This is another shade I am head over heels with. It is very hard for me to find a green that is not too cool and not too warm but this one fits the bill just right. You can see the complexity of the satin finish from the swatch, lovely.

Bottom right: A very deep blackened green with satin finish. It completes the palette in a great way and can be used as a liner or as a definition color on the crease and outer eyelids.

Close-up: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #103 Kisui

Swatch: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #103 Kisui

Below I am wearing the matte yellow on the inner corner for brightening and adding some unique touch to the green theme. I applied the shimmery gold to all over the lid and deepened it with two of the greens on outer corner and on the crease. The deeper shade blends beautifully with the others and can be used as a liner or a deepening shade depending on your choice. 

If greens lean olive, I have problem with wearing them since they accentuate the rings under my eyes and blend a bit too well with the color of my eyes, making me look tired. Cool yellows don't work with me either for similar reasons but #103 Kisui is a rare green palette that I will be reaching for very often. I love the natural undertones of these shades that should work on a range of complexions and the yellow shade gives it a lovely twist.

Eye look: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #103 Kisui

Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #104 Natsusango looked like the warmer palette of the two but after playing around with it, I can tell you that it is more natural than warm due to the pink and the black combining with a pink based terra-cotta shade that looks more orange in the pan but rather pinkish once applied.

Close-up: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #104 Natsusango

The shades of Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #104 Natsusango are as follows:

Top left: A matte skin shade that almost vanishes on my complexion. This is great to apply on the crease to blend the very deep black shade if you want some more definition for your eye look than what the terra-cotta shade offers.

Top right: A lovely shimmery cool pink that balances the coral/terra-cotta shade beautifully and layers with it to perfection. These two together are heaven on my lids, very unique and wearable.

Bottom left: A mid toned coral terra-cotta shade with matte finish that is much more wearable on the lids than you would think after seeing the swatches. Best worn with the pink shades layered on top if you ask me.

Bottom right: The only shade in both of the palettes I am not sure about. It is a lovely creamy matte black without a fall out but blending with other shades is a chore. Not loving it. I would prefer a deep anthracite or a cool brown instead of this harsh one because as a liner, one can always use a liquid one and such a big pan for a matte black is unnecessary in my humble opinion.

Close-up: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #104 Natsusango

Swatch: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #104 Natsusango

To get the black blend like in the eye look below wasn't easy. I had to try two times and it wouldn't photograph so well. In real life what looks like a blended eye look sometimes doesn't appear that way on the photo, go figure. This was my second attempt when I used the tan shade to blend with the black. All in all as much as I love the shimmery pink and matte coral in this palette, I prefer the green palette to this one because it is easier to blend and get a decent eye look in less time when I am rushing in the morning. When I have time though, #104 would be my choice to get a more unique look on the eyes. Below I used black on the crease and as a liner. 

Eye Look: Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #104 Natsusango

There are two limited edition Extra Glow Lipsticks in the collection #104 Tsuyazakuro (left) is a lovely cool pink with a touch of lila that makes my heart stop a beat, pure love. The warm shade for lips is #105 Hamadaidai (right) is a coraly orange. Love both of them to bits and will be reaching for them frequently especially in summer when I wear cheerful sunny shades on the lips. 

Close-up: Extra Glow Lipsticks #104 Tsuyazakuro (left), #105 Hamadaidai (right)

The collection offers a new and limited edition contour/bronzer/blush in new Pure Color Blush formula called #102 Tsuyakagerou. I love the left side of this since it is hard to find a cooler toned bronzer on the market and this one works wonderfully. For a bit of warmth on the apples of the cheeks, I add a touch of the right side and sometimes combine it with another blush if I am wearing one of the lipsticks of the collection because they are bright and my face usually needs more blush if I wear such shades.

Close-up: Suqqu Pure Color Blush #102 Tsuyakagerou

Although Suqqu Pure Color Blush #102 Tsuyakagerou appears to be shimmery in the close up below, it has a very subtle satin finish and doesn't look shimmery on the face at all. It is no secret that I love ombre blushes because they give me the opportunity to gear the shade towards my needs. Also I love applying the cooler shade as contour and warmer shade as bronzer on top.

Close-up: Suqqu Pure Color Blush #102 Tsuyakagerou

Swatch: Suqqu Pure Color Blush #102 Tsuyakagerou,
Extra Glow Lipsticks #104 Tsuyazakuro (left), #105 Hamadaidai (right)

Here is me wearing Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #104 on the eyes, Pure Color Blush #102 on the cheeks, Extra Glow Lipsticks #104 on lips. Do you see that my hair is now shorter? Loving it but somehow my curls got a hit as usual so I have to wait a month or two until they reappear again. Do you have such an effect from cutting as well or is it only me?

FOTD with Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #104, Pure Color Blush #102, Extra Glow Lipsticks #104 

And this is the cool look with Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #103 on eyes, Pure Color Blush #102 mixed with Pure Color Blush #06 (reviewed here) on cheeks as well as Extra Glow Lipsticks #105 on lips. I love the combination of the pink lippie and green eye shadow although this gorgeous pink also goes very well with #104 and the orange lipstick matches the green eye shadow palette as well. Mix & match!

FOTD with Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #103, Pure Color Blush #102, Extra Glow Lipsticks #105 

Final thoughts: A lovely collection with unique color combinations and vivid shades are about to hit the counters in UK. I love the fact that lipsticks and eye palettes can be mixed and matched and the ombre blush can be used as contour and bronzer at the same time. My personal favorites are the green palette Suqqu Designing Color Eyes #103 Kisui and the pink lipstick Suqqu Extra Glow #105 Hamadaidai. 

Are you eyeing any of these items?

Suqqu UK Exclusive Summer 2017 Collection with be released on 27. April in Selfridges and 11. May in Harrods and Fenwick

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I love both the eye looks you shared here, Sara! I actually didn't have any problems with the black in 104, but I have been mainly wearing it all over as a darkening base and I love how smoothly it goes on! Most of the other matte blacks I own in palettes tend to be dry and patchy. The blush looks so much better on your complexion than mine, i'm so jealous. It looks somewhat muddy on me... pity!

  2. I agree with Linda, the green look on you is great. The dark greenish black in that palette is pretty much my favorite color of these two palettes and could be used to deepen the Chanel Yeux Stylo Feuilles -- a color I wear a lot. The yellow and the bronze are probably wasted on me, unless they blended well with the green, but my sense is that the new eye shadows don't blend so well. I got both of Jorge's fall palettes as well as last Spring's UK exclusive in the agua- lemon yellow, which is very summery. And of course of this collection, the pink lip color is fabulous. It's so intrigued that the terra cotta eye shadow is more pinkish, but I hesitate because orange on the eyes is really the worst for me. And like Linda, the blush wouldn't work for me though it is a perfect bronzer. Chanel Elegance, which I tried following your's and Linda's recommends really surprised me as wearable and it is pretty much as close as I get to bronzing.

  3. I will skip this collection. Nothing appealing to me. I find the warmer palette a bit boring and the green one not so portable. I don't like the orange part of the blush either. So it's a easy skip. I'm glad I will avoid the painful reserving process this time.

  4. Everything looks so pretty on you. My favourites are the blush/bronzer and the pink lipstick.

  5. It's the first time that a Suqqu Collection doesn't speak to me. Maybe because I'm not too big a fan of green and I find the other quad to be less suited to my skin tone, especially when I tan. The shades are unusual though (combined together) and the green looks wonderful on you. The lipsticks look lovely too. Thanks for the review and the heads up - will definitely nip to Selfridges to check this out, even if I decide it's not for me.

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