Jo Malone London Whisky & Cedarwood and Blue Hyacinth for Bloomsbury Collection, Review

Wishing you a wonderful week right before it starts. Jo Malone London's Bloomsbury Collection that is recently released was for me one of the most inspiring collections from the brand for a very long time. I remember getting almost as excited about Rock The Ages (reviewed here) and ending up with four of the five fragrances back then. Bloomsbury Collection was inspired by the Bloomsbury Group, which is an influential group of associated English writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists, just to name a few Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey. They were meeting in a farm house in Sussex called Charleston Farmhouse. Fragrances in this collection are inspired by this house and its parts such as the pond, the garden, the library.

After taking photos of Whiskey & Cedarwood and Blue Hyacinth, I went ahead and ordered Leather & Artemisia and I would like to share my thoughts about all three of these fragrances although you can only see how pretty two of them look together. I am blown away with how unique two of these three fragrances are and the third one does a great job in combination with the other two. More details are right after the jump.

Jo Malone London Whisky & Cedarwood and Blue Hyacinth

Packaging:  It is such fun and oh so pretty. The bottles have some modern shades on them that look like applied with a brush and the caps are in different matte colors. I love how they look together on my vanity.

Blue Hyacinth is the floral scent of the bunch and is inspired by the gardens of Charleston Farmhouse.  The notes are provided as blue hyacinth, geraniums, vetiver. It is a very realistic and green hyacinth that is very slightly sweet and sharp, almost dry and although I am not big on florals, I am really liking this one. It combines wonderfully with the woody fragrances of the collection but I especially love it with Whiskey & Cedarwood. Two of them combined is nothing short of perfect for this spring. I am very much content with the longevity of Blue Hyacinth, although it stays close to skin, it lasts all day on me.

Whiskey & Cedarwood is inspired by nights at Charleston Farmhouse. The notes are provided as whisky, rose, pimento, cedarwood and waxy wooden floor accord. It is a lovely woody fragrance with a boozy start that is soon enhanced with a touch of spicy rose and ends up with a lovely warm woody base. It does't turn sweet on me, thus I identify it as a perfect unisex fragrance. If you love woody unisex fragrances that doesn't smell like all the other ten you have, you should definitely check it out. This one lasts quite well on me too, when I spray in the morning, in the evening after 10 hours I can still smell it on me. It is absolute love for me.
Jo Malone London Whisky & Cedarwood and Blue Hyacinth

Leather & Artemisia is inspired by the library of Charleston House. If I need to pick just one fragrance from the collection, although it would then be a very hard choice between Whiskey & Cedarwood and this one, I would probably go for this since in my collection it is even more unique than Whiskey & Cedarwood. The notes are provided as absinthe, artemisia, orriswood, leather, and cypriol. This fragrance is the licorice and leathery perfection that is slightly sweet but still unisex for me. Leather is a smooth suede and the blend with cypriol makes is green and a little earthy. All in all it is a creamy woody fragrance that is very unique and both of the times I wore it last week, I received compliments. It lasts all day on me, be sure to take a whiff of this one if you are close to a counter.

I also sampled Tobacco & Mandarin and had to almost be dragged not to get that one too. It is a lovely orange fragrance with a twist. It is sweet and smells delicious. Reminded me of Atelier Cologne fragrances such as Pomelo Paradis (reviewed here). Definitely check it if you like citrusy fruity fragrances that you'd rather eat.

Jo Malone London Whisky & Cedarwood and Blue Hyacinth

Final thoughts: Jo Malone London Bloomsbury Collection is one of the best collections the brand released since a few years in terms of uniqueness and longevity of each fragrance. My favorite two from the collection are Whisky & Cedarwood and Leather & Artemisia although both of them combine wonderfully with either Blue Hyacinth for a floral touch or Tobacco & Mandarin for a fresh citrusy touch. I recommend every fragrance enthusiast to check these out.

Jo Malone London Bloomsbury Collection is now available and selling out fast. I had to order mine online since my counter was out of bottles.

Have you checked this collection out?


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