Lanoé Eau de Parfum Black, Review & Photos

Christmas time, scent of spice in the air, in your cookie, in your tea, in the hot wine you drink. It is black, getting dark too soon but the lights on the streets, illumination at your neighbour's garden, and their reflection on the snow guides you home. Holidays are almost there, a warm scent which covers you like a blanket would keep your spirit up. It is spicy, it is woody, sophisticated but simple and as niche as it gets. Today I present you Lanoé Eau de Parfum in Black.

Lanoé Eau de Parfum Black

Lanoe Eau de Parfum Black is a unisex fragrance. The flacon is simple and all transparent, with a company logo on it and a ribbon in matching color with its name. Top notes provide fresh entrance to its spicy heart and woody base.
Top notes: Citrus fruits, juniper berries
Heart notes: Cumin, cloves and pepper
Base notes: Cedarwood, leather. patchouli and vetiver

Lanoé Eau de Parfum Black

Lanoé Black opens fresh but not too citrusy on me thanks to juniper berries which take its freshness to a charming level without having to walk through a lemon garden. Top notes stay for a brief moment as a whiff of cloves and pepper start filling the air. The potent cumin is only there to highlight an addictive character of deliciously aromatic cloves and bracing pepper. Cumin also provides an intimacy between the perfume and the skin, as the cloves bring in the spice without being too heavy. The mix in this stage is very pleasant. Although it is dense, it is very wearable. Have you ever tried adding a single clove seed to your tea? Then you know what I am talking about.

Soon after cedarwood starts to enter the scene with its resinous character. It is the most prominent base note on me. I love cedarwood, especially when combined with a touch of leather. Vetiver nor patchouli are pronounced on me. I enjoy the sensual resinous frame around the aromatic spicy picture, it warms my heart. The dry down is gorgeous, due to high perfume oil, it lasts over 10 hours on me. 

I chose Lanoé Black by just its description but ended up loving it by the first spray. It reminds me of Dior Eau Noire but without the dryness of lavender and herbal note of sage. I love Dior Eau Noire and own a big bottle, I found Lanoé Black to be a more wearable version of it offering more warmth and cosiness.

Lanoé Eau de Parfum Black
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Lanoé Cosmetics from Berlin are exclusively sold at Mall of Berlin. Doesn't matter if you are a perfume collector, a niche perfume lover or just a curious tourist, pay a visit to their world of hand-made perfumes, including high percentages (25%) of high quality perfume oil. 

Make it my beauty tip for a Berlin trip. Oh and check out Berlin's art offerings too.

On a side note some of the Lanoé perfumes are available at company's online shop as well as other online shops e.g. Flaconi or easycosmetic , latter also delivers to most of the European countries.

I will be entering 2015 in Berlin, will you be travelling for the new year's eve?

The product in this post is provided free of charge for my consideration.  I am not paid for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. OMG I spent NY in Berlin some years ago... it's FREEZING!! And I remember going to Mall of Berlin, and thinking it's just another mall... bring me to some cool cafes pls... and ended up at Cafe Einstein (can't rem which one though, but it was in a bungalow on its own). I wished I had known about Lanoe back then, and could have saved a couple of hours out of the cold.

    1. Hi Linda, wish I would know you back then, I would surely travel there too! Yes lol it is very windy there too, not like in Stuttgart. I have to pack my warmest clothes. Where will be you this year, I would love to be in Singapore, it must be great to have a warm new years eve, aaah...


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