Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Collection First Impressions & Quick Swatches

Dior's Spring 2015 Collection Kingdom of Colors started arriving counters around the world although in Germany we have to wait a few more weeks before it is released. Yesterday I have seen the items at Selfridges, and they were having a sale. I tried hard not to order few more things I was eyeing. I would like to see the collection in person before doing that. 

I will be away for a few more days until the weekend so I figured that it might be helpful to share quick swatches and first impressions for some who would like to place their order online. Just to make clear I have purchased mine sight unseen from a friend in Spain who gets everything super early so I didn't have as many choices as one would have when you are at the counter. I was also offered some discount which made me decide for the big palette, which I probably wouldn't dare otherwise.

I have the following items from the collection which I would like to share with you shortly today. Upon my return, I will play with these and post looks and more swatches along with in depth reviews.

  • Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Colors Palette Face, Eyes and Lips
  • Dior 5 Couleurs Kingdom of Colors Edition #856 House of Pinks
  • Diorshow Mono Kingdom of Colors Edition #045 Fairy Grey
  • Dior Cheek & Lip Glow Instant Blushing Rosy Tint
  • Dior Rouge Baume #678 Gala
  • Dior Vernis #660 Glory: See swatches here on Instagram
  • Dior Top Coat Eclosion #001: See swatches here on Instagram

Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Collection

I would like to start with theme which surprised me most from the collection. It is Diorshow Mono Kingdom of Colors Edition #045 Fairy Grey. I like Dior's mono formula which can be used wet and dry. This one is very pigmented with a slight transparency. I think it can be used as an overall shade or can be added to other shades to add a little bit of something. I also have other ideas for this one but I will hold on to that until I post my in-depth review.

Fairy Grey is very pretty because it flashes lots and lots of colors at once, making it very complex and unique. All thumbs up from me on that one. Unfortunately I have heard that it won't be available in the states for the time being. I hope it will eventually make it there as a store exclusive. Fingers crossed, I wouldn't like anyone miss this.

Diorshow Mono #045 Fairy Grey
Close-up and swatch: Diorshow Mono #045 Fairy Grey

Another items which I am rather excited about is the 5 Couleurs eye shadow palette in #856 House of Pinks. When I had seen the subtle rabbit shades in this, I knew I had to get it. There is also a green palette, which I will swatch at the counter once it is released. You can see the swatches of the green palette House of Greens here. Although both of them look quiet colorful, upon swatching, it can be directly seen that the shades are everyday appropriate. 

Dior 5 Couleurs #856 House of Pinks

All the shades in Dior 5 Couleurs #856 House of Pinks are rather smooth to touch, I didn't detect any dryness like in some of the recent Dior quints. The shades are not too shimmery, there is satin to matte shades thrown in between, which is another plus. All in all first impressions are very good. Thumbs up! I can't wait to get this baby on my eyes, especially that taupe there!

Close-up: Dior 5 Couleurs #856 House of Pinks
Swatch: Dior 5 Couleurs #856 House of Pinks

Now that one big palette everyone was wondering about. This one looks so pretty from afar but unfortunately I didn't come to terms with it. I was about to accept the fact that it had creams and powders products in the same pan. But then I swatched it just to see that the powder products are all shimmer bombs and lip glosses are basically clear. I am trying to see something positive about the product other than the gorgeous packaging and design but I fail. I think he and me, we were not meant to be for each other.

Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Colors Palette

As you see, the compact houses an eye liner, an eye shine which is a glitter shade for eyes, two eye shadows (which are super shimmery), one Mattifying Skin Perfecter which one can use to blend the eye shadows. 

There is also a cream Skin Highlighter (another shimmer bomb), a powder Blush, which is the most beautiful item in the compact. There are two transparent glosses (why two why?) and a lipstick matching quiet nicely with the blush. 

Close-up: Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Colors Palette
Swatches (eye): Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 Colors Palette
Swatches (face & lips)

This time around Dior also released a new revolutionary product for cheeks and lips called Cheek & Lip Glow Instant Blushing Rosy Tint. Now my first impression about this product is a little biased since I really dislike its strong perfume. It is a very interesting formula which applies very sheer and sets in 20-30 sec. Then it can as well be build up. As it sets, it becomes a stain which is then very hard to remove from skin. I am a little skeptical to put something on my face which I can't remove if I do wrong if you know what I mean. But it gives a nice fresh rosy look and a glow. One has to make sure to be careful and use a light hand. Check also Karrie's review (in German) for this one. She seemed to build it quiet opaque on her lips and on her cheeks it looks really nice.

Dior Cheek & Lip Glow Instant Blushing Rosy Tint

The last product I would like to show you is a lovely coral for the lips. I haven't had a chance to try Dior's new Rouge Baume's this Fall since I was on holiday when they released. Now I have the limited edition one, called #678 Gala from Kingdom of Colors Collection, to complete my FOTDs with the awesome eye products I have swatched for you above.

Dior Rouge Dior Baume #678 Gala

Final thoughts: I hope this was helpful since I am running late but still trying to get it up on time. My first impressions on the Diorshow Mono and 5 Couleurs as well as Rouge Baume are all positive. I like the top coat for the nails as well. As for the other items, I need to get to play with them a little and maybe they will surprise me in a good way.

Have you checked Kingdom of Colors collection out? Are you eyeing any of these pieces?



  1. Fairy Gray interests me the most-- looks beautiful. And as to the eye palettes-- I already have gotten enough Dior spring green palettes that I don't feel drawn to this year's. The pink one is interesting me more than I would have expected. The soft pink in the upper right is something I could wear a lot as an overall color. The taupe looks from your swatch like it has a little coolness rather than being too brown-- another plus. Looking forward to seeing your looks with these.

  2. The palettes look all a bit depressing to me.... That big palette, I shake my head everytime I see it.

  3. Thanks for the great overview Sara! I'm excited about Fairy Grey and the quint! The big palette seems to be getting averge reviews only, so will probably pass on that. The lip and cheek tint reminds of me of the Addiction ones, will be fun to compare. My lips dont really love the new baumes, but that colour is very pretty!

  4. Hi Sara, thanks for making time to do this for us! I love Fairy Grey and i'm crossing my fingers it'll get here soon! Hope you're having a lovely time!!

  5. Thnks for this review, I was thinking I could skip the collection apart from the lipsticks, but you now how me wanting the grey single shadow and pink quint if its not dry :)

  6. Ooh, nice roundup! Loving that silver shadow and am curious about the lip and cheek tint! xo



  7. I can't keep wondering what you mean with the "subtle RABBIT shades" in the pink palette???

    The big palette sucks. Big time.

  8. hi sara!! happiest new year's wishes to you!! before my chanelitis, i used to wear exclusively dior. and, there was the most talented makeup artist at the dior counter. this is when dior used to have those big dior kiss lipglosses and their fabulous eyeshadow pencils. pure love!! well, that was a million years ago. and, i used to love the limited edition "dog tags" from saks and all the other neat collectibles back then, i haven't purchased dior since then. however, i tried the "rouge baumes" and i did not like them at all. some people compare them to rouge coco shines but, i don't think they're the same at least in terms of formula. what bothers me most about dior is that half of the collection will not be available my way. "the fairy gray" color could appear next year in another collection. that's a big shame for me because that's what i would have purchased. i hope you have a fabulous holiday and that you are feeling better! i can't wait for your new posts in 2015!!!! xo.

  9. Fairy Gray is gorgeous but the big palette looks like a flop huh? Such a shame! I don't like a palette with cream and powder formulas together without a clear divider but I was hoping the colors would be a bit more saturated and of nice quality since it's Dior and all. Guess not! Still, thank you for providing us with wonderful swatches!

    And Happy Holidays, Sara! <3

  10. Hi Sara, I knew I would be buying the Fairy Grey as soon as I saw it on your instagram! It's on Selfridges website so I have got one on its way to me! I haven't bought anything else, I really don't like the large palette, it reminds me of an airport travel special and I hate creams and powders together too!

    I really like the Rouge Dior Baume formulas so hope you do too!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  11. The cheek & lips glow ! I saw it in a post, maybe yours some times ago and I was wondering what it is ! So pretty pink !!!
    The color is so delicious !!!
    But on Karrie it looks uneven and too fluo.
    But the color is just so pretty in the jar ! Need to try it. Really wanna love it.
    Guess if it don't make it, I still have my By Terry cream blush in frozen petal to comfort me.

  12. I love everything about Dior especially their eyeshadows. This looks beautiful www.shehearts.net


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